Tulku | Honor your Mother. Sale at Tulku!

Honor your Mother. Sale at Tulku!

April 07, 2022

Dear Friends,

It's that time of year again. Though the intention and prayer to honor the Mother are every single day, making a special time to really put them up on high and show them our love is pretty precious and important. 

Spring is pushing up in it's green and vibrant and bold way in the Northern Hemisphere. The birds are nesting and the bears are coming out of their dens. In these Rocky Mountains, bare feet can soon feel the pulse of the earth that has long been buried under blankets of snow. 

Big gratitude wells up for Life. And we are reminded that all life circles back to the Mother. 

So.....Tulku is offering a sale which you probably expected! And I hope you find the perfect thing. You are welcome to take 20% off of a treasure to offer a mother in your life.

Starting now through Mothers Day, use coupon code GOLDENMOTHER at checkout.

In addition, my offer stands for free 20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Ancestral healing, Dreamtending, Oracle readings are all on offer for you or the mother in your life. Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what is the perfect match. Here's a link to book a time—


Blessings with Gratitude and Love,



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