Tulku | Solstice Prayer and Offering

Solstice Prayer and Offering

December 03, 2019

As Solstice comes upon us, winter sets in on this mountain, and I find myself drawn to the deep inner world as well as to the Christmas lights and the sparkle of snow surrounding my home. I look outside and see a huge flock of giant turkeys galloping across the driveway, and the telltale footprints of fox and deer in the snow. I feel the precious connection with nature and the lessons it continuously teaches just by being. I wonder where the bear are sleeping and how the deer stay warm in the snow….

 Driving home from the Denver airport on my way home from Boston with family for Thanksgiving, a huge Bald Eagle flies over sleeping deer in a snowy field, heading directly towards our car. To my dream-tending mind, Eagle speaks of powerful, broad winged movement and far sightedness, even in the realm of the opposites of black and white, light and dark. In my musings, Deer is awareness and gentleness lying in the snowy field— the pure warmth and fire of Heart—melting the snow and uniting the fields of opposites. 

My prayer emerges that these attributes of vision and movement from a place of heart awareness, come flying into my (and our) world, shifting the polarization and icy short sightedness that is inside and around me. 

Today, through tending someone else’s dream— I journey into dream time—and I discover in another way how mysteriously interconnected we all are. I find her dream and mine precisely and in an inexpressibly magical way— intersecting, and revealing potent healing for us both. 

This holiday season— when I hit those places in myself that feel less than, or bad in some way— I am making a commitment to focus on how connected I am instead of how separate I feel. How we as people are the same, instead of how we are different. How we share our livingness with every being on this earth, and the unity that connects us through our breath and our heartbeat.

During times of being alone and in the dark, I commit to remembering to focus on the life and light that lies beneath the surface, connecting us all. Like a huge stand of poplars in the wild or mushrooms populating the forest floor, we touch each other in ways that are not always apparent or seen.

I extend my prayer to you my friends, in this new year— beginning with the shift of Solstice towards light —for a powerful, broad- winged, Eagle like awareness to be present in all our actions, and that those actions be connected to our Deer- like heart and the heart of others. 

This holiday season, may you be inspired to connect with the deeper roots that unite you with others and celebrate with gratitude and joy.


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Image from the Tulku Oracle deck (work in progress) OM Oracle. 


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