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January 2014

Welcome to Tulku’s New Newsletter

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Our first issue is about ALCHEMY in honor of the love, blessings, and intentions that go into each of our pieces.

Like the lotus, emerging from the nourishment of the muddy depths of the swamp, into a glorious expression of beauty and transcendence-our transformation can be supported by the energy of stones, metals, and even symbols.

Aside from being on this earth to share their beauty, each gemstone and metal have a unique gift to bring to the world. We experience healing from them, because each one has a particular character and personality which resonates with different qualities of our human souls.

Symbols in turn, contain within their form the power of the collective unconscious-images that date back in some cases, thousands of years.

At Tulku, the process of creating and blessing the amulets is alchemical as well. We consciously connect to and honor the Spirit of each piece during the creative process, lovingly crafting it by hand into its final form. After completion, the amulets are then blessed in a “puja”or healing ritual – by Mata – considered an incarnation of the Divine Mother.
The combination of the symbolism, the integrity and intention with which they are executed,  and the blessings of Mata, creates a powerful alchemy that all Tulku amulets are infused with.

As you go through the collections, make your own combinations that speak to your soul. Most of the Tulku amulets have adjustable clasps that can be attached to the chain or necklace of your choosing. By tuning into the power of gemstones and the symbolism of the amulets, combine the amulet that resonates with you, with the necklace that will amplify your intentions. In so doing, you are creating your own personal “medicine bundle”of sacred jewels.

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