The amazing photography you see on this website was created with love by—
Nicole Ann Spahn
Lubosh Cech
Renata Kosina
Monique Kovacs Nathan
Paloma Suau

Other People and Websites we are Crazy about The designer of this website and the creator of my Tulku movie. My favorite meditation teacher, Davidji, is the author of Guided Meditations: fill what is empty; empty what is full audio CD.  My dear friend, Susan Saint Claire Bennett's magical paintings. For a mind blowing journey through the mystical world of antique Asian art, check out my friend, Leiko Coyle's gallery. Jewelry photography for the Tulku site all lovingly created by Renata Kosina from RENKOstudio.   River of Ancient Wisdom. Come back to the heart. Saving women and children across the world. dedicated to improving the lives of children in Vietnam This is Karla Refojo's other jewelry site. Authentic frescoes inspired by the ancient art of Asia and Europe. This is Karla Refojo's other site. The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia. Read about Karla's process of creating a lost wax statue in Nepal in the article "West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu."—Founded by Lubosh Cech, Naked River Films is an independent film studio promoting the expansion of human consciousness and beauty in the world.

WIND POPPY essential oils - I anoint my amulets with the sweetest oils on the planet, to help me connect more deeply with the plant spirits. LOVE and AUSPICIOUS Perfumes, An Ode and Affirmation.