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Imagine this....

October 15, 2020

Have you ever been curious about the role your imagination plays in your dreams, meditations and journeys? Have you noticed that perhaps the dream of the natural world around you is entering into your thoughts and imaginings, and speaking to you through the language of symbols and coincidences that show up in your waking life and dreams?

I’ve been contemplating a lot about how images have a living presence, and that our imaginations are the key to entering into their world. Just like a tree or a bird or the land itself responds when we consciously connect with it, I’ve always felt the Tulku amulets have a potent and palpable energy— and that they become more alive and energized when I regard them as such. I believe Mata’s blessings spark them into a different level of presence, in part because they are recognized and honored through her sacred regard. 

In creating and doing readings with the Tulku Oracle deck and book, I have discovered that the images are also like doorways that open up into a new way of perceiving and listening. This way of perceiving is intuitive, connected to the mystery and the natural world, and connected to dream. With the vehicle of my imagination and curiosity these images begin to tell stories that have wisdom.

I invite you to bring the eyes and ears of wonder into your contemplations. Choose an image that you love, and imagine engaging with it. Maybe it is a painting, a dream image or perhaps it is a symbol, archetype or totem. Imagine going through a gateway between the worlds and meeting it in its own environment— asking it questions and listening to what it has to say. You can do this with a living being in nature as well—a tree, a rock, a plant. Allow your curiosity to engage and to release into the childlike play of make believe, and I guarantee you will feel magic pour itself into your life and uplift you.

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels. 

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Photo of the TULKU ORACLE RITAM card, by LUCE—https://luboshcech.com





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