January 14, 2020

In this time of winter I find myself in a very creative cycle, planting a garden of dreams and offerings I would like to share with others. This is a time of curiosity and discovering what my soul wants to express and how that may look. 

I had a dream about a whale the other night. A beautiful glowing sperm (!!) whale swimming past me in iridescent green waters. 

In my dreamtending session—a shamanic way in which I work with dreams involving active imagination—I journeyed back into the dream from my waking life. There, whale took me deep into the ocean, to a very still place. After what seemed like a very long time of settling into and being in the cold, quiet, dark waters, whale brought me back up into the light. She ushered me to the shore and directed me towards the sun. Now it’s time to bring what has gestated in a deep way up to the land and into the light.   

As many of you know, for some (long) time now I have been working on the Tulku Oracle deck. This is a deck that represents 52 of the symbols, totems, and archetypes that comprise the Tulku sacred amulet collection. The images are getting close to being finished, and I got a rough draft of them laid out for print on rag paper so I can paint on top of them to finish them off with a more personal touch. I am also working on the written oracle component. Here is the picture of all the cards together. 

As in all oracle decks, these images have a story. Each one has gifts to bring. As you look through the collection, what image jumps out at you? What card calls your name at this time? If inspired, send me your answer and I’ll let you know a bit about what it is about. Let’s start to play with what Whale wants YOU to bring out into the sun of springtime and together let’s plant the seeds to gestate your vision. 

In honor of supporting your soul vision, I am offering 20% off of all Tulku from now through Valentines day, with love.

Please use coupon code FORTHELOVEOFWHALE at checkout to receive your discount and share with loved ones. 

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