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Amulets, Gemstones... and You

One manifestation of alchemy is the change that happens when we come into conscious contact with another expression of Life, allowing it to transform and uplift our state and vibration. A doorway to the experience of alchemy opens itself to us is when we come into contact with, and tune into the life force and vibrations of the natural world.

We are aware of alchemy in the moment when our minds our quiet, open and receptive. This moment allows the whispering of spirit and the voice of the infinite to be heard. It is a moment filled with grace and inspiration.

Like the lotus, emerging from the nourishment of the muddy depths of the swamp, into a glorious expression of beauty and transcendence—our transformation can be supported by the energy of stones, metals, and even symbols.

Aside from being on this earth to share their beauty, each gemstone and metal have a unique gift to bring to the world. We experience healing from them, because each one has a particular character and personality which resonates with different qualities of our human souls.

To quote Candice Covington of Divine Archetypes—

“Working with gemstones and metals is an invitation to the healing process. As best understood, metals and gemstones are “vibrational” substances which affect a resonance or sympathetic vibration within our being, inducing a gentle change in attitude, consciousness, and/or physical being.”

Symbols in turn, contain within their form the power of the collective unconscious—images that date back in some cases, thousands of years.

Powerful Alchemy

At Tulku, the process of creating and blessing the amulets is alchemical as well. We consciously connect to and honor the Spirit of each piece during the creative process, lovingly crafting it by hand into its final form. After completion, the amulets are then blessed in a “puja” or healing ritual— by Mata— considered an incarnation of the Divine Mother.

The combination of the symbolism, the integrity and intention with which they are executed, and the blessings of Mata, creates a powerful alchemy that all Tulku amulets are infused with.

As you go through the collections, make your own combinations that speak to your soul. Most of the Tulku amulets have adjustable clasps that can be attached to the chain or necklace of your choosing. By tuning into the power of gemstones and the symbolism of the amulets, combine the amulet that resonates with you, with the necklace that will amplify your intentions. In so doing, you are creating your own personal “medicine bundle” of sacred jewels.

Below is a growing list of the gemstones, metals, and seeds that are used in Tulku creations. Through reading about the energies of each, you can craft a clearer idea of what resonates best for you.

The Creation Process Behind Tulku Amulets — Pure Alchemy!

Repoussé is an ancient technique used to create the Tulku Chakra and Deity collections, as well as some of the amulets in the IndoTibetan line. It is a metal working technique where flat sheets of metal are crafted into three-dimensional images by using chisels of various shapes and sizes. It is a laborious a rt form that requires great patience to master and tremendous skill to execute with refinement. The variations in texture and small surface "imperfections" are evidence of the chisel and hammer work and are hallmarks of repousse. Though it is rarely practiced in our contemporary world, within the Newari community in Nepal it is a tradition that is passed down over generations from father to son. Tulku works with these master craftsmen to bring this ancient art to the new world.

Pancha Dhatu is a combination metal used in the Tulku Mantra amulets as well as in some of the IndoTibetan collection. In ancient India, Nepal and Tibet sacred objects were cast using the lost wax method from an alloy known as pancha dhatu, or five metals. When combined, these five metals— gold, silver, copper, zinc and tin, are believed to create an alchemy infused with healing and protective powers.

The Energies of the Metals

  • Gold

    Intimately linked with Divinity and with those gods associated with the Sun. Gold is the material of choice in ancient times for fashioning sacred images and for magical rituals. It symbolizes wisdom, wealth and success. Gold has protective powers and enhances personal power. It promotes courage, confidence and willpower.

  • Silver

    Associated with the moon, silver gifts us with increased psychic awareness, peace, protection, love and healing. Wearing it encourages the feminine attributes of compassion, sensitivity, empathy and insight.

  • Copper

    Associated with the planet Venus. It has long been linked with the Divine and magical processes. Any stone set in copper or used with copper will have an enhanced energy field. Copper also enhances the energy of silver and gold. It has long been used as a healing metal, and acts as a conductor when worn on the body.

The Power of Gems

  • Amber

    Amber is ancient solidified tree resin that has fossilized. For the Ancient Greeks it was symbolic of the sun. Its qualities of light and warmth have the effect of nourishing as well as balancing the wearer. It is a healing stone that heats up our life force and activates flow in areas that are stagnant. It carries the energy of the tree from which it came and as such births in us a powerful heart centered connection to all organic life. It encourages healing, and helps manifest prosperity and flow on all levels. Amber stimulates the navel chakra and helps ground the body. Tulku uses antique Tibetan Amber in bracelets and necklaces in the Antique Collections.

  • Amethyst

    The stone of Peace and Dreams, Amber assists in spiritual and psychic opening. Amethyst supports creativity, courage, happiness, intuition, and self-esteem in our lives. It is especially beneficial in supporting the third eye and crown chakras. Tulku uses Amethyst in the Ajana, or Third Eye Chakra. See also the Amethyst necklace in the 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • Aquamarine

    Brings us mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, purification, and tranquility. Wearing an Aquamarine enhances self-expression and growth in intuition and perception. It is especially beneficial in supporting the throat and heart chakras. Tulku uses Aquamarine in the Visudha, or Throat Chakra.

  • Citrine

    The stone most related to manifesting abundance and to the balanced use of will. Wearing citrine helps to release energy blockages in the body, strengthens our balance and self-confidence. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Root, Sexual / creative, and Solar Plexus chakras. Tulku uses Citrine in the Manipuraka, or Navel Chakra.

  • Carnelian

    Carnelian is a powerful ally when you need to take major action, take a bold leap, or initiate a new path. It helps us bring concept into being, and promotes leadership and courage—helping us past our fear and resistance to make things happen in our lives. Carnelian is a powerful conductor of life force, sexual / creative energies, and will. It is a stone which promotes a healthy relationship between passion and power, and it increases vitality of our physical energies so that we can empower our dreams and make them manifest.

    Try Carnelian for energizing the Base, Sex and Navel Chakras. Tulku uses Carnelian in the Carnelian necklace from the 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • Blue Sapphire

    Sapphire brings with it a feeling of great peace and inner calm while helping us find and follow our Life’s path. Blue Sapphire is a gemstone that supports us in all forms of communication —including telepathy— and as an aid in Meditation, it takes us from stillness to expression in the fullest sense. In the world of totems and nature, it relates to Bird energy. It is a protector stone and promotes fidelity in love while strengthening relationships in general. Blue sapphire is like a “mother stone” because it tends to our needs for creative self-expression and helps us keep those energies flowing. Supports the Ajana (Third Eye) chakra. Tulku uses Blue Sapphire in the 24k gold Ajana, and in the Chakra ring set.

  • Coral

    Acts as an aid for meditation and visualization, and is an agent of inner change and dispeller of negative emotions. Coral represents the energy of life force. It is especially beneficial in supporting the sexual / creative chakra. Tulku uses Coral in the Swadisthana, or Sex Chakra. See also the Parvati coral necklaces in the Goddess necklace collection, and the Rudraksha and coral in the Rudraksha mala collection.

  • Diamond (Indian
    Rough Cut)

    Diamonds are a clear reflection of the light within us and represent the radiant perfection of our Divine Nature. Radiating pure light, diamonds mirror the great sun within us. In their indestructibility, they are a reflection of the unalterable perfection of our Higher Selves. Because they flash all colors, they help us to connect with all forms within the Universe. Like Quartz, the energy of Diamond amplifies other stones with which it comes in contact. Considered to be one of the purest expressions of gemstones the earth has ever produced, Diamonds—alongside the rose (also a symbol of love)— are often considered the only two things from nature that have reached their evolutionary pinnacles. It activates the Crown Chakra connecting with higher knowledge and enlightenment. Tulku uses Indian Rough cut Diamond in the 24k gold Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, and in the 24k gold Chakra ring set.

  • Emerald

    Emeralds not only support us in our meditative work but help us in refining our consciousness. It also brings inspiration to our hearts and minds, while supporting us in cultivating patience and achieving internal balance. Traditionally, emeralds were treasured as talimsans for their protective qualities, and for attracting abundance. They are said to have been feared by magicians whose power was rendered ineffective if they encountered an Emerald in their path. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Heart Chakra. Tulku uses Emerald in the Anahatha, or Heart Chakra.

  • Garnet

    Encourages patience, healing, and perseverance. Garnet promotes heat, energy, and vitality, and strengthens imagination, self-esteem and willpower. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Root, Heart and Crown charkas. Tulku uses Garnet in the Muladhara, or Base Chakra.

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli holds the energy of a star-studded sky, limitless in its wisdom. Lapis is a powerful and energetic stone associated with mystery, magic and psychic ability. It is a stone of integrity, openness, inner power, intuition, creativity, and manifestation. Ancient Romans believed that lapis increased virility and was a powerful aphrodisiac. For the ancient Egyptians, Lapis Lazuli was a symbol of Truth. Lapis strengthens the bonds of love in relationship and teaches us about spiritual love. Hang it near your heart in a necklace, and feel the mind and heart connected. Lapis is connected with Jupiter and thus expands intellect, wisdom and leadership.

    Try Lapis for energizing the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. Tulku uses Lapis in the Lapis necklace from the 3 Strand necklace collection, and in the Eye of Horus in the Balinese charm collection.

  • Jade

    Jade is considered the most powerful stone for healing amongst Taoist masters for it’s sheer vitality and living energy field. Its nourishing vibrations and balanced energy are extremely beneficial for our dream life and for promoting steady growth of chi, or life force. Jade has long been revered for its protective qualities and for enhancing female sexuality. It imbues our energy with the energy of the earth, bringing peace, loving kindness and harmony for ourselves and our relationships. It is known to attract abundance and prosperity, and like a lightening rod is a channel for bringing the flow of divine energy into the material realm. It is an energy tonic for enjoyment of life and all of its wonders.

    Try Jade for energizing the Heart Chakra. Tulku uses Jade in the Jade necklace from the 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • Lava

    The key words that best describe Lava are— Fire and Transformation. It has the energy of The Phoenix. It was once pure fire in the form of liquid matter, which when cooled, formed into solid rock. Like meteorites, it has undergone a powerful transformation and carries within its vibrational experience the energy to help us in our own transformations. Lava was traditionally used by Native Americans when entering battle for strength and clarity. It is a powerful tool for anyone who needs more fire in their lives, and helps us bring about swift change, transformation, and the fulfillment of our dreams. The energy of lava is powerful, direct, passionate, and focused. At the same time it is a balanced and solid energy which stabilizes us, and helps dissipate anger. In addition to embodying the element of Fire, lava embodies the elemental qualities of Earth—that which it has become. It is a grounding stone that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth, supporting and anchoring us in times of great change. A mala has 108 beads, which is the sacred number for Hindu and Buddhist rosaries—known in these traditions as Malas. It is especially beneficial in supporting Muladhara (base, or root) chakra. Tulku uses Lava in the Mala collection.

  • Pearl

    Pearl carries the energy of the Moon, bringing the flowing energy of Water and the awareness of the Divine Feminine into our lives. Pearl. Works on supporting our emotions. Supports the Swadishtana (sexual) chakra. Tulku uses pearl in the Laxmi Pearl necklaces in the Goddess necklace collection, and the Rudraksha and pearl in the Rudraksha mala collection.

  • Moonstone

    Wearing moonstone opens one to "feminine" qualities-receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance. It brings about peace of mind and the fruition of love in our lives. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Third eye and crown charkas. Tulku uses Moonstone on the back of some of the Deity amulets.

  • Tourmaline

    Known as an electromagnetic stone, it is considered a master healer. Tourmaline opens the creative elements of the heart, adding an emotional depth to one's creations. Wearing it attracts love, friendship, abundance peace and courage. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Heart chakra. Tulku uses Green Tourmaline in the Anahatha, or Heart Chakra.

  • Ruby

    The stone of passion, its energy is that of the compassionate heart. Brings spiritual balance, confidence, flexibility, vitality, devotion, prosperity and leadership. Ruby acts as a catalyst for the stimulation of Kundalini energy located at the base of the spine. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Root and heart charkas. Tulku uses Ruby in the 24k gold Muladhara, or Base Chakra.

  • Quartz Crystal

    Quartz is a stone of manifestation that energizes and balances the energy centers within the body. Clear quartz moves energy up to open the Crown Chakra, allowing us to focus and become clear about our dreams and desires. Assisting us with our spiritual development, quartz crystal aids in removing blockages in the body so energy can flow smoothly. It is the master healer— helping us balance our entire energy field. Quartz raises our vibration to the highest possible level, purifying and helping us attune to our divine purpose in life. It is connected to the planets Pluto and Uranus. Tulku uses Quartz in the Quartz necklace from the 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • Yellow Sapphire

    Yellow Sapphire has an uplifting energy which helps us to attune to the support of the Universe while gifting us with positive outcomes. This is very much in alignment with it being considered the stone of Ganesha, the Hindu God of wealth and remover of obstacles. Ganesh is the first God to be invoked in ritual ceremonies to ensure the success of any new endeavor. Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. In its vibratory connection to Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is known to bestow the capacity of being the master of the one’s desires and the power of manifestation. Known as the Merchants Stone, it was historically carried by merchants in the Far East wear to promote their business and attract success. It helps us in any area of our life where we need a push, and where will and perseverance are needed. Those with Elk, Mountain Lion or Buffalo as totems may find this stone to be especially helpful. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Navel, or Manipuraka Chakra. Tulku uses Yellow Sapphire in the The Chakra ring set, and in the 24k gold Manipuraka, or navel chakra.

  • Topaz

    The stone of protection and healing. A soothing stone, it directs our empathetic energies to where they are most needed. Topaz also attracts abundance and prosperity to our lives. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Solar plexus chakra. Tulku uses Topaz in the Topaz necklace from the 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • Turquoise

    Sacred to native peoples in the Americas and Tibet, Turquoise helps us to connect with spirit and brings the vast energy of the sky to earth. It aids us in expanding our consciousness, while creating for us a strong base of practicality and groundedness. Turquoise supports us in our journey towards integration and clarity of self-expression. Communication of all kinds and the ability to speak honestly from the heart is one of the gifts that Turquoise offers. In ancient times, turquoise was kept to promote the accumulation of wealth. It channels the energies of the Moon and Venus. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Throat Chakra. Tulku uses Turquoise in the Tara Turquoise necklaces in the Goddess necklace collection, the Rudraksha and turquoise in the Rudraksha mala collection, and in the Turquoise 3 Strand necklace collection.

  • White Topaz

    Increases awareness of thoughts and deeds and the karmic effects of same. White topaz purifies emotions and actions while activating cosmic consciousness. It is especially beneficial in supporting the Third eye, Crown and etheric chakras (above the head). Tulku uses White Topaz in the Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra.

Sacred Seeds

  • Bodhi seeds

    Bodhi seeds come from the tree known as the "bodhi tree"—the type of tree the Buddha was meditating under when he attained complete enlightenment. Bodhi seeds represent spiritual promise and possibility, a sense of dedication and faith in nurturing the “seed” of practice.

    "Within every human lies a seed of love. If we nurture this love, we will witness the unfolding beauty of our own true compassion as it grows from a tiny seed to a magnificent tree. When our tree reaches maturity, it will bear fruit. Within each fruit, a thousand seeds will grow. The wind will spread the seeds far and wide, extending their benefit to the farthermost corners of the world. Like the invigorating waters of a fresh mountain stream, abundant love will flow forth, nurturing all beings forever."

  • Rudrani

    Thought of as the female counterpart to the male Rudraksha seed, the rare and precious Rudrani is a sacred seed born of the Rudraksha tree. When the tree is in full blossom, the Rudrani seeds are shed from its blossoms and collected for their blessings. In India the Rudrani is often kept in places of worship alongside the Rudraksha to symbolize the union of Siva and Shakti—the divine meeting of male and female principles.

  • Rudraksha—
    the eye of Siva.

    The seed of the Rudraksha tree holds a sacred place in Hinduism, and is believed to possess mystical and divine properties. The male counterpart of the Rudrani, Rudraksha beads are regarded as auspicious and powerful, and have been worn as a support in meditation practice by spiritual aspirants in Nepal and India for centuries. Ayurvedic texts support the rudraksha’s beneficial electromagnetic effects on ones health by expanding peace and flow on the physical, mental and emotional planes.

    Each seed has divisions along it which are called Mukhis—or faces. The number of faces each rudraksha has determines which divine energy it embodies. These rudraksha beads have 5 faces which represent Lord Siva— "The Auspicious One"— and are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Five Mukhi Rudraksha are also said to help balance the five elements within us—Agni (fire), Jal (water), Vaayu (Air), Aakash (sky), and Prithvi( Earth). A mala has 108 beads, which is the sacred number for Hindu and Buddhist rosaries—known in these traditions as Malas.