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I have been a devoted fan of Tulku since 2005, when I bought my first blessed amulet from Karla. Each piece is elegantly & authentically hand-crafted and imbued with powerful intentions and love.
Tulku is offering a unique gift to the world - rare amulets handcrafted by Nepali yogin artists with the knowledge of healing metals, sacred design and mantra. You can feel the blessings of Mataji and the opportunity to bring into your own embodiment what you are invoking with magic and intention. Tulku's jewels are of the highest quality for their shakti and resonance within - Hrim - the energy of the heart.
Shiva Rea, yogini
Karla Refoxo is a true visionary who is deeply connected to the soul of the world.  Her work has inspired myself and countless others.  The pieces that are created in partnership with Rajendra Bajracharya and Mata in Nepal are charged with a love and energy that words cannot describe.  I treasure my pieces and when I wear them, I feel completely uplifted and inspired on many levels.  I hold them as my greatest jewels not only for their beauty and unique charm but simply for their essence.  Karla's art transforms and I hold her in deep gratitude.  Thank you for sharing your Dharma with the world and enriching so many others through it. 
Brenna Smith
My Tulku amulet goes with me everywhere I go! When my father passed away, I wanted to bury something with him that had a high vibration of love and peace. I wanted it to be something that also had my energy. As I stood over his casket at his memorial, I knew that something was my Tulku amulet and I tucked it into his pocket next to his heart. Later, when I replaced the amulet and it rested on my heart- I realized that this symbolic gesture connected us even more deeply in the energy of this sacred amulet ~ the one that is with him forever, and the one that is forever with me. }♥
kali love
By the way, I love the energy that my necklace gives me everyday. More and more---I get reaffirmed that I picked the correct necklace for me---even though I know more about the chakras etc. than I did when I purchased my necklace. This is still the one for me and I own, as you said, 'that I am a teacher.' ;-)
Love & Laughter,
Karla Refoxo's beautiful and powerful designs of Tulku jewels are unique, inspirational and healing. These timeless pieces are worn by my entire family, including my two daughters who love wearing their sterling silver "little baby Ganesh" necklaces. I can feel the sacred energy behind each of these unique pieces and they inspire me to remember my true Self.
Danielle Mika Nagel - yogini 
Karla has created something special which rings with her unique voice. That's why I found her in the first place and why I return for more of that special magic.
Mark Seidenfeld 
Great, great artisan jewelry imbued with immense pure good energy!!!
Christopher Sutch 
I know they are beautiful and special. Love Tulku Jewels!
Regina Velasquez De Blanco 
Corinne wrote: "Karla so often in my mind, I give you thanks for my Manipura Tulku. It represents an unfolding of my deepest desires. Bless your heart for creating such meaningful pieces."
Corinne Willis 
My Tulku Jewels carry me over the deep end and take me to the moon.......always with me......Thank you.....♥ ♥ ♥
Marianne Pagmar 
Daily this amulet and reminders of the beauty of life is worn by me! In graditude!!!
I never go anywhere without my TulkuJewels charged amulet!!
Davidji for Peaches the Buddha Princess 
I purchased a mantra necklace several years ago when I was pregnant with my son and I always felt safe and strong and protected and wore it everyday and through my birth. I have had 9 miscarriages and truly feel that your beautiful necklace helped to bring my miracle baby to us! Thank you so much for all that you do! I am a yoga teacher and I work as a birth doula and I actually teared up when I read on your site that a portion of the purchase of your necklaces will go to help women in rural areas be safe during pregnancy birth and beyond! I had no idea but felt so protected during my pregnancy as well as my life path is to help other women during their pregnancy and birth and the connection is overwhelming and special to me! Just wanted to share and I will be sending many many beautiful people to your website! Namaste,
Amanda Clayton

“Karla worked with me to create a custom piece to mark a very important life transition for me. Her care and compassion during this process, and in creating the piece was deeply moving. The love, care, and artistry that goes into these pieces reminds me of eating food cooked by a grandmother - you can tell the difference when something is made with love by people who want the best for you. The craftspeople in Nepal that Karla works with are true artisans. You can tell there is a lot of reverence and devotion in these amulets. These pieces are made with love - they are lifetime heirlooms to be treasured and leaned on in times of difficulty. I wear it everyday to help me remember my commitment to myself and to expressing love and kindness in the world.”

Julia Pope