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Following the Light

February 17, 2020

For this weeks blog, I would like to write about something I greatly appreciate—consciously choosing to open and tap into our feelings to reveal insights and to connect to our hearts knowing. This is the place I delight in seeing activated in others when I am selling Tulku at events. All day long I watch people tune into the amulets. They look not only with their eyes, but with their hearts— feeling into what it is their soul is calling for. When choosing jewelry from this place, the right match becomes clear. What often starts as adornment magically becomes the perfect medicine. 

So what I have to share is perhaps a bit of a stretch coming from a website that focuses on jewelry—but it speaks to me to take the leap and do so. 

When I was at my Dreamtending course recently, I had an amazing experience. As usual, we were attuning and connecting with the dream realm from our waking awareness. This is a vast terrain including all that goes mostly unseen by our waking eyes. It includes our ancestors, beings (human and otherwise) from dreamtime, and those who we love and have passed on as well as a host of others. 

Really, we are attuning to the same place I see people feel into when they are at my Tulku table— the place beyond words. The place we all know and sometimes ignore—the home of intuition, feelings, sensations, images, inner authority, dreams and our own innate wisdom. 

In Dreamtending class, we were given an exercise to connect to an otherworldly (waking) experience we have had in our lives, and to share it with a classmate. In my sharing, I was very surprised to notice that in the telling, part of the story was really lighting up, coming “back” to life as it were. There it was— a precious moment in the story of my mother’s death, that was shining like a huge sun—like a beacon—calling for my attention. This otherworldly light that appeared in a moment of time in the distant past—interestingly still shines intensely when I look at it now, across the boundaries of time. 

In accordance with the guidance we were given in class—while in a dream journey— I started paying attention and moving towards this light. I became aware of it as a doorway— opening into something deeper—and I was thoroughly surprised when I moved through it. Here, on the “other side” I encountered not only my mother, but many other departed loved ones and ancestors. There they were, smiling and aware that I was aware. I was feeling their ever- present presence, not as something far away, but as being right here, with me, now. I was filled with joy as their love poured into me, and became aware of this light being a source of life. 

This momentary awareness that life was actually being given from the other side, was the experience of pure love. The realization came that creativity, love, wisdom and nourishment is always flowing and being shared with us continuously from the “other side”. I now feel it is why they say in indigenous traditions that we go home to our ancestral place after dying. It is the place where the light of our life emerges from. Where the light of creativity dwells, and where the illumination of our souls purpose comes from. Touching this place is bliss and joy and love. Feeling it is the essence of knowing true support, the wellspring of our creativity, groundedness and sense of purpose. In this experience, I was filled with a sense of vitality, aliveness and possibility. 

This is the place we touch into when we take a moment to just feel. When we slow down, and use our hearts to tune into that which is the object of our attention. This is the true medicine place, and it is our birthright to engage with it. This is the place I invite you to take your time to explore when you contemplate the big questions in your life. As always, on this journey of yours if there’s an amulet that would support you, I pray we have it. If not, let me know what it is and we will do our best to create it together.


In delight and gratitude for being in this precious life with you.


Image— the Tibetan Mirror. From the TULKU ORACLE deck (a work in progress)

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