Reclaiming Imagination
Reclaiming Imagination

April 28, 2023

As an artist, dreamtender, ancestral healing practitioner and oracular guide, what weaves my work and orientation in life together lives in the realm of the imaginal. It has been a long road of reclamation—calling home the innate capacity for intuition and imagination we all have as our birthright. In my case, (and I bet many can relate) I was taught not to value or trust in these gifts. And so, I buried them in a treasure chest which I found years later— in nature.

I found a teacher— Eliot Cowan—who knew how to listen to the plant spirits. He learned of their gifts and their personalities, their generosity and their medicine all through journeying to meet them in spirit form.

When he was teaching us to journey —before we could get anywhere near the plant spirits—we inevitably met an authoritative voice in our heads. I think you all probably know this one too. The one who says “this is all in your imagination, don’t believe this”—Or—“you are not special enough to do this, they can do it because they’re special.”

I know this voice well and it’s often the first thing I hear from folks when guiding them in sessions. This voice inspires hesitancy, doubts, insecurities and sometimes a seemingly inpenetrable block in doing the work. And it’s a real thing we were pretty much all brought up to believe in the West. But does it have to stop us?

Over time I’ve danced with this voice, and over and over I decide to trust in a deeper flow instead. The river that takes us into the unseen realms is our imagination. I have found imagination is a language. The language of images and story and all things creation. It’s the language that connects us to the trees and the animals. It’s the language of emotions and it’s the birthplace of dreams and the arts.

Being open to the imaginal is being open to perceiving the extraordinary—seeing, hearing and feeling beyond the ordinary. Becoming aware of things that without imagination would be invisible to us.

Fairytales and myths, and all things story would not exist without imagination. Without the boundaries of the analytical mind. there is something shared throughout the collective in the imaginal field. It is the telepathic language across cultures that gives birth to symbols, the forms and stories of gods and goddesses, faeries, unicorns and dragons.

So I ask, is the voice that I hear in my head of a tree sharing her story with me real or imaginal? The feeling of warmth and connection that moves through me when I am tuning into the forest—is that imagined? And what is the story that is behind these feelings? The words, the songs, the magic being shared?

If I give these experiences the benefit of the doubt how much more does my world open up? How much more wisdom flows through from the unexpected arrivals of imaginal experiences? After all, when there is a visceral quality to the experience of connecting with an ancient ancestor, one that opens my heart and mind into wisdom teachings previously unknown to me, does it make sense to question whether it is “real?” To me, it makes more sense to open to possibilities and to allow for healing and upliftment.

Through the imagination dreams can be re-entered and discovered beyond what the analytical practical interpretive mind could see. There is so much more to this precious world than meets the eye. So I invite you to take a chance and trust in the deeper stream that is sparkling inside you, beckoning you to jump in and see where it takes you. Pay attention to your dreams, to your imaginings and to those mysterious movements inside you we call intuition. See where this kind of attention leads you when you are out in nature. Perhaps you will find yourself drawn to sit under a tree and sing and talk and feel and listen. And maybe, just maybe, you will hear a story….

Image—Breath from the Ancestral oracle deck, a work in progress.

25% off from now til May 14th.
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Tulku Gratitude Offering and Sale
Tulku Gratitude Offering and Sale

November 15, 2022

Dear Friends,

In this part of the world, we are back in the traditional time of sharing the years' harvest with community, friends and family. After the blessings of having spent some time here recently with a Mayan Grandmother in fire ceremony and in shared time together, I am feeling gratitude in a heightened way.

It's present like the way feeling bright and loving ancestors, spirit powers and beloved allies up close feels. Gratitude is a visitor I want to welcome and have present always— to make a space for in my heart and hearth even (most especially) when things are messy and hard. She is a guest that always is uplifting and helpful. Always brings light into the darkness and appreciation for what is even if it doesn't look perfect.

From my heart to yours, thank you. I feel I can speak for all of us at Tulku when I say we are blessed to have your patronage and energy touching our work. Together, our community is extended far and wide —a field of stars bringing our magic to this precious and sacred earth.

The next 5 weeks all of Tulku is on sale as my offering to you.

From now until December 26th use coupon code lightofgratitude for 20% off all of the collection.

WIth love and gratitude,

Karla, Rajendra, Kiran and Pravin.

PS. You may have been on the site in the last 3 weeks or so and noticed that things are all working so smoothly. We have been in the process of an upgrade, and with a site that it this complex there have been lots of glitches to iron out. If you run into anything in attempting to make a purchase or otherwise, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at this email and I will do my best to make things easy for you! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I offer Ancestral medicine sessions. Holding space for you, along with my wise and well ancestors so that you can meet yours and begin the journey of healing for your blood lineages. This feeds, nourishes and supports you— spirit, psyche, soul and body in ways too many to name. And it supports those you love in your family, on this side and the next.


If you are interested in learning more, I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book from my paintedream website. https://paintedream.com

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Autumnal Equinox Sale at TULKU
Autumnal Equinox Sale at TULKU

September 21, 2022

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since I have sat myself down to share some words with you. Now— at the cusp of the Autumnal Equinox— feels like the perfect time to make some kind of offering.

I am coming out of a dance with COVID and the feeling my brain has been shut off. A prolonged (to me) visit from this internationally famous squatter, and days of her plopping me into one patch of grass or ground or spot of sunlight to another. 

She left me with little energy to offer and gave me the simpleness of isolation and rest. The just-beingness of lying on the earth under a Ponderosa Pine to feel presence and support. Not much more to do than that. 

Whenever I feel limited in any way I automatically feel like I am in preparation for Pilgrimage. For the decade I made the yearly journey to my sacred sites, I fasted for a month and consciously limited my actions for a sacred purpose. This demanded I bring a much greater awareness to the world around me. My movements and impulses were constantly being checked and everything slowed way down. It became simple. It became about bringing care to the moment.

And then, at the end of the month, climbing the sacred mountain— bringing tears and foibles, prayers and longings. Leaving offerings for the Goddesses and Gods and then consciously opening to receive the blessings— the biggest of which being the ability to offer what I have to the world with a deeper level of gratitude and love.

And just in time for Equinox as I am emerging from this cocoon— in the spirit of reciprocity and sacredness— the awareness of the preciousness of life and the presence of death feels really sweet. Here, the leaves are transforming into their last blaze of color as if blasting their gratitude to the landscape before letting go. There is much to honor and to value at this juncture of light and dark. 

We all have offerings to make that show our vibrancy and color. And it is our birthright to be seen and to be received. I strive to support others in finding and sharing those treasures through my own offerings. Read on to hear more about those.

Sacred amulets and jewelry is one of the ways I give back. 

From now until October 10th please accept 25% off of all of it including the Tulku Oracle deck using coupon code EQUINOX22 at checkout.


From October 11-28 I will be going back to be with my family in Spain after 5 long years. I will not be fulfilling orders during that time, so please take note if you plan on needing anything during that time. I appreciate your understanding!

May you find the beauty of whatever time you are in touch your heart.

With love,


In other news—

I am newly and officially certified as an Ancestral Medicine Practitioner! I feel much gratitude for my mentor Daniel Foor and for the Ancestral Medicine network who usher this wisdom into the world with depth, richness, integrity and support. I love this work and have benefited from it in so so so many ways. The training enables me to offer Ancestral medicine sessions for others. Holding space for you, along with my wise and well ancestors so that you can meet yours and begin the journey of healing for your blood lineages. This feeds, nourishes and supports you— spirit, psyche, soul and body in ways too many to name. And it supports those you love in your family, on this side and the next. 

If you ever feel the call, please do reach out and ask me about it. I'll tell you a bit about how it flows and also about my experience. You can ask whatever questions you want. I continue to offer free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

Image from the Ancestor Oracle deck I am working on—

This ancient Grandmother is from the distant North. From the lands where hot springs color the veined and frozen countryside with steam and green blue pools of healing waters. Reflections of the aurora borealis thread through this dark tapestry and live in the eyes of the peoples. Bear is big, so is drum. This is an ancient grandmother from my Grandfather’s line who I am getting to know. She is one of few words, and one of her teachings is to be still. To look and listen deeply, patiently into the ice, beyond the exterior. That’s where the song starts to companion the drum and that’s where the dance begins.

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Summer Sale at TULKU
Summer Sale at TULKU

July 27, 2022

Hello dear friends,

It's mid Summer and in the northern hemisphere the long hot days bring a natural slowing down which feels good in the bones. For me it has given me abundant time to listen, to connect, to self nourish. To turn to my body as another sacred being who does really well by being immersed in a high elevation snow-melt pool in a rushing river when the sun is high. 

I have been nourishing myself in the way of connecting with Spirit and the Ancestors as well. This is where my inspiration, guidance, creativity and heart really light up. One of my passions and ways of integrating my own experience and learning is through bringing it forward into a grounded offering for others. It comes through my art, the amulets, the oracle deck, and it comes through one on one deep dive exchanges. I talk more about that below. 

Some of my latest opportunities to share are the beautiful commissions from folks who ask me to create sacred pieces for them to wear. These are portraits of the many faces of Divine that Rajendra pours his heart into. To witness the kind of mastery that is required to pull these tiny masterpieces off is a rare gift in this life. And then to witness the emotion and sacredness with which they are received by their owners completes the circle that was drawn completely by hearts. 

Other practical ways I offer the etheric goodness that I am connecting to is through Ancestral Medicine Sessions, Dreamtending, and Oracle readings. The threads that weave through them all are intuitive and somatic. They are experiences, and they are healing. If this time of slowing down before turning towards the shorter nights and cooler days is not the time to connect into the mystery in these ways, consider this as seeds planted for the future.

In the meantime, our Tulku collection is vast and full of beauty. If you don't see something here that resonates, you can commission something. Just reach out. 

All of this is on sale for 20% off from today through August 15th. Use coupon code Slowsummer at checkout.

Wishing you days and nights of slowed down goodness and delight,


If you are interested in learning more, I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

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Fierce Feminine. A Sale to support you during these wild times.
Fierce Feminine. A Sale to support you during these wild times.

June 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

During the last week I join the legions of heartbroken, shocked, rage-filled folks who stand with the unquestionable right of women to govern their own bodies and to make their own choices. The grief and rage of our ancient and recent Grandmothers is boiling within us as the thunder from stomping feet and bared fists rolls through the earth and bellows into the skies. 

A dim flame when stoked and loved into brightness pushes on the darkness, dulling the knife edge of the oppressive cold and revealing what has been hidden. It is at this time that fierceness is needed. Fierce love, fierce seeing, fierce speaking of truth, fierce standing with others. 

This brings me to Durga who I have been calling on a lot lately. Through prayer, through envisioning her by my side, through wearing her amulet. Durga she is the fiercely protective mother goddess of unrivalled power. 

Ma Durga is alternatively depicted as riding a tiger or a lion, both vehicles with appropriately awe-inspiring presences. She rides unchallenged, with no fear, into the most terrifying battle- grounds; a force that inspires dread in her enemies. She is the most courageous protector to her devotees.

Durga, born from the river Ganges, is sometimes referred to as “the Keeper of the Flame.” She has eight arms and holds a weapon in each hand – given to her by different gods to aid in her task to vanquish the demons of the ego. As an incarnation of the Divine Mother, she is a fierce warrior protector to call on for strength and courage during challenging times." 

Symbolism of Durga --excerpt from the Tulku Oracle.

There are many sacred powers from ancient traditions around the world who carry the energy we need at this time. Others I've been calling on a lot have been Kali, Vajrayogini and Lilith. And there are others like Artemis, Garuda and the Double Dorje for lightning like protection and strength. Laxmi and the Virgen de Guadalupe as potent forces of the Great Mother and more. Have a look at https://tulkujewels.com to find who works for you. 

I am offering 25% off from now til July 14th. Use coupon code FIERCEFEMININE at checkout.

If you have a deity or power you call on that you would love to see embodied as an amulet but you don't see tin the Tulku collection, reach out and we can create it for you. 

There are other ways I would also like to lend my support, though small they come from the heart.

I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

During these times I stand in solidarity. Holding the torch for Sovereignty and protection for all, 

With Love,


Image is Durga, from The Ancestral Oracle deck I am in the process of creating. 

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Honor your Mother. Sale at Tulku!
Honor your Mother. Sale at Tulku!

April 07, 2022

Dear Friends,

It's that time of year again. Though the intention and prayer to honor the Mother are every single day, making a special time to really put them up on high and show them our love is pretty precious and important. 

Spring is pushing up in it's green and vibrant and bold way in the Northern Hemisphere. The birds are nesting and the bears are coming out of their dens. In these Rocky Mountains, bare feet can soon feel the pulse of the earth that has long been buried under blankets of snow. 

Big gratitude wells up for Life. And we are reminded that all life circles back to the Mother. 

So.....Tulku is offering a sale which you probably expected! And I hope you find the perfect thing. You are welcome to take 20% off of a treasure to offer a mother in your life.

Starting now through Mothers Day, use coupon code GOLDENMOTHER at checkout.

In addition, my offer stands for free 20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Ancestral healing, Dreamtending, Oracle readings are all on offer for you or the mother in your life. Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what is the perfect match. Here's a link to book a time—


Blessings with Gratitude and Love,



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Prayers from the Edge of Equinox. Tulku Sale Continues
Prayers from the Edge of Equinox. Tulku Sale Continues

March 16, 2022

Dear Friend,

The threshold of Winter and Spring, of new life being born, flickers in and out of my awareness. I saw my recently dead teacher holding a baby in my dreams the other night. It is like this.

There are as many ways to honor the Equinox as there are landscapes and peoples. Ritualizing the welcoming of Spring includes honoring the effort involved in waking up out of the hibernation of Winter. From a frozen landscape, the sun makes the waters flow and beckons all of life to push through the darkness for the journey into bloom. 

And it isn't always easy to emerge like that

My solitary journeys up the mountain wake me up. It's where I find my inspiration and creativity. 

As I walk these paths, I have conversations with the trees and sing songs to the ancestors that inevitably birth a deeper kind of knowing. Making the effort of sharing my voice with the trusted forest always seems to mysteriously open up the hidden portals to the place where magic bypasses my mind and zeros in on my heart. 

And so I arrive at the place of the mystic and the shaman, the witch and the seer. The place I  create my life from. I come to harvest beauty — colors, form, words, depth, sparkle. 

My heart is once again, healed. 

Step-by-step the Mountain is climbed. I create, I climb, and I climb....and it all comes out. Into one trillion tiny offerings. 

I cannot take with me from this life, but I can certainly leave behind. The elder years are all about learning this. Closer to the ancestors now, they show me.

From the mountaintop I see the sun setting. As the tenderest purple petals push their folded heads up through the cold earth, and I see the ravens flying towards the rains I say— 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

What do you do to honor the changing of the light in your life? What does that flower look like, that has been a seed for so long? I love and am curious to hear your voice, too.

With love,


PS. Are you a dreamer? Do you long for inspiration, deep healing, and magic in your life? Do you want to listen to the voice of your soul, your heart, and your ancestors? Feel their presence in your waking life more vividly? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, come— dive into the mysterious world of your sleeping oracular artist with my friend, Marta Aarli and I. For more information see this link or reach out to me. Beginning March 25, 2022.



I am offering free  20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what wants to come forward for you in 2022.

IM me if you’re interested.



22% off using coupon code LOSAR22 

Good through March 25, 2022

Consider a very special offering to yourself or a loved one. Sacred amulets, earrings, charms, rings and more for your loved ones. Or the Tulku Oracle, an inspiration and a magical gift for every day illumination.  


Image—Ascension. Journey of my Abuelos

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What is your longing?

February 07, 2022

Dear Friends,

As the earth in these parts of the Northern hemisphere enters into the slow thaw from winter to spring, I have been contemplating and noticing the longing within me. 

The longing of late winter is the longing that enables seeds to break through their shells and emerge through the earth to become who they are. And too, just as it shows up in the natural world, it wakes up in us...or perhaps more accurately—it wakes us up.

For me, before this slumber starts to move towards an action, before I even recognize the longing— I sense a pretty intense discomfort. This year I entered into a state of ennui or apathy— depression even. And I remembered, oh, I know this place. This is when I'm in the cold darkness, when doubt is present and I've forgotten about the ancestral seeds that sparkle like stars in my every cell. This is when I notice I can't see anything. At all. This is the before....

And then, it breaks. Warmth penetrates. I see light behind my closed eyes. I feel it. Inspiration. A longing to grow, express, create. A longing to share and to connect. A longing to stretch towards a more complete version of me.

As the sun grows stronger in the sky, there is an invitation for all of us to get curious about this longing within us. Notice how it may connect to a lifelong passion that has been dormant. Perhaps it calls your soul to meet this world in a pragmatic— grounded way, in a focused and a nuanced way. Notice the freshness of it, even if at the same time it is intimately, preciously familiar--ancestral even. 

Is there an old part of you you want to reclaim? What do you want to own again in your awareness? What is calling you forward and lives in your destiny? How does all of it show up for you? What kind of flowers are your seeds going to become?

I have lots of ideas on how to support you wherever you are on this journey. This offering is a part of my action to share my gifts. I'd love to know what lives in you and to support you in sharing yours. See the offerings below and if anything resonates, please reach out.

With love and care,


Aside from making supportive amulets, sacred jewelry and art available, I am here to offer support you in the ways of oracle readings and dream tending sessions. Stay tuned for Ancestral medicine being added to the list this spring.If you are looking to go deep with me, check out more on these offerings here—


I am offering free  20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you. Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what wants to come forward for you in 2022.


Consider a very special offering to yourself or a loved one. Sacred amulets, earrings, charms, rings and more for your loved ones. Or the Tulku Oracle, an inspiration and a magical gift for every day illumination.  

Tulku is offering 22% off Jan. 25-Feb. 14, 2022

Give a special gift and choose from the many blessed amulets and jewelry that represent love, healing, and devotion. 

Coupon code showlove22 at checkout. 

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Tulku Love Sale

January 25, 2022

Love comes in so many forms, as does how we show it.

Having been alone for many years I know how Valentines day can be a thorn more than a rose. And so I worked at ways of reframing it for myself. Mostly it became a day I tried showing myself some extra loving. I would take an inventory of my heart qualities and share it with fire, or with the ocean as an offering. It became a day of prayer, not only around calling in the partner I longed for, but a catalyst for meaningful connecting. Sometimes it would be a day to grieve, to pray, to create a ritual or a painting. Other years, it was all about being with much beloved single friends. 

Consider a very special offering to yourself or a loved one. How would that help make this day extra special for you? Choose from the many blessed amulets and sacred jewelry that represent love, healing, and devotion. 

Or—whether you are seeking to honor yourself or another — perhaps it is not jewelry you feel called to, but a different kind of magic.

Aside from offering the Tulku amulets and jewelry, the Oracle deck, and art— I also offer support in the ways of oracle readings and dream tending sessions.
(Stay tuned for Ancestral medicine being added to the list this spring.) 

If these offerings resonate and you are looking to go deep with me, check out more about them herehttps://www.paintedream.com

Or perhaps you feel called to sharing the Tulku Oracle, an inspiration and a magical gift for every day illumination. And now it's on sale as is the jewelry—

Tulku is offering 22% off Jan. 25-Feb. 14, 2022
off all of the jewelry and the Tulku Oracle.
Coupon code showlove22 at checkout. 

Reach out if you have questions!

With love and appreciation, today and every day,


I am offering free  20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Book a time here—


Image pictured— Deer Mama. Karla Refoxo, 12/2021

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Offerings Inside
Offerings Inside

December 28, 2021

Dear Friend,

If you're like me, you're starting to focus on the path leading into the new year. And I’m kind of frozen, sitting here with a pervasive longing born from this middle place. 

The wish to be thoroughly embraced by snow falling, fire crackling, forest, mountains, wildlife, loved ones. Twinkle lights. 

A whispy silvery lifeline dream thread that is gently pulling me up from my stuckness. Inviting me to remember what I want to feel— always. 

Spirit and Magic. 

If you are like me, you want to feel every day that you are vibrantly sharing your purpose on this earth. That you are growing and learning. That you matter. That you remind others that they matter. That you are fully alive and that your days are filled with color and mystery. That you are inseparably connected to all that lives.  That you are the bright face of your beloved ancestors. That you are awake, listening, feeling, seeing the vibrancy of all beings in the natural world. As they are seeing you.That you are sharing beauty with others from a heart space and that every day you awake with excitement to do so. 

That your words are filled with light. 

I heard a quote the other day that went something like—"there’s a strange power in the joining of unlike things”. 

This morning, in front of my altar, I was connecting with a sacred mountain that I have long pilgrimaged to, and that I dearly love. She usually shows up for me in ancient weightiness and gravitas. 

But today, she showed up with an incredible and indescribable lightness. 

While I can’t exactly put words to it, my sense is that, even though I feel heavy, there is something generative in that light touch. The “strange power of the joining of unlike things” alive in this moment. 

Something new is born from the heaviness and lightness meeting. 

The beckoning of transformation, alchemy, healing. I don’t know what it is yet, but these words are a door opener.

So I ask you, what is the freshness that is calling you forward, the enticing offering that is on invitation for you to make? 

Art making has ever been my way of expressing a rich inner world. Soul has always been the oceanic undertow, and Spirit the owls wings. Allowing an oracular kind of creation to unfold through color and form is the giving birth I have experienced and the children I nourish. Inspired by nature in all her forms the palette is infinite. Dreams, sacred sites, the land and ancestors are the ones who tell me what to do. One of those things they told me to do was make amulets. In the old way, in the talismanic tradition of embodied support, alchemy and magic. 

So now I humbly extend my heart to you in this question. How can I support you as you enter into the next chapter? 

I work intuitively with others to uncover what the invitation forward is.

Using the Tulku Oracle deck, creating custom amulets, journeying into your dreams, and above all, deep listening, are my tools. And sometimes I create art for people from what I experience.

Let’s do some of this together. 

I am offering free 15 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what wants to come forward for you in 2022.

Here is a link to make a time for the consultation—


I look forward to connecting and am wishing you every blessing in the new year.


Extended!!! I am offering 20% off on all Tulku, including the Tulku Oracle deck, through January 1, 2022.

Use coupon code 

Solsticesankalpa21 at checkout.

For an oracle reading, consultation, or dream tending, check out my other offerings here—













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Tulku Solstice Sale Continues
Tulku Solstice Sale Continues

December 20, 2021

Dear Friend,

On this eve of Winter Solstice, I am contemplating gifts in my life.

A recent gift— found while bushwhacking at the very top of the mountain behind my house— was a beautiful Elk antler. I don't think there are Elk here any more, but I could be wrong. A story revealed itself in this antler, laying there next to a pelvic and a leg bone, chewed clean by what I suspect was a hungry mountain lion a very long time ago. The teeth marks on the antler and the high alpine meadow where destiny took this being onto the next chapter speak to me in melancholy tones. 

And too, this is a gift. 

I feel the very-much-alive energy of Elk through this antler, his rich and mysterious magic. Antler connects me to a dream I had a few months back, of polished pink antlers belonging to a shaman that I put on my head and danced with. Antler connects me to a Celtic god, to Artemis, to Kwan Yin in the Tulku Oracle deck and to Green Man. It connects me to my Mother's Father's line of ancestors, who were deer people. And it connects me to my heart.

To me, antler—like Tulku Jewels— is medicine. Not something I can wear around my neck like an amulet, but its presence changes my life in a significant way. It uplifts and grounds the home space into the physical and spiritual landscape of this mountain. It is a gift, just as a dream, a healing encounter, and any other treasure found in nature is.

At this Solstice time, consider the gifts you have received and those you give. 

Tulku is full of meaningful medicine gifts to start your new year with. Find an amulet to help you welcome in the what your soul wants for you in 2022. Check out the Shop by Intention link on the website to help you drill down into what matches your hearts desire. 


I am extending the offer of 20% off on all Tulku, including the Tulku Oracle deck, through January 1, 2022.

Use coupon code 

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In gratitude for your patronage throughout 2021, I look forward to bringing you more  offerings of beauty, healing and inspiration in the coming year.

In love and light,


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Sankalpa Solstice Sale
Sankalpa Solstice Sale

November 29, 2021

This morning seeing all of the Cyber Monday Sale emails in my inbox—after seeing all of the Black Friday offerings a couple days before— I realized I better get on the ball and join the hoards of offerings out there with one of my own for Tulku.

I like to write something meaningful for the blogs, something that comes during a walk in the woods—some sort of inspiration from time on the mountain. But this morning I needed a kickstart, and so I did a three card spread with the Tulku Oracle cards.

What is the story that needs to be told, that connects people to the Tulku amulets and Oracle? 

 The amulets are all about support. 

You probably already know I see them as medicine, 

that they are infused with a lot of spirit. 

They are here to help people. 

In the way of beauty. 

They are reminders of something holy, the sacred that helps us along the way. They are touchstones to remind you of an intention, what you are becoming, your soul voice, your ancestors, a power that supports you.

And honestly, in my mind, what better gift to give a loved one than that?

Here is the reading that came forward to help me tell that story to you. 

1. The story starts with Sankalpa – Intention. 

When you are making a gift, what is your intention for yourself, for your loved ones? What is their intention? What is it they are moving towards?

Beyond our wants, needs, and desires, there is a place of deep longing. Here lives a knowing and a voice that is part of the landscape of our soul. It is a place that, when touched, has the texture of our soul’s purpose. When we nourish, listen to, and deeply feel this place, whatever it is we connect to is transformed. We become midwifes to the reason we came to this earth, serving our heart and soul in a conscious way. There is a kind of rightness or alignment with soul purpose that emerges, a way to serve and participate in something much bigger than ourselves. 

2. What is the story centered on? Double Dorje—Protection, talismanic support. 

The Double Dorje helps strengthen your core while it empowers your focus and inner strength. It reminds you to serve the holy purpose living at the center of your being, and to honor your diamond light by projecting it with integrity and truth through all your actions. 

This symbol is a shield or emblem announcing that you will fight and commit to protect what is holy to you. And the most holy is your soul, your heart, and the divinity that lies within. 

3. What this gift will bring—OM —connection, joy

This is a moment of celebration, of vision, and of receiving gifts of grace. OM brings recognition to what you have been through to attain these newly formed wings, how you grew them through challenges and periods of darkness and loss. This marks the end of a cycle of growth for you and will lead to a new chapter. Think of birds soaring high in the sky, the wonder of which makes them sing. There is joy and a lightness of being present in this moment – and knowing that this too will pass. For now, this is a time to receive, acknowledge, have gratitude, and celebrate. 

Whether this story is for ourselves or to share with another, dreaming into the support we need and want to share is something we all long for.

I am offering 20% off on all Tulku, including the Tulku Oracle deck, through Dec. 22, 2021.

Use coupon code 

Solsticesankalpa21 at checkout.

As always, I am here if you want some one-on-one support. 

An oracle reading, consultation, and dream tending are options for yourself or a loved one. If you are looking to go deep with me, check out my other offerings here—


Warmest wishes for blessings for you and your loved ones as we go into the new year, with deep gratitude and love from all of us at Tulku.


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Dia de los Muertos Sale
Dia de los Muertos Sale

October 29, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's a most special time of year and we are celebrating it at Tulku.

Whether you relate to it as El Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, or as Halloween, this is a time of honoring when we express deep gratitude to our ancestors and the big window opens between the worlds. 

Our offerings are welcomed and we, in turn, receive blessings from those who know us— the bright and wise ones—on the other side.

Many of you know I have been lit up doing ancestral lineage healing work and am about to embark on an in depth practitioner training so I can then share this work with others. 

Doing it has been very potent for me. For a long time now I've been encountering the ancestors in my own dreams and in those of others. They've been making appearances in oracle readings and in simple conversations. 

The realm of bright, healed, ancient ones— strong in their seats— have important guidance and medicine for us. Often they show up companioned by symbols, totems or archetypes. 

If this is true for you, or if you are curious to see what the cards or your dreams have to say, reach out to me.

There may be an amulet we already have that holds that energy for you, or we may just have to create a special one just for you. 

We are offering 20% off in honor of the ancestors. Use coupon code ANCESTORS21 at checkout. Now through midnight on November 13th, (the day after my birthday :) 

In addition, I am offering 10% off of oracle readings and dreamtending sessions. Just reply to this email and mention this offer.

To read more about both of those go here—https://www.paintedream.com

With Gratitude and a deep bow to you and those behind you,


Image is a painting I made in honor of my Mother's Mothers Lineage. 

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Offering in Honor of the Subtle Blessings
Offering in Honor of the Subtle Blessings

September 09, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's been a long time since I've sent out a message and an offering. I trust you and your loved ones are well and that your summer has been full of delicious connections and leisurely joy, as it has been for me.

Here in the mountains of Colorado I am noticing the varied harbingers of autumn. I love this time, where my focus comes into greater clarity as I sort through and let go of what doesn't align with my hearts vision, and prepare for the coming season of offerings. 

In that spirit, I have a story to share. It’s about the blessings of Bear.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest behind my house. From my path, I looked down towards the creek and for the first time on this mountain I saw the shape of a beautiful black bear making its way along the edges of the gulch. My first reaction was a barely conscious, albeit automatic one— one I’ve noticed before in myself, but hardly paid heed to. It was the thought— “so what” —it was actually the voice of denial for a split second of what I was seeing. A discounting of the rarity, value or specialness of it. 

I took notice of that split second with some consternation, and then the joy and the blessing of the presence of bear flooded in. The delight of that siting carried me along my walk like a gentle wind would a feather. And too, I was really wondering about that first reaction of mine. The one that I have just barely noticed over and over again throughout my life, always in what I would call sacred moments. This automatic denial has a very subtle but powerful presence— one that I don’t easily acknowledge, but I sadly often believe.

Contemplating this— with the awareness of my ancestors and bear nearby— I get the message that this is that same voice in me that questions the reality, specialness or blessing of what I experience and witness in my journeys to the more subtle realms. Like the bear that I saw clearly with my own eyes, these felt experiences are blessings and have a living quality that I know to be meaningful.

Like tending dream, relating with the oracle, connecting with the vibration and spirit of a plant, animal, place or amulet—moving past the conditioned voice of “so what” is where I want to go.  

Mama bear showing herself to me for the first time on this mountain yesterday surely was a blessing. A sacred messenger, masterful at dreamtime and play, fiercely protective of her cubs and that which is precious. A fleeting glimpse of her was enough of a gift for me to learn about the voice of denial living inside me. A call to protect what is sacred in my own experience, like bear— fiercely and with love.

As always, wishing you blessings on your Journey,


If you want to delve into the mystery with a guide by your side who won’t say “so what” but who will really listen, reach out to me for an oracle reading or a dreamtending session. https://www.paintedream.com

Or, get yourself a copy of the Tulku Oracle and discover the oracle within you.https://tulkujewels.com/tulku-...

And as always, connect with the magic and blessings of the precious amulets and jewels of the Tulku collection.

Use coupon code iseeihearilisten at checkout for 20% off all jewelry through September 22, 2021.

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Interview and Sale for Mama
Interview and Sale for Mama

May 04, 2021

Hello my Friends,

Happy Spring and almost Mothers Day!

Today I’m sharing two things—first is an excerpt from an interview with the very precious Jackie Stone from Totems and Tarot (check out her metaphysical online shop and her Healers Hub to see not only my offerings but those of some other amazing healers as well)— https://totemsandtarot.com/healers-hub/

And second—a sale offer to you for yourself, or for your Mama. I know it’s late but maybe she’ll accept a rain check…

Interview with Karla Refoxo author and artist of the Tulku Oracle

• What are oracle cards?

I like to think of oracle cards as portals. Like dreams, they use the language of symbols and image to speak to us and convey something that we may not see otherwise. They come from the unseen realms and we give birth to them through our creativity, imagination and intuition. They speak the language of spirit and soul— a language our dreams and the natural world understand and speak as well. And somewhere deep in us, we understand it too. We have the wisdom that the Oracles awaken—they are a bridge to discovering it. In the same way dreams and nature give us profound guidance if we pay attention, the oracle cards cut through the dialog of our minds and reach into a much larger mysterious field where the path is revealed and the mirror shows us ourselves and the world around us in a new light. They are powerful tools and I find my relationship with them evolves over time. Even though the Tulku Oracle deck came out of me, over time and in readings with others I am constantly discovering new and unique expressions images. 

• How do you use oracle cards? 

To get to know a deck, I look at the images, and I get curious about them. I might see the name of a card and have immediate associations, but I try to open and look beyond that—at the details—to listen, feel and connect with the tenor of the card. Maybe I see a woman in the shadows or notice a blue vein coming up through a tree. What does that say to me?  I listen to the intuition that awakens in me and the personal associations I have with the images. Then I practice on myself. One card draws, simple three card draws (past, present, future) and I see how what I draw connects to what happens my life. I also always look for patterns between the cards, which then gives voice to a story that wants to get told and wisdom that wants to be imparted.

• What are your favorite oracle card spreads? Do you offer any of these in your guidebook?

I do share some different spreads in the book. Personally, I love doing simple relationship spreads to unveil the layers of hidden things. and then I build my questions if I want more clarifications from there. So for example this morning, I am looking at my relationship to bear totem, because the last two nights I dreamt of bear— while in waking life (unbeknownst to me) sometime last night a bear was on my deck drinking the hummingbird water. So I drew one card for bear, one for me which I laid down next to that, and in the center, on a new row below those two, I drew a card for what bear is bringing me. Each card reveals a different layer of meaning than what I obviously see. And sometimes they are very funny and even literal! To illustrate that, for this spread I got Abundance as bear, Honey bee in reverse for me (literally the sugar water dumped out!) and Tree of Life for what bear brings to me. There are so many ways to read this, and a lot of the time what the spread is telling me gets revealed over time. In what ways is the sugar water being taken, or offered? Is it nourishing, or is it depleted? In this case, the sugar water provided food for bear who is representing abundance. And this in turn connects me to the Tree of Life. And always there is so much more….

Thank you for reading and for paying attention to my occasional musings. Check out the video of the completed book and box set of the Oracle cards. The only thing missing here are the gilded edges. BUT! We’re getting closer….

Please use coupon code foryourmama to get 25% off all Tulku 

Now through May 25, 2021

 With love and gratitude,  


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Dear Heart
Dear Heart

March 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

Today my offering is to Spring. 

The other day I was blessed to receive a treatment by a Plant Spirit Medicine sister healer which was not only a healing, but a deep download of grace and love. I have been on a strict fast in preparation for upcoming pilgrimage in mid April, and am tender and sensitive. I am seeing and feeling a lot, and this is moving through me as I contemplate things like the courage it takes to be seen as I see. I went into the treatment pondering how to walk with my knowing, ground and center myself in it like a radiant rock, even while remaining open and receptive as I move into a greater field of uncertainty. 

And then I went deep….

Instantly I have the image of my heart being held. The beautiful presence of Mugwort --her strong leafy fingers wrapped around my heart. The tenderness almost hurts, and tears flow. It feels so intimate and personal. And yet, as this happens, I become aware that it is not just my heart she is holding—it is Heart Itself. The One Heart animating all of life. 

And everywhere I look in my mind’s eye, I see Heart—in Ponderosa Pine, Black Squirrel, Stellar Jay, Raven, Cat—Heart animating all living beings and the rocks and the earth. The plants show me they want every heart to be healed and in balance because we’re not separate.

I learn that Mugwort and the other Plant Spirits are so willing and generous in offering their medicine to us because it is in the healing of Heart that the awareness of our connection to everything else is rebuilt. Balance is restored not only within us, but in the harmonious coexistence of life and the wellbeing of all. 

At the end, tears burst forth as I connect with the Heart of my mountains and the Heart of the Ocean. Imagining myself into my Pilgrimage time, while connecting with those Hearts, it becomes clear that I know now how the emptiness in me can be filled with the tremendous love and blessings that these sacred sites have to offer. It is this focus on Heart and Love that is my protection, guidance, seeing and learning in the truest sense. 

As it is for us all.  

This is what my healer wrote in her notes reflecting her experience after the treatment—

"We are sitting at Mugwort's feet showing our respect and she puts her hand over your HEART, giving you her medicine, love and support.

Karla's heart will know the right thing to say and do in each moment as it unfolds." 

Blessings to each one of you on your own sacred journey with deep appreciation, love and respect,



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In honor of Alice Sale
In honor of Alice Sale

March 17, 2021

Hello dear friends,

On this St. Patricks day I have my mothers mother—Alice— in my mind. It was her birthday and she was born of a wild Irish father and had a big strong dose of the bard in her. She was one who always encouraged and supported my unusual particularity—especially my art, spirituality, dreaming and intuition. So in honor of her and all those friends who have a bit of the leprechaun within, I'd like to offer a spring sale on Tulku Jewels. 

Please use coupon code Alice for 20% off on all Tulku now through April 3rd.

If you missed the Tulku Oracle Kickstarter and want to pre-order the deck as well as other goodies, check out my Etsy page—


With big gratitude and blessings,


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Tulku Oracle Kickstarter is Live!
Tulku Oracle Kickstarter is Live!

February 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

Well I can hardly believe it. Seemed like this day would never come!

Before anything else, here is the link so you can go on over and check it out—


The first 24 hours there is an early bird special, check that out if you are interested in getting a special deal on the deck. Even if you are not interested in getting a deck, any pledge makes a difference and is SO gratefully received. 

Not only is it Losar, Tibetan New Year, but it is finally the day I launch my Kickstarter for the Tulku Oracle. I’m feeling such a swirl of emotions—vulnerability, excitement, gratitude, and it all goes really deep. All of this being released from the layers and many years of journey that got me here. I feel my ancestors, my teachers, the nature beings—mountains, ocean— that are all now a part of me, coaxing and companioning me to this moment. I pray my images and words reflect their wisdom in the ways they would have me share. It is one of my humble offerings back as one who has been given so so so much. 

So today is not only Losar and a new moon, but for me it is definitely a Ganesh Day. He was the first amulet I made—in my little basement ashram room— when I decided to start Tulku in 2005. I prayed to him then as I pray to him today (and every day) to bless this offering and to receive it into the hands of those it speaks to, and into the hearts of the gods. 

I am also overflowing with deep gratitude to all of you who have also walked by my side, shown me trust and big hearted support along the way. I wish I could thank you all personally. My truest wish is to give back to you and support you on your road to healing and expressing your soul gifts in this world. 

May Ganesh open the doors so this may be so.

With Love, 


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Tulku Oracle Kickstarter! Launching Friday
Tulku Oracle Kickstarter! Launching Friday

February 10, 2021

Hello my dear friends! 

Most of you probably already know I’m finally launching my long-awaited Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the printing of the Tulku Oracle deck and book on Friday, Feb 12 at 11.12 AM, MST. 

This is the first time I’ve done something like this and there’s definitely a steep learning curve so I’m holding on tight and learning to roll uphill at the same time J

If you don’t know what a Kickstarter is… let me explain! You may know I’ve been working on the Tulku Oracle deck on and off for the past TEN YEARS!!! Yes… a very long birthing process :) Now it’s finally done and in the production line at the printers—in China. Since this is my first publishing project it’s not only hard to find a publisher to carry it, but it’s definitely not as lucrative. And during these slim work times, with no events and a lot of retailers going out of business, Tulku Jewelry sales have suffered like everyone else. 

So….the Oracle is a big project and costly to produce and Kickstarter is a great way to offer something back AND raise funds to pull this off. There will be some great reward tiers in the Kickstarter with lots of goodies that I will add throughout the process. In addition, part of the proceeds will go to a couple of amazing organizations that I know my followers will also love. If you want to know more about those, they are listed on my website—at Tulkuoracle.com

The Kickstarter campaign lasts for one month, but the first 24 hours there is an early bird special.  

Here’s the link. Even if it’s not live yet, if you sign up now, you will be notified as soon as the launch begins. 

Friday February 12, 11.12 AM, MST


In deepest gratitude (excitement, nervousness, anticipation) and appreciation,



PS. Due to a recent comment on social media about cultural appropriation in the Tulku Oracle deck, I feel called to share a bit more about me and the Tulku Oracle—

The writing and images of the Tulku Oracle are my interpretation of over 30 years of study. I continue to grow and learn and deepen and explore inside. Where am I not honoring, and where are my blind spots? It is a lifelong journey. There are many yogis out there who have their own experience of these symbols and archetypes, and I humbly offer mine in the hopes to inspire healing and guidance in the hearts of others. 

As well, my deepest and most sincere desire is to honor the gifts I have received from the traditions who have so generously welcomed and loved me as I have loved them—the Newar, Tibetans and Huichol.  I have had many great teachers and healers and have been received as family in each of these cultures. My main longing after many long years of inner work is to share through art and heart what I have been so blessed to receive with others in all I do.  

 To explain a bit of where I come from—as a white woman who has been deeply privileged to journey repeatedly to Nepal and the mountains of Mexico, I find my identity in being a bridge. As a child of two cultures it comes naturally to me to long to connect with other traditions in a deep way. Perhaps because I have never been anchored in just one, the search for true belonging has been ever present. Ultimately I find this belonging most in the natural world.  I have learned that though I can merge easily into different environments I can never fully understand the culture of another that is not mine. 

I have learned how to hold the mystery of that, and how to stretch my ways of communicating while loving and appreciating and most of all, honoring the differences. Art is my way of integrating what I receive and processing it through my heart. I am driven by this. And my deepest values include to respect, honor and do no harm. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections of what you read here, and open myself to becoming more aware and conscious in all I do.



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Kwan Yin, the Elk, and Imbolc
Kwan Yin, the Elk, and Imbolc

February 02, 2021

Dear Friend,

In Celtic tradition this day is called Imbolc, the first day of Spring. As an offering of welcome to the green that is coming, I am going to share a story of deepening into an image. There’s magic here, like one would find deep in the forests of ancient Ireland— where fairies and dragons live and breathe to this day. A way of imagining that brings life to dreams. A way of being curious that opens up into receiving healing and deep personal guidance through challenging times.

This story begins with an Oracle card I drew for myself from my Tulku deck—Kwan Yin. Sometimes when reading for myself it’s very hard to “get” what the message is—to feel into what more the oracle has to say. So I decided to do a walkabout with Kwan Yin. Elk figures prominently in the image for this card and he invited me to walk with him as a starting point…

I imagine going with Elk for a walk up the mountain, I begin to feel his breath moving along next to me— closer and closer until it joins mine. I feel his steady strength, sense of peace and presence. This companions and anchors my being, calms my fretful mind as almost nothing else can. As I walk with Elk, I feel one with the mountain. I feel belonging. I no longer feel separate in my two-legged form. I feel joy and love emerge from this place.

As my heart opens, Kwan Yin’s compassion and loving nature rises up in mothering waves and the turbulence I feel inside is further pacified. 

I begin to have a conversation—to share with the great Goddess my love, my gratitude, my challenges. All of it she embraces and helps me carry. The massive body of Elk moves steadily by my side— and as if we were one— his presence provides a felt sense filled with quiet power and connection to the living world. 

With them, I can sense the presence of the unseen and the mystery and I know it is always with me. 

When I was a kid I was a big dreamer. I was very intuitive and believed in magic. I had lots of “imaginary” friends, was filled with energy and strong in myself -- I mean I felt really happy with myself and enchanted by life-- most of the time. Over the years these qualities were put under a blanket and hidden in a closet. Without fanfare or initiation, I became an adult.

If my story resonates, I encourage you to join me in awakening your curiosity. Try giving your imagination permission to do a walkabout, and to find and open doorways through your dreams, through an image that appears to you in an Oracle card or an amulet. In a painting. In your imagination. Play with it, create art from it, write a story, sing it, dance it, honor it. Take it into nature. Anything that springs from the imagination enlivens what appears, which in turn enlivens you. 

If you are looking to reawaken the voice of your spirit and soul, to hear your souls purpose, perhaps you too will benefit from this way of playing and honoring the magic Imbolc embodies.

With love, blessings and a hearty welcome to Spring,


I have some very special options for your beloved.

NOW ON SALE!!! I am offering a coupon code to be used at Tulkujewels.com of 20% off between now and the Kickstarter Launch— scheduled to happen on Feb. 12, 2021—the Chinese New Year and New Moon. Stay tuned for more information about that. 

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The Tulku Oracle KICKSTARTER PRE-LAUNCH PAGE is up and running! I am SO excited to finally be launching this on February 12, 2021 and LOVE that it will be on the same day as Tibetan New year.

You can sign up now and get updates to be the first to be notified when we launch! There will be a special offer for the first 24 hours of the Kickstarter, so please go to the link in bio and join us to get notifications sent directly to your inbox.



Are you interested in an Oracle reading to find guidance and hone in on the best medicine for you? Please reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you.

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Blessings of the Path
Blessings of the Path

January 13, 2021

Welcome to the new year my friends!

What path are you following?

I have been really feeling Deer energy guiding me. A family of nine deer has been gracing my yard regularly, and to me these close encounters are always a reminder about the blessings of following my heart and soul path—and the amazing company I am drawing close in doing so. 

ORACLE (excerpt) 

If you have drawn the Deer oracle, she is here to guide you to a new level of understanding within your spiritual journey. She will gently guide you back to your proper path if you have lost it. She reminds you to follow your heart, to trust, and to be true to the voice within. This is the sacred voice of your heart, and it is pulling you to engage with the work you are here to complete in this lifetime. We all have this internal voice where the Divine addresses us individually. Sometimes it is a whisper, singing to you on the breath of the wind, or it can be a knowing that sings so loud and clear it cannot be ignored. There are signs and symbols in your life that echo this voice. 

Imagine inviting Deer into your hearth. What would she say to you, what is her personal guidance for you at this time? 

She is showing me one little footprint (or oracle card :) at a time how to move forward. I'm still in the woods, but her tracks guide me and I know I am not lost. 

And I have an update and an offering for you—

The Tulku Oracle deck is now at the printer! It is in cue for printing and will likely still be a couple of months til it's in hand, but I feel hugely grateful and celebratory about sending it off. It could not have happened without a huge amount of help and support....my own special family of Dear ones by my side.

To celebrate I am offering a coupon code to be used at Tulkujewels.com of 20% off between now and the Kickstarter Launch— scheduled to happen on Feb. 12, 2021—the Chinese New Year and New Moon. Stay tuned for more information about that. 

Please use coupon code Dearpath at checkout.


Check out the Tulku Oracle Gift card available now, which gets you or a loved one the deck as soon as it is released this spring at a discounted rate. Check it out at tulkuoracle.com.


Are you interested in a powerful amulet to support you or others on your journeys? An Oracle reading to find guidance and hone in on the best medicine for you? IM me and I’ll hook you up with heart. You can read more about that offering and others at Paintedream.com

With love, appreciation and gratitude, always


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Tulku Oracle Gift Card
Tulku Oracle Gift Card

December 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

Join me in sparking the Oracle Within!

I am excited to announce that the Tulku Oracle book has finally made it to the design process and if all goes well, we will be going to print by the end of the year. I have been holding off on launching the Kickstarter campaign because I want to have a clear knowing of the timeline. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, so many people have asked about purchasing the deck to give as gifts, that I have created a Gift Card at a special Solstice rate so that the Tulku Oracle can be shared with others during this holiday season.

Take advantage of the early bird pricing to gift the Tulku Oracle— available this spring— to your friends or get it for yourself!

The Tulku Oracle includes—

·       53 Oracle cards

·       A full length book

·       Luxurious magnetic box packaging.

Order your Gift Certificate now, and I will send out this beautiful greeting card with your name to the address you provide. When the Oracle Deck is released this spring, I will send it to the same recipient. Shipping won’t be charged until the deck goes out.

Special early bird pricing is $60.00

The Tulku Oracle set when complete will be $65.00* 
*Shipping will be charged when the deck is available.

Go to TulkuOracle.com to read more. 


I am offering 25% off through Dec. 22nd on all Tulku. 
At checkout use coupon code—  


Wishing you every blessing this Solstice season, with Gratitude for the darkness and for the return of the light, 


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A Remembering of Thanks Offering and Holiday Sale!
A Remembering of Thanks Offering and Holiday Sale!

November 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

My curiosity got me to look up the etymology of the word “thank” and I loved finding that it is connected to “a remembering”. I also found it holds the meaning of grace, reflection, sentiment and purpose. 

To me they all make a lot of sense though I wanted to explore how purpose fits into it. When I touch into purpose from this view, my feeling is that life is all about exchange. Reciprocity brings balance, respect, and flow, and shows a remembering of value. 

Purpose in the act of thanking seems intrinsic to remembering our roles in creating a harmonious fabric of life with others through exchange. Other humans, animals, plants, earth, weather, waters, rocks, ancestors, the sun, the moon, the seen and unseen ones. 

On this Thanksgiving in deepest gratitude for ALL the others and for the gifts of life I receive every day, I recommit to reciprocity in my actions and to a daily remembering. It is truly my purpose as one who is blessed with life to do so, for which I am ever thankful. 

In honoring of all you give, I am offering 25% off through Dec. 22nd on all Tulku. 

At checkout, please use coupon code—  


If  you would like to gift an oracle reading with the TULKU Oracle deck to a loved one, or book one for yourself, please contact me for the introductory price of $60.00 through the end of the year. With your gift, you also receive the one time offer of 20% off any Tulku order. 

Contact me if you are interested in booking and I will send you a gift certificate.

Check out Tulkuoracle.com to learn more!

PS. Stay tuned for the Tulku Oracle which I hope will be ready to be shared on Kickstarter sometime before the end of the year!

Photo by Lubosh Cech— luboshcech.com


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Prayers Heard
Prayers Heard

October 27, 2020

Hello my friends,

As many of you know, we were evacuated last week during wildfires near my mountain home. I reached out via social media, phone calls and texts, asking my friends to join me in holding thoughts and prayers for our home and community—wild and otherwise. And that you did. 

Through all the wind events, red flag warnings, grief and fear, you joined my neighbors and I in holding this mountain in the light of love, gratitude and respect. 

And then….the snows came. 

We are now bundled up under a bed of sparkly coolness, gratitude enormous in our hearts and fire alive in our hearths. Deer and fox, turkey and stellar jay have all visited us, as well as a host of others. The ponderosa pine stand upright and strong, holding the heavy snow like a queens mantle. I feel that all of them heard our prayers and felt our love. I feel that the snow beings heard too, and the earth and the sky….and the fire. 

While within the valley of fear, I had a momentary, vaster experience of the flames being in their natural expression —that of devouring the drought ridden, beetle eaten mountains of trees. Fire doing its’ work of bringing balance and transformation back into the landscape, making way for healthy regeneration to occur. Yes, these fires sparked our grief and our fear. And they also reminded us of our deep value for the natural world, moving us to ask forgiveness for having—consciously or not—disrespected it as a people. 

Then I had a vision of another of fires natural expressions. That of the fire of the heart. I saw all of us stoking those heart- flames with love and deep appreciation for the natural world—thereby creating a fire wall —so that the flames within the forest would meet it, and be satiated.

And then….the snows came.

I feel called to share this so we don’t give up, so we don’t ever feel that our love, appreciation, respect and honoring of this precious earth we live in doesn’t make a difference. Because it really does. It makes all the difference. And this earth in all her forms hears us. Sees us. Responds to us. There are other, fiercely hungry wildfires very much alive throughout the west and our prayers continue. For this, the world is grateful. 

Please accept my deepest gratitude for you. If you want to treat yourself or another with a Tulku amulet or an oracle reading to help support you during these challenging times, please use the coupon code—


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If you want an oracle reading, I am still offering those through the end of the year at the discounted price of $60.00. Please check out the new landing page for the Tulku Oracle to learn more—and don’t forget to check out the video made by Lubosh Cech!—


With love and appreciation,




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Imagine this....
Imagine this....

October 15, 2020

Have you ever been curious about the role your imagination plays in your dreams, meditations and journeys? Have you noticed that perhaps the dream of the natural world around you is entering into your thoughts and imaginings, and speaking to you through the language of symbols and coincidences that show up in your waking life and dreams?

I’ve been contemplating a lot about how images have a living presence, and that our imaginations are the key to entering into their world. Just like a tree or a bird or the land itself responds when we consciously connect with it, I’ve always felt the Tulku amulets have a potent and palpable energy— and that they become more alive and energized when I regard them as such. I believe Mata’s blessings spark them into a different level of presence, in part because they are recognized and honored through her sacred regard. 

In creating and doing readings with the Tulku Oracle deck and book, I have discovered that the images are also like doorways that open up into a new way of perceiving and listening. This way of perceiving is intuitive, connected to the mystery and the natural world, and connected to dream. With the vehicle of my imagination and curiosity these images begin to tell stories that have wisdom.

I invite you to bring the eyes and ears of wonder into your contemplations. Choose an image that you love, and imagine engaging with it. Maybe it is a painting, a dream image or perhaps it is a symbol, archetype or totem. Imagine going through a gateway between the worlds and meeting it in its own environment— asking it questions and listening to what it has to say. You can do this with a living being in nature as well—a tree, a rock, a plant. Allow your curiosity to engage and to release into the childlike play of make believe, and I guarantee you will feel magic pour itself into your life and uplift you.

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels. 

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I offer ongoing discounts to my Oracle reading clients who are interested in purchasing an amulet or image to support their journey, as well as discounts to my Tulku clients on oracle readings. 



Photo of the TULKU ORACLE RITAM card, by LUCE—https://luboshcech.com





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A tale of Oracle and Amulet
A tale of Oracle and Amulet

September 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

I know you’ve been seeing me post and write more about the oracle deck I’ve been working on than about Tulku jewelry, so I thought I would share a bit about how they are connected. 

The Tulku Oracle deck (due to be finished by the end of the year) has been a work in progress over the span of ten years or so, and its story is best served by sharing a bit of my story leading up to it. 

When I created the first of the Tulku line of amulets and jewelry, I had a very different life—living in an ashram, steeped in the Hindu and Buddhist world view and iconography—spending a third of every year in Nepal. As an artist the expression of my spiritual journey has always been completely intertwined with what I create, and the first amulets I created with Tulku were a perfect expression of what resonated deeply with my soul.  Ganesh, the Chakras, Double Dorje, Vajrayogini, some Mantras…Over time as my journey has changed and my connection with the natural world deepened so too have the images I am inspired by changed. 

Years later, the idea to create an oracle deck based on the images of the amulets arose from my desire to synthesize years of living in an ashram and a Tantric, Hindu, Buddhist perspective— with a more animistic perception. As time goes on, other influences have shaped my world view including my work as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer (as taught to me by Eliot Cowan) and my deep dive into the world of dreams through Dreamtending. (a way of working with dreams created and taught to me by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat of Pacifica University). Spirituality and art have always gone hand in hand for me, and indigenous wisdom and following a Pilgrimage path in the Huichol tradition reawakened my natural orientation towards animism, shamanism and nature. 

As I have grown over the years as an artist and worked with others using the amulets of Tulku, so too the imagery and symbols that I relate to have revealed many levels of deeper meanings. Creating the oracle deck has been a way for me to express my own unique understanding and experience of what the symbols behind the Tulku amulets represent. 

This oracle deck thus also has the energy of the different amulets in the Tulku jewelry collection. It synthesizes and expresses my understanding of the unique gifts of support, guidance and healing that each image brings.

The cards and amulets have energies and a life of their own.  Just as in the Tibetan tradition a Tulku comes to this world to benefit others, the Tulku amulets and cards came through me—alive in the unseen realms knocking at the doors of my imagination—to be manifest in this way—to support others and to be free to reveal their gifts in the hands and hearts of others.  

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels. 

I offer ongoing discounts to my Oracle reading clients who are interested in purchasing an amulet or image to support their journey, as well as discounts to my Tulku clients on oracle readings. 



In honor of this first Full Moon of the fall season, I am offering 20% off of all Tulku jewelry through October 25, 2020 


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TULKU SALE— Crossroads
TULKU SALE— Crossroads

August 27, 2020

Hello friend,

As you may know the Tulku Oracle deck has been a longstanding project of mine which is finally in the last chapter of completion. Covid has given me the time and space to dedicate to this—no travel, no events, no work in Nepal— has given me the Oracle in exchange. In the last month I started offering Oracle readings which have been fun, deep, illuminating and rich. What I have noticed is that most all of us—across the world— are at a crossroads. How it looks for each of us is different and how the cards speak to each person is as well. If you are at a crossroads yourself— know that I am here with the amulets and offering readings to help bring clarity and direction. 

Here is an excerpt from the Tulku Cross Oracle —

The Oracle for this card is that of potentiality and possibility. On some level in your life you may currently find yourself at a crossroads. Perhaps this is in your awareness, your purpose or in a significant relationship in your life. Wherever it is you find yourself, this card is hailing the crossroads not as a heavy or weighted juncture, but as a place of potential, opportunity and arrival. You are being beckoned to a new path, to a sense of connection and place of belonging that is in some way more authentically connected to who you truly are. 

Here there is a new level of expression of yourself awaiting you. You are at the crossroads between you and your soul destiny. There is a profound sacredness of this moment—the work that has been done in the swamp to get to this place is bringing you to a new place of flowering and belonging.  

Here, it is not that one choice is better than the other but the revelation is that every direction is equally important. The choices you make from this place are based on nature as opposed to being based on cultural conditioning. The direction you take now is not determined by any “shoulds” but rather you move forward according to the inner compass that has been crafted by your life experience. 

As well, living from your heart center, where all directions come together as well as emerge from—you can trust that you are navigating through your days allowing yourself to be guided by something holy. With the eyes of the heart, you recognize this holiness is all around you in every place and in all things. Feel the grace of this moment and the bow to the work you have done to arrive here. 

Tulku Oracle Readings—

Using the Tulku Oracle deck (currently in production) together we do a deep dive into your query. Through tending the cards we discover wisdom, guidance and inspiration to illuminate this chapter in your life. Uncover the voice of your soul and receive healing and guidance from the archetypes, totems, symbols and mystery that live in the cards. Read more at paintedream.com

Introductory offer through December 2020—$60.00—About an hour -75 minutes long.


I had an Oracle card reading with my sister-friend Karla yesterday. Her words came across like poetry and cracked my heart open wide. During the reading, the cards told an intimate story about my life, based on the questions I asked. The experience was beautiful, illuminating, and left me with lots to work with as I move forward. I HIGHLY recommend her if you'd like a clear reflection about what you are working with at this moment in time. ♥️💜💙

—Maggie Merritt


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With love and appreciation,



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August 20, 2020

Hello my friends,

It feels to me as we come closer to the fall season, this chapter of our lives is drawing to a close and we are entering into another new, very uncertain one. Not that the future hasn't always been dressed in uncertainty, but now it is wearing a mask. So we find ourselves in this cosmic costume ball that just keeps going on and on like those old dance marathons that used to go on for days, and some of us are getting really tired. If we and our families are healthy we are filled with gratitude and patience gets renewed. At the same time, our prayers are being called to be fortified as we hear of others who are not so fortunate—and these days that list is lengthy.

I have been doing lots of oracle card readings recently and what most people are bringing is the feeling of being at a crossroads. We are many of us asking for guidance on which direction to take—we are on the quest of soul purpose,  longing to see and to engage from a deeper place. There is a realization dawning on our people, weaving through our hearts, that this is the time to answer these questions and to start living purpose in a fuller, more connected and meaningful way. This fills me with hope. The Oracle fills me with hope, the feeling of being held and guided fills me with hope. 

I have known and worked with the symbols, totems, goddesses and gods in the form of my amulets for many years now. I know them as companions, guides, protectors and teachers. They have taken a different form now and are also embodied in the oracle cards. I am listening, seeing, feeling, getting to know them and receive their wisdom and guidance in a new way. And what I see is that there is a lot to be hopeful about. That this time of great change is upon each and every one of us. We are wanting to connect to ourselves, to others and spirit in a deeper more authentic way. There is more value for the absolute preciousness of life. That though it may be a treacherous journey, it is one that is bringing us new ways to listen and see— new ways to relate— and to share. To take our seat and be who we are with confidence and trust that this world needs us. We are here for a reason.

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels.

I am offering a 25% discount on what you see on tulkujewels.com while supplies last, through Sept. 11, 2020. 

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In support and solidarity, in love and light—


PS...for those of you interested in getting an oracle deck when ready, I will be starting a kickstarter campaign towards the end of September. My goal is to have these out by the end of 2020 and we are getting closer....in the meantime, deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support and encouragement!

Image— Oracle Woman ❤️

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What is New?
What is New?

July 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

During this liminal time, this time of gestation and inner pilgrimage, what new has arisen for you in your life? Are your dreams different? How are your relationships changed, your time in nature grown, your connections deepened?

I have a dear friend who did a shamanic journey to her spirit helpers to ask about covid in relationship to her life. She was shown it is protecting her from her usual patterns of work and of filling her life with things she “has” to do, in order to give her space to allow something new in.

She is now building a practice to incorporate shamanic healing offerings into her already successful acupuncture practice—something she has prepared for and dreamed of doing for many years. Now finally the fresh roots are being given a plot of land, a chance to take hold— and a part of her soul calling is coming to bud. 

I have another friend who had a dream about a dragon. At first because she had awoken the dragon from its peaceful sleep she felt badly about it, only to realize after tending it that some new magic is coming into her life. Her dragon is awake!!

For me, while Tulku has been on hold, Nepal on lockdown, and no events happening, I am diving into finishing my Tulku Oracle deck, growing my new Dreamtending and creative healing practice, and building a new website called Painted Dream. I am loving the work I am doing with dreams (others and my own) and the deep healing and transformation that comes from doing so. The creativity and imagination dreams bring into my life nourishes my soul. 

Another rich aspect of this time is that I am deeply enjoying the dream of the natural world around me. I always yearn to listen more deeply, see more clearly and experience the magic of nature more fully. To hear and learn the language of the rocks, the trees, the plants, the earth, the wind and the animals. Part of my practice has been to wander up into the forest and find boulders or rocks that call out to me. Maybe it is a dead tree who beckons me instead. 

With my earth pigments, paintbrush and water in hand, painting designs on these rocks feels like my prayerful way to let them know I honor and see them. It is an offering that gives back to me by filling my soul with wonder. And while doing this I find the whole environment responds—hummingbird flies into my face, sunshowers come and go, black squirrel jumps overhead. Connection, listening, seeing deepens. My painting will wash away with the rains and the winds, absorbed into the landscape as a sweet moment in time— an offering received—and my heart is filled. 

I am grateful to this time, to this covid “protector” as my friend would say, that allows me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have made time for. To the dragon that is showing up in my landscape, I bow in thanks. 

What nourishes your soul? I would love to hear your stories and experiences. I would love to help you discover the newness coming into your life, to support it in some way. Through dreamtending, amulet tending, or oracle readings—to learn what resonates with you. Reach out, share, inspire. 

To support through amulets I am offering a hefty 

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With love,


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Standing in Our Word. The Teaching of Artemis
Standing in Our Word. The Teaching of Artemis

June 05, 2020

Standing in Our Word. The Teaching of Artemis

During these dark and turbulent times I have had sleepless nights in which the main theme for me in my reaction to the atrocities that are going on in our country is how to both find and Stand in My Word. It has felt like standing in the center of the tornado emotions of rage, helplessness, grief and the desire to have my voice heard. And, I also recognize these feelings have played out in my life since I can ever remember. Coming back again and again to the place where I hold back what I really feel or want to say, where I don’t reach out to care for someone who says they’re ok but I see they are not, how I make myself small or quiet so that “harmony” can prevail. All of these missed opportunities—to speak my heart, to stand in my word, to hold to my truth— lead to endless grief. I’ve been really contemplating what this is in me, the one who has been terrified and terrorized by conflict and has avoided it at all costs. 

One gift these dark times is bringing me now, (and I believe I am not alone) is that it has become abundantly clear that this hiding, becoming small and holding back, has to end. This wound has to heal. Mine and the greater one that belongs to the collective. My voice matters, as do the voices of all others.   

In seeing this I have had the help of Artemis. In the writing of her oracle for the deck I’m working on I have learned from her. I feel the powerful energy she represents more clearly and I hope to continue to grow that—with purpose. In the thoughts that maybe there are others out there who have the same struggles as me, I share some of her wisdom as it came through me her Oracle—

Artemis protects beauty and is unafraid of taking risks in doing so. She arrives into our lives reminding us to not back down if we are in need of protecting that which is sacred to us. She is the fierce dragon-hearted one—she who protects our voice when we feel vulnerable, the one who gives us courage to speak that which needs to be spoken. It is she who guides our voice like a midwife into the safe passage of creative self- expression in the face of conflict. 

Artemis is an energetic force that moves toward—not away— from the conflicts that can arise in speaking ones truth. Embodying her helps us to know what it is to Stand in Our Word. She carries the deep knowing and security in the process behind rites of passage—that of the unknown coming into being.  

She comes baring the message that you have to be willing to have conflict for the sake of Love. She encourages you to take the chance and to not run away—to not lose yourself or the opportunity to strengthen your allegiance with yourself. Conflict can be a very important energy to embrace and when engaged with from the place of love, can bring great healing and rich new beginnings. 

Fruitful creative relationships that are based on cooperation are often born and reborn from moments of clashing. When one honestly shares one’s views with another, the possibility for growing together, true exchange and honoring of gifts and creative discovery is present. Artemis reminds us that conscious conflict can then be a cleansing action and an expression of the emotions that is important to put out into the world— in particular with those closest to us. 

In Solidarity— with Love, 


If you want some help in the way the amulets bring support, 

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Now through June 23, 2020

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The Oracle of the Day is—OM
The Oracle of the Day is—OM

April 30, 2020

When asking the Tulku Oracle what to share with my friends today, I drew the OM card. My relationship to this card is like the one I have with the World card in the classical Tarot. The aspects of that card— attainment, attunement, emerging into light after a time of darkness and challenge—resonate for me with this card as well. This is often a moment of deep connection after a time of separation and confusion. It is a song we all long to sing and though ever present we often cannot hear it. 

Drawing this card heralds a period of rising above worldly concerns and into a place of freedom from heaviness and restriction. The world sings with me here.  I hear the unique song every being I meet sings— and delight in the perfect harmony I hear when they all come together as one. Here the world sings to me just as I sing to it—I am seen, heard, valued, loved—I walk with the knowing I belong, and am a part of the world in a perfect kind of way. It is a creative moment, a celebratory moment, a moment of birth. This is OM. 

I have had moments like this in my life, sometimes I visit it every day as I walk through the forest and sing to the trees. Something breaks through my cloud when I do that, and my words turn into a dialog between me and the natural world as they sing back to me. Somehow I get out of the way and the words flow in surprising ways as I open myself to learning and guidance. It becomes a call and response that actually begins to illuminate and guide me—and lifts me from my head to my heart. 

We all long for this kind of sweetness and sense of belonging, a yearning to feel attuned with the Great Song, and even a deep desire to be sung. To step out of the way and have the beauty that is life itself live through us in our every breath, and to know it when it is happening. To be aware, awake, conscious and to participate with our whole being in this miracle that is life. This is our birthright— and— being human is hard. There are challenges, there is fear, there is hatred, there is anger, there is confusion. All of these aspects make up being who we are— and don’t forget—are also the base notes of this great song. The truth is that when we have all the notes together even the rough edges around the darker notes add an exquisite poignant beauty and we know the song wouldn’t be complete without them.  

Perhaps you already heard the amazing song that some scientists created from the structure of the corona virus—which I am attaching here. 


As a musician friend of mine said, this music goes straight to my heart and is no different than the sound of love. What is it that can bring such change, transformation, pain, loss and challenge and yet sound so extraordinarily beautiful at the same time? How is the threat and the death and the change that this little being brings separate from life, from OM? 

This to me holds the complete paradox of life, and the reminder that every single aspect of what it is we are experiencing now—however challenging and painful—is part of the great song. Each thing each one of us experiences during this time—like in every other hard time— will carve us into a work of art to share with others who will also be carved. We will fit together like puzzle pieces, attune to each other with openness and caring, feel, empathize and hold one another through it all. In our separateness we will feel united and when we once again can share a space and feel each others touch we will know we came through it together. 

This is the oracle of the day, and of every day if we stop to listen…..

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With love and gratitude from all of us at Tulku,


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Medicine for Our Times
Medicine for Our Times

April 18, 2020

As I spend my days mostly writing and dream tending, I am also getting to know the oracle deck I am working on by doing readings for friends. Yesterday I asked the oracle what medicine card do my friends need for these times. The card I drew was the Medicine Buddha, pictured here.  

What would you say or do for others if you had the powers of the Medicine Buddha at this time? What would he say to you, to the world? Can you look at yourself through his eyes and offer reassurance to yourself— or hold his image in your minds eye when with a friend who is suffering?

As I contemplate the image, my attention is mainly drawn to the smile of the Buddha, and to the leaves coming out of his medicine bowl. So I ask myself what does this invoke for me in regards to these times?

Something that presents itself here for me is the correlation between happiness and health. I do feel that when I am happy, doing the things I love, in alignment with my heart and soul calling, I feel stronger in myself, more vibrant, more alive.

I then ask myself am I always happy when I’m healthy? The answer to this is embarrassingly—no. My happiness comes and goes, and sometimes vanishes all together especially if I am feeling a lot of hard emotions—fear, grief, anger and anxiety. So how do I return to a place of peace, a place of quiet contentment in the midst of such strong emotions? How do I find the ground of happiness holding me up so I can face the challenges from a stronger place while not denying any of it? 

These are hard times, and so many people are suffering. Sometimes our lives call on us to be care takers of others who need our help. In doing that we sometimes take on physical symptoms but also some of the emotional ones as well. How do we hold all of this and stay present and in a place of compassion? How do we move through this towards healing? 

I don’t think I have any answers, but one thing I do know is that however it is we are called to show up during this time for others, it is always also essential to take care of ourselves. This card comes as a reminder for that. 

Gratitude is a potent and ongoing practice which always serves us in a good way, and also for me, I turn to nature. To the medicine of the plants, of the natural world around me. I easily feel gratitude here, and happiness. And I am very blessed to be in a place that is wild with forest and animals and mountain and streams. I can go there and sing and cry out my grief, share my fear with a rock and feel it ground me, express anger by giving a good shout or throwing a log as far as I can. If I couldn’t do that, what would I do?

A dear friend of mine saw this card and said she was inspired to sit in the position of the Medicine Buddha, to embody his expression by connecting through his posture. This is something you can do out in nature or you can do at home. Since this message is about taking care of yourself first, and then taking care of others—perhaps visualizing his smiling gaze pouring love into your heart as you sit in a place of nature that has always felt healing to you—will somehow help. I for one am going to try. And when I am with a friend who is having a tough time, I am going to call on the Medicine Buddha to be by my side. To shine through my words and my eyes so I can be of support in some small or big way. And I am going to remind myself to care for myself, to find time to do the things that make me deeply happy so I can support others to do same. 

In support of our friends at TULKU during this time, we are extending our offer of 35% off for all of our inventory while supplies last, til May 5. 

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With love and gratitude from all of us at Tulku,


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An Oracle for this Time
An Oracle for this Time

April 10, 2020

Today I sat with my Tulku Oracle deck—(a work—still, in progress :)— and asked for the one that wants to speak to what is going on for our people at this time to show itself. 

The Muladhara is what showed up. This is the card for our base chakra— the rooted ground from which we rise strongly to meet the destiny that calls us. It is a place where we can connect with our ancestors and our lineage traditions. The Muladhara is a gateway to our spiritual and soul inheritance in this lifetime. 

The image that came to me for this card is of a Golden Eagle sitting on a post with a coiled serpent at its base. The serpent is the classical Hindu representation of the kundalini energy which dwells in the Muladhara. As it awakens and and rises up the spine, it passes through the chakras to come to be fully awakened at and above the Crown Chakra— here symbolized by the Golden Eagle. Eagle is the mightiest bird of the heavens and flies at the greatest height. With eyesight many times more powerful than that of humans, it witnesses the world in precise detail— often from a great distance. He is able to fly on powerful and often turbulent currents with grace and ease. I relate to her as a powerful reflection of a fully awakened being, one who holds vast perspective and keen awareness. Here she is pictured sitting— in repose— just as the serpent lies dormant. 

As the serpent awakens, so the eagle alights. In much the same way, this is a time of anchoring and connecting to our source, which will over time— lead to a powerful flight with many gifts to be shared. 


You are being reminded of your relationship with your roots and tradition in the realms of spirit, your ancestors and your place in the world. You are in the doorway of a transformational initiation now and you are being shown that you are not alone on this journey. 


Taking a journey with the power of your imagination— allow your awareness to follow the serpent as she spirals deeply into the earth. Feel the movement of energy taking you deep into your source—the Earth— your roots, and your ancestors. 

Imaginally following your kundalini serpent, she will show you what it feels like to be aware of the earth and connected to the nourishment of the Mother. In her powerful presence you have the knowledge that through communing with what is holy—expressing itself in the natural world and through the roots of your being touching the roots of all other beings— you have the help of the earth and your ancestors during this time. You are being held in the grounding support of the world around you during this mysterious process of initiation and moving through it with grace and ease. 

The presence of Eagle here is the medicine of perspective, grace and power. While feeling the embrace of the Earth holding you, connect also to the vast Sky and the view from high above. 

The teaching in this card is telling you that now is a time when the awareness of the presence of your ancestors and the interconnectedness of all beings is more available to you. Become open and aware of the vitality they and the Universe want to share with you on your journey, which is part of your inheritance. Take it in. The moment is now.

We continue to offer extra support to our friends with this 35% off coupon— 


From all of us at Tulku, we are wishing you and your loved ones continued health and the support you need— with love,


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A Special Offering
A Special Offering

March 25, 2020

During this precious, challenging, poignant, vulnerable time we are all in together, I am full of thoughts of offerings and ways in which I would like to express myself—ways in which I would like to help others. Personally, I am experiencing this time as if I were a plot of land that just went through a deep tilling process, and is lying there exposed, waiting for seeds. I have a bag full—and some of them I have kept on my shelf for a very long time. This time feels like the perfect opportunity (actually an important, even crucial one to seize) to choose which creative seeds to to plant, and cultivate and care for. I want to keep my garden well-tended, so I have decided to start small, with my most cherished visions to be my focus.

One thing that is on the top of my list is to support others on their path towards wholeness, joy, peace, heartfelt living, and balance. To do what I can to uplift, to inspire to hold space for others while they journey and discover the voice of their soul, their calling, the ways in which they in turn can serve the world with their unique gifts.

During this time when we are all asking ourselves the same kinds of questions—how can we serve, how can we make this most treasured and valued life more closely aligned to serve the voice of our hearts and souls—I would like to make an offer.

Tulku amulets are made with great love, caring and attention. They are wrapped in the blessings of Mata who is from an ancient tradition of healers. They are made by Rajendra, a Buddhist priest and devoted artist and spiritual practitioner.  The symbols, archetypes and totems they represent have powerful alchemy that is created to answer the needs of our people. 

During this time of challenge and dreaming into what we want the future to hold for each of us, our wish is to keep making this medicine available for support. In honor of this and in recognition of the financial burden this time is creating for many, we are offering 35% off, while supplies last through the next month. 

This offer carries the intention to help us all at Tulku (in Nepal and here) make it through this time and to the other side so that we can continue the work we do, as well as carrying the wish to help support you, our cherished friends. 

As always please know you can call or email me if you have any questions. 

35% off using coupon code 


Image— Virgen de Guadalupe from the Tulku Oracle deck

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January 14, 2020

In this time of winter I find myself in a very creative cycle, planting a garden of dreams and offerings I would like to share with others. This is a time of curiosity and discovering what my soul wants to express and how that may look. 

I had a dream about a whale the other night. A beautiful glowing sperm (!!) whale swimming past me in iridescent green waters. 

In my dreamtending session—a shamanic way in which I work with dreams involving active imagination—I journeyed back into the dream from my waking life. There, whale took me deep into the ocean, to a very still place. After what seemed like a very long time of settling into and being in the cold, quiet, dark waters, whale brought me back up into the light. She ushered me to the shore and directed me towards the sun. Now it’s time to bring what has gestated in a deep way up to the land and into the light.   

As many of you know, for some (long) time now I have been working on the Tulku Oracle deck. This is a deck that represents 52 of the symbols, totems, and archetypes that comprise the Tulku sacred amulet collection. The images are getting close to being finished, and I got a rough draft of them laid out for print on rag paper so I can paint on top of them to finish them off with a more personal touch. I am also working on the written oracle component. Here is the picture of all the cards together. 

As in all oracle decks, these images have a story. Each one has gifts to bring. As you look through the collection, what image jumps out at you? What card calls your name at this time? If inspired, send me your answer and I’ll let you know a bit about what it is about. Let’s start to play with what Whale wants YOU to bring out into the sun of springtime and together let’s plant the seeds to gestate your vision. 

In honor of supporting your soul vision, I am offering 20% off of all Tulku from now through Valentines day, with love.

Please use coupon code FORTHELOVEOFWHALE at checkout to receive your discount and share with loved ones. 

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Goddess Darkness.......... ....SOLSTICE SALE
Goddess Darkness.......... ....SOLSTICE SALE

December 19, 2019


I close my eyes and see a Black diamond— then a black hole— 

They always seem to go together.

In my dream the other night, I dove into a nighttime ocean and could see absolutely nothing. Not knowing where the shore was, I listened…. 

In darkness I am a sparkle in the infinite. Moon light bouncing off a barred owls eye. 

I have been contemplating strength in regards to these long dark nights. There is a strength in being able to quietly endure,


There is the strength to take the darkness and hold her up to the sunlight. To look at her wrinkles, touch her forms, see her size.

Feel her weight.

Take this Goddess Darkness out of my fantasy mind. Let me behold her beauty, listen to her song. 

Let me dance to the poetry she births in me

of deep indigos and crimson lines, 

of tiny sparks of gold 

at the corners of her smile.

Merging with her

we give birth to precious jewels 

I will give mine to you.

Sparks of the infinite 

To bring her smile to 

Your darkness

With love, gratitude and Solstice blessings 

from Karla

Rajendra, Kiran, Pravin and their families

25% off all TULKU now through Dec. 26. 

Check out the sale page for additional discounts! 

Please use coupon code Connectedinlight at checkout.

Image is from the Tulku Oracle deck —RITAM

Being AWAKE to the Rhythms of Life


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December 10, 2019

Hello my friends, it's Karla from Tulku again! I mistakenly sent out not only the Winter Solstice offering, but this years Summer Solstice offering with Max the owl in it as well. He has a way of showing up during the long nights of winter. :) 

So for those of you who tried inputting your discount code and it didn't work, the issue is fixed and now there are TWO discount codes, one is SOUL2019 and the other is CONNECTEDINLIGHT and they are both working and good for 25% off. Whew! 

I apologize for the confusion and the barage of emails and wish you holidays full of light and sweetness. 


Wolf Eagle Goddess on one of a kind Rudrani and Tourmaline chain, pictured. 

Not yet on the website, send me an email for further information!

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Light yourself up with the TULKU SOLSTICE SALE!
Light yourself up with the TULKU SOLSTICE SALE!

December 10, 2019

I'm never quite sure what I'm going to write about when I sit down to connect with you all through the Tulku blog. Normally, I am inspired by something from a dream, from nature, from an interaction with a special friend. This time I am looking out my window as the sun gets low and warm, and I'm seeing snowflakes sparkle like fairy dust as they softly float onto the aspen outside. The wee birds of Jamestown gather around the feeder leaving sunflower seeds scattered along the ground for the turkeys to come devour tomorrow morning. And I am warm and cozy inside, feeling gratitude for my home and for the inspiration that gets birthed here. 

I don't have too much else to share for now, except for the invitation I want to extend to all my friends to take a journey through the Tulku website and see what medicine you can share with a dear one or with yourself. Find something that will help you manifest your vision for the coming year. Find something that will help you or a loved one heal. As always, I am here to talk to if you want a consult. 

25% off all TULKU now through Dec. 26. 

Check out the sale page for additional discounts! 

Please use coupon code Connectedinlight at checkout.

Image is from the Tulku Oracle deck —


"Bliss is in all of life. Here's a glass with water— see its sparkle, how it reflects the light, how it makes a rainbow in its projection, how it nourishes. But when the wind starts up, when you knock it with your elbow and the glass falls of the shelf, you can say—of course! When you know the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious." 
—excerpt from the movie the Buddha


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Solstice Prayer and Offering
Solstice Prayer and Offering

December 03, 2019

As Solstice comes upon us, winter sets in on this mountain, and I find myself drawn to the deep inner world as well as to the Christmas lights and the sparkle of snow surrounding my home. I look outside and see a huge flock of giant turkeys galloping across the driveway, and the telltale footprints of fox and deer in the snow. I feel the precious connection with nature and the lessons it continuously teaches just by being. I wonder where the bear are sleeping and how the deer stay warm in the snow….

 Driving home from the Denver airport on my way home from Boston with family for Thanksgiving, a huge Bald Eagle flies over sleeping deer in a snowy field, heading directly towards our car. To my dream-tending mind, Eagle speaks of powerful, broad winged movement and far sightedness, even in the realm of the opposites of black and white, light and dark. In my musings, Deer is awareness and gentleness lying in the snowy field— the pure warmth and fire of Heart—melting the snow and uniting the fields of opposites. 

My prayer emerges that these attributes of vision and movement from a place of heart awareness, come flying into my (and our) world, shifting the polarization and icy short sightedness that is inside and around me. 

Today, through tending someone else’s dream— I journey into dream time—and I discover in another way how mysteriously interconnected we all are. I find her dream and mine precisely and in an inexpressibly magical way— intersecting, and revealing potent healing for us both. 

This holiday season— when I hit those places in myself that feel less than, or bad in some way— I am making a commitment to focus on how connected I am instead of how separate I feel. How we as people are the same, instead of how we are different. How we share our livingness with every being on this earth, and the unity that connects us through our breath and our heartbeat.

During times of being alone and in the dark, I commit to remembering to focus on the life and light that lies beneath the surface, connecting us all. Like a huge stand of poplars in the wild or mushrooms populating the forest floor, we touch each other in ways that are not always apparent or seen.

I extend my prayer to you my friends, in this new year— beginning with the shift of Solstice towards light —for a powerful, broad- winged, Eagle like awareness to be present in all our actions, and that those actions be connected to our Deer- like heart and the heart of others. 

This holiday season, may you be inspired to connect with the deeper roots that unite you with others and celebrate with gratitude and joy.


In celebration, please accept our offer for 25% off all TULKU now through Dec. 26. 

Check out the sale page for additional discounts! 

Please use coupon code Connectedinlight at checkout.

Image from the Tulku Oracle deck (work in progress) OM Oracle. 


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TULKU Solstice Sale
TULKU Solstice Sale

June 15, 2019

This solstice is a time of doorways and change, of moving into the hot afternoons and frollicking in the water, of being outside and of seeing the night sky. Barefoot days and playful connection with the earth, with each other and with the clouds. 

For me it is a time of big transition, as I move from my beloved home in Painted Cave in the mountains of Santa Barbara, to Jamestown— a small village in the mountains outside of Boulder Colorado. Tulku will find a new home base there and the magic of that earth will surely infuse our expression moving into the future. 

In honor of this portal I am sharing this beautiful, very potent poem by Valarie Kaur. For me it is a reminder that the transformations we are moved through are for something much greater than ourselves. This is a solidarity call to jump into the unknown with trust into the mystery when called. We often don’t know where we need to be placed and what the world needs of us. 

In Honor of the Solstice Portal and new beginnings

Tulku is offering 20% off now through June 30, 2019

Use Coupon code SOUL2019

"I will carve you so deep the stars will shine in your darkness" 

Some of you I will hollow out. 

I will make you a cave. 

I will carve you so deep the stars will shine in your darkness. 

You will be a bowl. 

 You will be the cup in the rock collecting rain. 

 I will hollow you with knives.

I will not do this to make you clean. 

I will not do this to make you pure You are clean already. 

You are pure already. 

I will do this because the world needs the hollowness of you. 

I will do this for the space that you will be. 

I will do this because you must be large. 

A passage. People will find their way through you. 

A bowl. People will eat from you. 

And their hunger will not weaken them to death.

A cup to catch the sacred rain. 

My daughter, do not cry. Do not be afraid. Nothing you need will be lost. 

I am shaping you. I am making you ready. Light will flow in your hollowing. You will be filled with light..  Your bones will shine. 

The round open center of you will be radiant. 

I will call you brilliant one. 

I will call you daughter who is wide.

I will call you transformed.

Tulku wishes that you receive the support and magic you need to carry you through the transitions of your life. We are here with our blessed amulets to be a part of that support. If anything speaks to you or if you would like some guidance finding the amulet that would best serve you or a loved one, as always please reach out to me at—


Photo of Max the Great Horned Owl and new TULKU Raven amulet by Nicole Ann Spahn


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In Gratitude for Mama TULKU SALE
In Gratitude for Mama TULKU SALE

May 02, 2019

Pictured—Laxmi holding the Manipura Chakra from the Tulku Oracle.

My mother died three months into my 20th year. It came as a shock and a surprise. It came wrapped in a barbed wire fence of feeling like an orphan even though my father survived the accident. I spiraled into a deep well of confusion and grief and stayed there for many years. Though I was shown through my dreams months before the accident that my family would meet this fate, it wasn’t until seven years later that spirit would begin to shine through my awareness and into the darkness I had made my home. Grace would have it that something more was meant to be, and so life beckoned me forward. Clearly I had to agree— I had explored the bottom thoroughly enough. Meditation and spiritual practice were my life raft out of there. 

Though I myself never became a mother, my life since has been full of mothers. And of course my life gives me endless opportunities to act like a mother as well. Selfless Love, compassion, caring, nurturing, all qualities every single human being—mother or not—is given—are all places where I am learning to cultivate (and contemplate) motherhood. 

And I have been greatly blessed by being able to express myself creatively through giving birth to and nurturing Tulku.

Tulku is now a part of the mother medicine I share. It is my apothecary, filled with natural remedies and support for all kinds of ailments or challenges. It comes from an ancient tradition—artistically, in the blessings it carries, and in the talismanic way it is used. 

I invite you to contact me for a consultation if you are looking for something to support you or the mother in your life. 

I will always do my best to hold the precious qualities my mother embodied and honor her life through my sharing with you.

I am offering 20% off now through Mothers Day.
Use coupon code honormymama19 at checkout.

With love, 



That's one of my Mama's—Mata— who blesses the amulets, with me in picture :) 

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In honor of birds mating…TULKU VALENTINE SALE
In honor of birds mating…TULKU VALENTINE SALE

January 29, 2019

“For this was on seynt Volantynys day. Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.”

—Geoffrey Chaucer, author of “The Canterbury Tales”

"It seems that, in Chaucer’s day, English birds paired off to produce eggs in February. Soon, nature-minded European nobility began sending love notes during bird-mating season." 

—Abbygail Vasas

This time of year, as the growth in the earth begins to awaken from its long winter slumber and express itself in the early buds of spring, as the four-legged and winged ones find their mates and build their nests, and as we humans feel the stirrings of passion present and remembered, we commemorate February 14th as a time to show our love in the form of a gift of romance to our beloved. 

 This is a time that can spark delicious expressions of love, as well as a time that wakes old wounds and pokes at the heartbreak of loneliness. It is not always an easy day, and and some have come to see it as s a purely commercial event to be skipped altogether. It is also a time when friendship and expressions of love from others is particularly poignant and meaningful. 

To honor love and the support we give and receive, reinvigorate the shared dreams with our beloved partner or friends, and to celebrate the new growth of spring, 

Tulku is offering 20% off Jan. 29-Feb. 14, 2019

Give a special gift and choose from the many blessed amulets and jewelry that represent love, healing, and devotion. 

Coupon code yabyum at checkout. 

YAB-YUM AMULET pictured in TULKU ORACLE image. 

Yab-Yum literally means "father and mother" in Tibetan. Yab-Yum is the depiction of the male Buddha (compassion) and his female consort (wisdom) joined together in the ecstasy of sexual union.

The union of father and mother expresses the dissolving of our dualistic fixations and the spreading of awakened heart to all aspects of our experience, transforming our ordinary perceptions into the awakened perceptions of a fully enlightened buddha. 

On the reverse side of your amulet is the mantra OM AH HUM, representing the empowerment and awakening of body, speech and mind.

Yabyum is hand made copper repoussé with fused 24k. gold. Also available in pure silver and copper 


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Give the gift of support this holiday season. 20% off at Tulku.
Give the gift of support this holiday season. 20% off at Tulku.

December 06, 2018

You want to give a meaningful gift, but don't know what your loved one needs in the form of an amulet? 

Pretend this chart is like an Oracle. 

Take a look at the selection— while thinking of them— and open your heart to what pops out and speaks to you. 

Or, let them choose for themselves. 


Now through January 1, receive 20% off with solsticelight18 at checkout. 

As always I am here if you would like a free consultation. 


I leave you with a powerful and poetic reminder. To inspire yourself and others—by Clarrisa Pinkola Estes—

Taken from We Were Made For These Times

We are needed, that is all we can know. And though we meet resistance, we more so will meet great souls who will hail us, love us and guide us, and we will know them when they appear. Didn't you say you were a believer? Didn't you say you pledged to listen to a voice greater? Didn't you ask for grace? Don't you remember that to be in grace means to submit to the voice greater?

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these - to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity.

Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.

There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.

The reason is this: In my uttermost bones I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here. The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours. They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here. In that spirit, I hope you will write this on your wall: When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.

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Solstice Offering from TULKU 20% off through New Years 2019!
Solstice Offering from TULKU 20% off through New Years 2019!

November 29, 2018

As the time of celestial darkness draws near and we gather with loved ones in our hearths, the gratitude and preciousness of life glows just a little more brightly in our hearts. Challenges can be highlighted for some, and retreat into the background for others. Holding compassionate prayers and acting from our hearts with all beings is the biggest gift we can share. To look into the eyes of another with an open heart, to see and feel and be present and listen, these are all the gifts each one of us truly yearns to receive. 

Tulku has some treasures that are created to hold these intentions of love and compassion. They come to this world through the hands of thoughtful, prayerful, integritous people in Nepal, and are imbued with the ancient wonders of their tradition. 

In Tibet, the title of Tulku is given to the recognized compassionate spiritual master who is reborn for the benefit of others. In the same way the Tulku amulets are gifts from Spirit that come through us to benefit others. We at Tulku do our sincere best to honor that spirit with our hands, hearts and minds. 

Consider gifting a Tulku amulet or jewel to a loved one who could use a little precious reminder of the support they need. As always, if you would like a consultation to help decide which amulet is the right fit, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at karla@tulkujewels.com

Use coupon code solsticelight18 for 20% off, now through January 1, 2019. 

Wishing you abundant blessings during this season and in 2019. 

With love from Karla, Kiran, Bini, Rajendra, Pravin, Kathy and Nikki

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Halloween Offering
Halloween Offering

October 09, 2018


During this turbulent time in the world, the astrological omens confirm that places in our deep past are being awakened for healing. Our unique voices are being called on to be heard, to be spoken. 

All of this can really hurt, because for some of us these are the places that are full of unexpressed fear and rage. And speaking to them? Well that’s just asking for trouble. For more turbulence. The dark world of wounds that haven’t fully healed, that feel raw and newly exposed, is a terrifying place and calls for protection, begs us for our tender care.

But what I am thinking is this—this is another level of experiencing Halloween, as we meet all kinds of ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks within ourselves, and in our world. 

And my thought around this is, make an offering to them! Give them some kind of sweetness, some kind of balm, some golden honey.

The words of an amazing astrologer I once saw for a reading, named Saffron Rossi, come to mind. When speaking to my reaction of overwhelm when she referred to the details of Saturn as a taskmaster in my life she said,

“Not to worry, Saturn likes small offerings.” 

This referred to even the smallest conscious action every day to show Saturn that I am working with him. He wants me to be more cautious with my finances? I hold back from spending the extra $7.00 on a latte. He wants me to stop being lazy in paying attention to the details of my business? I do 10 minutes of bookkeeping every day, or I work on some marketing task that I have been resisting for a week.

Simple things like that.

So what kind of sweets do we offer into the tender places in ourselves that are being shaken awake by the wild storms of these times? Acknowledgement. Respect. Listening. Not turning away from those hidden places that want to be healed when they start to wake up.Honoring our own pain and that of others. 

Love. Support. Friendship. 

Maybe one day that looks like going out into the woods by ourselves, and screaming. On another day, it’s allowing someone to witness our hurt, our rage, our fear.Or holding someone else as they express theirs with you. Perhaps it’s opening ourselves up to someone we trust and sharing just a little bit of our story.

During this Halloween season, when the veils are thin, healing is afoot. I hold you in my heart as I hold this world in my heart. For healing, for tenderness, for evolution. 

Please accept Tulku’s small offering of 20% off. 

Find your tool to help you with your transformation, your healing.

Use Coupon code HEALONHW2018

Now through Nov. 1, 2018

Image from TULKU ORACLE 

The Tibetan Mirror






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Tulku Labor Day Sale
Tulku Labor Day Sale

August 26, 2018

Find your helper in the form of a blessed amulet, and take advantage of a special discount in honor of all the hard work you do in your life. 

Take 20% off between now and Labor Day. 

Use coupon code laboroflove18 at checkout.

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Find your Tulku Amulet Exercise and Labor of Love Sale!
Find your Tulku Amulet Exercise and Labor of Love Sale!

August 09, 2018

One of my favorite aspects of the work I have been blessed to do is to connect with people deeply, which happens especially at events. To hear your stories, to feel your hearts. To open myself up to the healing that wants to come through for you through the amulets.

Having taken Tulku to countless meditation and wellness seminars since our beginnings 12 years ago, I have been on an amazing journey of discovery and an ever deepening unveiling of the magic in our work. It continuously surprises and delights me to see how the amulets present to each and every person in a unique and very special way.

Kind of like walking through a familiar forest and seeing new life expressing itself each time, at every event I uncover yet another way to work with my customers in finding the symbol that will most support them. The amulets speak for themselves, and often times through seeing, touching and feeling them, people are obviously attracted to the right one.

When not in person however— with the benefit of having one on one contact with both the customer and the amulets—I have been contemplating what questions to ask in order to best guide you in helping you find the right Tulku medicine.

Here is a quiz to get a clearer picture where you are now in your life and what support you could use through Tulku. 

Get a pen and paper and answer the following questions—

✨ If looking at yourself through a loved ones eyes, make a list of all of your gifts.

✨What are areas in your life where you would like to see some growth and improvement?

✨What is the vision for your highest expression of yourself? Please take time with this one.

✨What is holding you back from expressing this?

Now, look at all four lists and see areas where there are some overlapping themes. This will direct you to some key areas in which you could use some support. 

An example would be that in the first column you are seen as being a healing presence. In the second column, you would like to have a stronger voice to express who you are. In the third column, you see yourself in your highest expression as being a counselor for troubled teenagers. In the fourth column, you find the insecurity of being seen. 

It is clear to you the support you need is the courage to share your voice in order to better connect to and express your healing gifts. 

Now look at the illustrated chart of the Tulku amulets. In this chart you will see brief affirmations for each amulet. 

If you determine you feel you need protection in order to have this courage for example, you may want to choose the Double Dorje, Snow Lion or the Bear Totem. Or, you could choose the Throat Chakra for expressing your voice. After narrowing it down, trust that whatever appeals to you visually is the right match. 

As always, if something else comes to you as an image, we are delighted to create it for you. 

I am here for you if you would like to have a consultation. 

Take 20% off between now and Labor Day. 

Use coupon code laboroflove18 at checkout.

With gratitude and honoring of your unique path in Life.


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Solstice Contemplations and Sale from Tulku
Solstice Contemplations and Sale from Tulku

June 21, 2018

During this time of Solstice I have been thinking more deeply about Earth as Mother. 

The other day I was sitting on a big rock out in my yard, behind my house. My house is built into ancient boulders on the top of a mountain, and there are Oak Trees that achieve the seemingly impossible feat of growing out of the rock. I have been noticing a young Sapling Oak who is coming up in the shadow of big Mama Oak. I have been appreciating this little One, the bright green of the start of his journey, the life force within him, the supple resilient strength with which he is coming forth. 

Yesterday my contemplations took me deeper, to the awareness of being seen by the Natural World around me. The rocks, the trees, the plants, the birds, the animals, the mountain itself all aware of me, of my life coexisting with theirs. As I was feeling this and as if to confirm, a little Canyon Wren came onto a branch of Old Mama Oak right above me and started singing to me. 

In this moment, I felt little Oak was looking at me too. I realized I am part of his history at the very beginning of his life. The first Woman he has known. And I am a part of a long stream of people in Mama Oaks life. I then imagined all of the other peoples that Mama Oak tree knew- the other Woman—probably Chumash— who was sitting here, in the same spot as me, at Mama Oaks side when she was but a sapling. I thought of all of the stories they have to tell, and I felt Connected to the Woman who was here before. To the Ancestors of this place, to the Oak, to the Rocks, to all of it.

Pictured—Tree Is Life Amulet on Woven Silver and Gold Necklace


In Spirit of this Connection and in honor of Summer Solstice

20% off now through July 4th.

Enter coupon code solsticelight at checkout.

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TULKU Summer Solstice Sale 2018
TULKU Summer Solstice Sale 2018

June 13, 2018

I am very blessed to be in a Dreamtending Certification program at Pacifica College and I am totally lit up about it! My awareness of how my waking and dreaming lives are woven together is much more acute and I am increasingly “awake” to the magical ways in which the hidden realms inform us. 

We are always guided and there is always Light in the Darkness. 

In honor of the dream and Summer Solstice—

Featuring the new Sun Moon Amulet for Dreamers!


“I am a Dreamer”

Sun is the masculine force of fire and light. He is the primordial life giver and illuminator who brings growth and the heat of movement into our daily experience.

Moon is the feminine energy of brilliance in the dark emotional realms of our watery depths. She is connected with the cycles of Life and with darkness. She lives in the void and flows between fullness and emptiness as part of her nature. 

Allow the heat and brilliance of Grandfather Sun to shine into and forth from your heart, guiding you to express your gifts in this world. 

Allow the soft light of Grandmother Moon to nourish you in fullness and in emptiness— to bring you peace in the deepest dark places within yourself, to teach you how to flow as a river to the sea. 

Allow the two to be in you, for this is your own, true, nature. 

Can you imagine yourself being the fire and wood simultaneously? 

Is it possible for you to experience the deep pleasure of their collaboration?

—Rob Brezny

In honor of Summer Solstice

20% off now through July 4th.

Enter coupon code solsticelight at checkout.

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Offering In Honor of our Mother. A Pilgrimage experience.
Offering In Honor of our Mother. A Pilgrimage experience.

April 07, 2018

Three weeks ago I traveled north to go on a yearly traditional Pilgrimage to a Sacred Mountain. A month of preparation including a special fast with focus on readying myself to make my approach with respect, alignment, and a full heart, emptied me of my usual preoccupations and made me more open— more sensitive to my surroundings. As I drove North through the verdant California hills, a Krishna Das chant to Durga began to play.

In that moment, the music reached in and unlocked my awareness to the Great Mother Living and Loving. Everything. Every Being. As far as I could see. Nothing was left out of this Great Love. It was everywhere.

In that moment I received the gift of perceiving in overwhelming clarity what Is. Always. Our Earth as Mother and all of the beings in existence living in relationship to Her. Being nourished by Her, held by Her. With conscious awareness. Our Mother Earth— and all living beings in this realm— know and feel a kind of innate, ever present, conscious devotion to Each-other. The Mother to Her children, and the children to their Mother. From the smallest insect to the largest mountain, the Natural World is in constant loving relationship with Her. The plant beings, animal beings, the birds, the waters, even the Weather Beings in the form of clouds, and rain, are not separate from this field of Love and Loving. Their life—Our Life— is given by Her. There is Grace and Love ever present all around us. Always. How could I ever not feel this, when it is so so so great?

This time of year is honored as a time to recognize the Mothers in our lives. I want to remember that the Great Mother is all around us, and that without Her, we simply wouldn’t be. I want all of us to remember. Devotion to Her is a door opening into great love and infinite blessings. This devotion does not have a special time. But now we are reminded. Make it a part of who you are, a part of your daily practice and honor Her always.

Honor the Divine Mother in your Life. 
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Pictured Durga on Rudrani


Durga is one of the most powerful goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. A warrior incarnation of fierce compassion, it is she we invoke for fearlessness and patience. She is also known as "The Keeper of the Flame". Her name in Sanskrit means Invincible.

Durga has 8 arms, and in each hand she holds a different weapon. Each of her weapons were given to her by a different god to be used to conquer the various demons of the Ego. As an incarnation of Devi or the Divine Mother, she is a unified symbol of all the divine forces, and her power contains the combined energies of all the gods.  

Like the Hindu God Shiva, Ma Durga is also referred to as "Triyambake" meaning the three-eyed Goddess. Her left eye represents desire (the moon), her right eye represents action (the sun), and the central eye represents knowledge (fire). Durga's many arms symbolize her protecting her devotees from all directions, and her vehicle— the tiger—represents power, will and determination. Durga riding the tiger symbolizes her mastery over all these qualities. 

Durga’s mantra Om Dum Durgayei Namaha is on the back with coral.  

Durga is hand made copper repoussé with fused 24k. gold. Also available in pure silver and copper. 


Thought of as the female counterpart to the male Rudraksha seed, the rare and precious Rudrani is a sacred seed born of the Rudraksha tree.  When the tree is in full blossom, the Rudrani seeds are shed from it’s blossoms and collected for their blessings.

In India the Rudrani is often kept in places of worship alongside the Rudraksha to symbolize the union of Siva and Shakti—the divine meeting of male and female principles.


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TULKU Valentine’s Day sale, 2018
TULKU Valentine’s Day sale, 2018

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