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Fierce Feminine. A Sale to support you during these wild times.

June 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

During the last week I join the legions of heartbroken, shocked, rage-filled folks who stand with the unquestionable right of women to govern their own bodies and to make their own choices. The grief and rage of our ancient and recent Grandmothers is boiling within us as the thunder from stomping feet and bared fists rolls through the earth and bellows into the skies. 

A dim flame when stoked and loved into brightness pushes on the darkness, dulling the knife edge of the oppressive cold and revealing what has been hidden. It is at this time that fierceness is needed. Fierce love, fierce seeing, fierce speaking of truth, fierce standing with others. 

This brings me to Durga who I have been calling on a lot lately. Through prayer, through envisioning her by my side, through wearing her amulet. Durga she is the fiercely protective mother goddess of unrivalled power. 

Ma Durga is alternatively depicted as riding a tiger or a lion, both vehicles with appropriately awe-inspiring presences. She rides unchallenged, with no fear, into the most terrifying battle- grounds; a force that inspires dread in her enemies. She is the most courageous protector to her devotees.

Durga, born from the river Ganges, is sometimes referred to as “the Keeper of the Flame.” She has eight arms and holds a weapon in each hand – given to her by different gods to aid in her task to vanquish the demons of the ego. As an incarnation of the Divine Mother, she is a fierce warrior protector to call on for strength and courage during challenging times." 

Symbolism of Durga --excerpt from the Tulku Oracle.

There are many sacred powers from ancient traditions around the world who carry the energy we need at this time. Others I've been calling on a lot have been Kali, Vajrayogini and Lilith. And there are others like Artemis, Garuda and the Double Dorje for lightning like protection and strength. Laxmi and the Virgen de Guadalupe as potent forces of the Great Mother and more. Have a look at https://tulkujewels.com to find who works for you. 

I am offering 25% off from now til July 14th. Use coupon code FIERCEFEMININE at checkout.

If you have a deity or power you call on that you would love to see embodied as an amulet but you don't see tin the Tulku collection, reach out and we can create it for you. 

There are other ways I would also like to lend my support, though small they come from the heart.

I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

During these times I stand in solidarity. Holding the torch for Sovereignty and protection for all, 

With Love,


Image is Durga, from The Ancestral Oracle deck I am in the process of creating. 

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