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Summer Sale at TULKU

July 27, 2022

Hello dear friends,

It's mid Summer and in the northern hemisphere the long hot days bring a natural slowing down which feels good in the bones. For me it has given me abundant time to listen, to connect, to self nourish. To turn to my body as another sacred being who does really well by being immersed in a high elevation snow-melt pool in a rushing river when the sun is high. 

I have been nourishing myself in the way of connecting with Spirit and the Ancestors as well. This is where my inspiration, guidance, creativity and heart really light up. One of my passions and ways of integrating my own experience and learning is through bringing it forward into a grounded offering for others. It comes through my art, the amulets, the oracle deck, and it comes through one on one deep dive exchanges. I talk more about that below. 

Some of my latest opportunities to share are the beautiful commissions from folks who ask me to create sacred pieces for them to wear. These are portraits of the many faces of Divine that Rajendra pours his heart into. To witness the kind of mastery that is required to pull these tiny masterpieces off is a rare gift in this life. And then to witness the emotion and sacredness with which they are received by their owners completes the circle that was drawn completely by hearts. 

Other practical ways I offer the etheric goodness that I am connecting to is through Ancestral Medicine Sessions, Dreamtending, and Oracle readings. The threads that weave through them all are intuitive and somatic. They are experiences, and they are healing. If this time of slowing down before turning towards the shorter nights and cooler days is not the time to connect into the mystery in these ways, consider this as seeds planted for the future.

In the meantime, our Tulku collection is vast and full of beauty. If you don't see something here that resonates, you can commission something. Just reach out. 

All of this is on sale for 20% off from today through August 15th. Use coupon code Slowsummer at checkout.

Wishing you days and nights of slowed down goodness and delight,


If you are interested in learning more, I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

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