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Tending the Oracle Within

August 05, 2020

Hello my friends,

To you all— who are the body and breath of Tulku— the ones who take our work and make it even more alive with your presence and heartfelt connection— I give deepest sincerest thanks. These are strange times for our Tulku work, even stranger in Nepal than it is here. Our production is on hold due to Covid, and because of the exorbitant rise in gold and silver prices there is no gold to be found in the market in all of Nepal. So... while we have some new exciting designs in the works, we are at a standstill and I am selling what inventory I have, while it lasts. 

I am taking this as a kind of hibernation that the images themselves are in so they can come back stronger and more vital when this Covid season is over. At the same time, most of you know I am using this time to finish the Tulku Oracle deck which I've been working on— on and off— for many years. Since it is based on the images of the amulets I feel this attention too is keeping our work alive. In the process as I write the oracles and dig deep, I am learning a lot more about the symbolism and developing an even stronger connection to what the amulets represent as well. 

Aside from all of this, I want to announce and invite you to check out my new website (work in progress, but open now for eyes to see) —paintedream.com. I am calling the work I am offering on this site Tending the Oracle Within— and the offerings include Dreamtending and Oracle readings or a combo of both! Go to the website to read more about the offerings and what find out what Dreamtending is. 

All you need is —

To be willing to open to creativity, to your imagination, to curiosity, to childlike wonder. Be open to surprises, to magic, to discovery, to adventure, to transformation, and to the guidance of your soul. 

Journey with me to the voice of your deepest longing, and into the guidance of your heart. Be open to listening, to seeing, to experiencing in new ways.

Please come check it out! 

I am offering free half hour long sessions as an intro to give you a bit of a taste. It's fun! 

Got a dream? Let it bring you my way. Just reach out and tell me you're interested and we'll make a time. 

Blessings and love,




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