Tulku | Update on Tulku and a Journey

Update on Tulku and a Journey

May 31, 2021

Dear Friends,

So much has happened this last year for us all. And now with the brilliant energy of Spring in this part of the world, the push to express and create and to show our flowers is upon us all once again. And so I'm inspired to share some of the recent happenings in the world of Tulku.

750 box sets of the Tulku Oracle are on their way to me and I hope to ship them out to people in this country by the end of June. Many people across the world have already received them and I am getting the sweetest emails expressing appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have put your trust in me and backed the deck! It was a ten year long dream come to life and I am swimming in gratitude for your support to make it happen. And I'm excited to share the book is now in the process also of being translated into Spanish!

I am inspired and dreaming up new offerings that will support people connecting more deeply still to both the amulets and the Oracle cards. As you know, to me they offer many gifts, and like any healing modality, they require regard, and time to get to know. 

I am calling my over-arching offering—which will include different ways of supporting you personally discovering the magic of these tools— Tending the Oracle Within. And as a door opener, I am including a guided journey in this email that I am calling The Gift of a Talisman


This is a trial run as the first in a series of guided journeys I am dreaming into. My vision is that over the next year I will create 53 guided journeys—one per card— that will take you into the realm of dream and deep imagination to help you connect directly with each card. My intention with these is to help support you creating your own personal connection to both the amulets and the cards (which are one and the same!) so that the medicine and guidance they bring to you can be more personal and profound.

I welcome any feedback on your experience listening to this first guided experience. After I get the decks to you, I will begin releasing the journeys that relate to the cards. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, most of you know that Nepal is in a very sad way, its people suffering and the pandemic in full swing. Thankfully, our Tulku family is all well— though they are of course deeply affected. The broken economy is now even more broken as the whole country is in extended lock down, and we are grateful to still have work to do together through Tulku Jewels. Every order is golden for us and we all give you our sincere and deepest appreciation for your ongoing support over the years.  

I am continuing to donate some of the proceeds of sales at Tulku to aids organizations through in order to help, and if you would like to contribute additionally I highly recommend these two— https://oneheartworldwide.org and https://www.instagram.com/nepa...

In the meantime, prayers are always welcomed.

Wishing you blessings and the abundant joy Spring brings with the support you need to flower. As always, please reach out if I can be a part of that support.


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