Tulku | What is your longing?

What is your longing?

February 07, 2022

Dear Friends,

As the earth in these parts of the Northern hemisphere enters into the slow thaw from winter to spring, I have been contemplating and noticing the longing within me. 

The longing of late winter is the longing that enables seeds to break through their shells and emerge through the earth to become who they are. And too, just as it shows up in the natural world, it wakes up in us...or perhaps more accurately—it wakes us up.

For me, before this slumber starts to move towards an action, before I even recognize the longing— I sense a pretty intense discomfort. This year I entered into a state of ennui or apathy— depression even. And I remembered, oh, I know this place. This is when I'm in the cold darkness, when doubt is present and I've forgotten about the ancestral seeds that sparkle like stars in my every cell. This is when I notice I can't see anything. At all. This is the before....

And then, it breaks. Warmth penetrates. I see light behind my closed eyes. I feel it. Inspiration. A longing to grow, express, create. A longing to share and to connect. A longing to stretch towards a more complete version of me.

As the sun grows stronger in the sky, there is an invitation for all of us to get curious about this longing within us. Notice how it may connect to a lifelong passion that has been dormant. Perhaps it calls your soul to meet this world in a pragmatic— grounded way, in a focused and a nuanced way. Notice the freshness of it, even if at the same time it is intimately, preciously familiar--ancestral even. 

Is there an old part of you you want to reclaim? What do you want to own again in your awareness? What is calling you forward and lives in your destiny? How does all of it show up for you? What kind of flowers are your seeds going to become?

I have lots of ideas on how to support you wherever you are on this journey. This offering is a part of my action to share my gifts. I'd love to know what lives in you and to support you in sharing yours. See the offerings below and if anything resonates, please reach out.

With love and care,


Aside from making supportive amulets, sacred jewelry and art available, I am here to offer support you in the ways of oracle readings and dream tending sessions. Stay tuned for Ancestral medicine being added to the list this spring.If you are looking to go deep with me, check out more on these offerings here—


I am offering free  20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you. Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Together let’s see what wants to come forward for you in 2022.


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