The Tulku Oracle

Portals into the Wisdom of the Symbols, Totems, Elements and Archetypes of the Tulku Amulet Collection

The Tulku Oracle deck is a collection of 53 oracle cards that are windows into the wisdom of heart, nature and ancient traditions. The images of the cards include totems, archetypes and symbols—all based on the blessed amulets from the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. They are divided into the five elemental categories of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water—connecting us more deeply into the ways of the natural world and opening our minds to the ways in which our journey is interwoven with the rest of life.

We all carry the energies of these images within us, and they show up in dreams and in our inward journeys. Get to know these aspects of yourself and your path through the portals of these cards and bring them into awareness with your honoring and openness to discovery. The journey will be enriched by your curiosity—as the oracle reminds you of the magic within and around you. My wish is that the wisdom of each oracle provide access to your imagination and a deeper level of connection to yourself and your path in life.

Many of you already know the world and magic of Tulku through your relationship with the amulets—I invite you to get to know them through this medium and see what else opens up for you.

The Tulku Oracle comes with an in depth companion book which includes the symbolism, oracle and teaching of each card. Phase two of this project will include recorded guided visualizations and journeys to help others enter into the wisdom realm of each oracle.

The Artist

As the designer and creator of the Tulku Oracle I draw on my background as an artist, pilgrim, dreamer, spiritual journeyer, healer and lover of the natural world to express Spirit through my work in order to share it with others. As I have grown over the years as an artist and worked with others using the amulets of Tulku, so too the imagery and symbols that I relate to have revealed many levels of deeper meanings. Creating the oracle deck has been a way for me to express my own unique understanding and experience of what the symbols behind the Tulku amulets represent. As a Dreamtender, Oracle card reader and Plant Spirit Medicine healer, my wish is to bring creative guidance, healing and inspiration with the intention to help others live from their wholeness. This oracle deck is an instrument of healing—just as the amulets are—created to bring deep and lasting support to others. To see more about my other offerings, go to

The Art

I created these images using a variety of media. Some parts originated as frescos I painted years ago, others are tempera or acrylic. I then digitally manipulated the images adding layers of “paint” and photographs (mostly from my personal collection) and textures. Some of the images are fully created in the digital format.

Each of the images began as the amulet to which it was connected and evolved from there. The art organically evolved through a process of meditation, contemplation, journeying and simply feeling into the living qualities of each amulet. From there the creative process took over and evolved into what you see in these images today.

The Book

The Book is a culmination of years of observations from my own experience of working with these images and what they mean to me. Often—through the process of creating the cards—deeper insights and revelations about who these living images are—emerged as well. The long journey and relationship with these images is reflected in the book—which is a deep dive into who these oracles are for me, and what I hear them saying. My wish is that those who feel called to this deck take what I have discovered and deepen it through their own journey, insights and growth. The oracle has a life of its own—my hope is that with these cards and words I have honored these images and opened the door for others to discover their own way with their guidance.

The Story

When nature is alive there are little oracles everywhere. —James Hillman

As an artist who had veered away from painting and sculpting to focus on Tulku and practicing Plant Spirit Medicine, I felt a calling to come back to my soul place of creating paintings. At the same time I needed to put words and story to what each of the amulets means to me—as those meanings have evolved and deepened over the past 20 years of deep spiritual work and working with them as tools for healing. Especially in working with people, hearing their stories and connecting them with the energy of the amulets—I have come to learn that these symbols have a living presence and that while they bring particular gifts, they also each speak differently to everyone.

Like all creative expressions—I feel these oracle cards started in spirit and came into being when the time was right and people ready for their guidance. My hope is that these living images will continue to grow and evolve for others as they have for me—sharing their wisdom, illuminating paths and touching hearts in the ways that bring healing and insight to those who connect with them.


Stay Tuned! My hope is that The Tulku Oracle Deck and book will be available by the end of 2020. A Kickstarter campaign will be created to help support the creation of the Tulku Oracle deck and book set. For updates, please sign up for the Tulku newsletter at the bottom of this page. Some of the proceeds of each donation will go to the following causes:

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