Tulku | The Tulku Oracle—Excerpt

The Tulku Oracle—Excerpt

March 04, 2021

Hello friends!

Today I thought I would share an excerpt from the Tulku Oracle deck so you can get an idea what to expect. This is the card that keeps showing up for me and when I asked today who wants to come forward, it's Her.

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Protected am I, Deep am I, Healing am I


Earth and metal, Healer and dreamer, Embodied and emergent


The original image and inspiration for this card was from an illustration of a centuries-old Siberian amulet. There is no information on the original piece, but creating the oracle card unearthed a clear meaning for me. Appearing here is a bear with the wings and body of an eagle. Within her body is a fertility goddess who sometimes takes this form. She has seeds coming out of her hands, symbolizing fertility. Out of the right hand pour seeds of starlight, harvested from the sky the eagle calls her home. Out of the left hand, she releases seeds of the deep earth back to the place the bear calls home. She has four arms; the remaining two hands are holding a plant that represents her healing ability and relationship to the plant kingdom. There is a bear head over her heart and paws on breast, showing her innate heart-connection with this being. They are inside each other.

The woman in the body of Bear is herself a goddess of nature. She is a supernatural being, one who embodies and carries healing aspects of the wild world including bear, eagle, plant, and hummingbird medicine. She is the one who emerges with gifts after spending time in the place of deep hibernation. She makes her appearance in spring, when the beginnings of new life and the healing medicine of plants offer themselves in flowers. She carries the wisdom of a medicine woman.

Her hair forms an archway connecting to her shoulders, the protective mantel that represents her home in the deep cave. The setting and dwelling place of this goddess is a sacred cave, filled with ancient paintings. These are taken from an actual Chumash cave located in the place I once lived in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara, California, called Painted Cave. A cave is a womb of the earth, a place of birth and death, and in many indigenous shamanic traditions it is considered a portal to the other side. This card represents this sacred portal, not only in the cave itself but in the goddess who dwells here. This is a place of the Divine Feminine: a place of power and a place of becoming. Bear lives and hibernates in the cave, residing in the realm of dream. Bear medicine brings protection when you need to be fierce. Rising up from below is a hummingbird drinking nectar from a blossoming trumpet vine to symbol- ize the presence of joy and fertility of the blossoms that grow outside the portal to the cave. Eagle contributes shrewd and encompassing perspective.


Drawing this card recognizes the emergence of healing gifts you have cultivated after a period of gestation. It heralds a time of bringing your unique medicine to yourself and others in your life. The internal processes of dreaming and imagining is coming to fruition, and the wisdom and potential they hold are now ready to emerge into the light.

In some form, drawing Bear Eagle Goddess is a powerful bow to you as a medicine person and acknowledges that you have great gifts to share with others. These include wisdom, insight, and the medicine of allies you have cultivated over time. If these gifts have not yet taken a form that you recognize, look to the seeds you have planted through dreams and journeys you have taken. You will find that your allies start to appear, out of the mystery of the dreamtime or nature, with unique qualities that speak to your heart and your purpose.

The first step to fully embodying your gifts is giving yourself permission to express them in a way that is unique and authentic to you. The healing nectar emerging at this time is the distillation of your heart-based work. It is an expression of nature teaching to you to dance in a new way to be seen and to open to the powerful support that is here to empower you. You are in a cycle that calls on you to bring forth what you have been cultivating and growing within. Until now, you have kept it hidden from the world, but it was always meant to be shared. Your people need you and your medicine, and it can serve in ways that may still feel mysterious and are yet to be discovered.

This oracle presents healers and teachers as the generous embodiment of purpose. Here we look at what we desire as our calling. As we reach out to express this yearning to others, we also grow increasingly knowledgeable and specific about our purpose. Bear Eagle Goddess reminds us that heart-based relationships cannot happen without reciprocal exchange, like that between teacher and student, or healer and the person seeking healing. This exchange is an offering that includes some form of sacrifice on both parts to see the transmission come to fruition. Through our sincere efforts and prayers, we create a shelter, womb, and cave for healing gifts to reside and grow. But if ego, or a quest for power, enter into this sacred place, these gifts and the fierceness of Bear can turn on us.


If you draw this card in reverse, perhaps the time has not yet arrived for you to come out of the cave. Or perhaps you’re holding back from stepping out and sharing your medicine. Drawing this card either upright or in reverse also cautions us to be aware that these gifts are coming through you and are not for you to keep or hide. It’s your responsibility to share them from a place of humility and service. It also is a reminder to allow the medicine of your allies to do its work and recognize that this organic healing originates in spirit – not in ego.


This oracle helps us find a way to be generous with the world. It centers us in a new, reciprocal paradigm for teacher and healer. She can wear and embody the powers and gifts, but she cannot own them or assume they will arrive at her beck and call. They must be respected as gifts or offerings, with the commitment to honor the responsibility of sharing them and being of service to others.

The gifts given to and generated by the medicine woman emerge from her time in the cave. The ancient, womblike cavities carved into the mountain are shelter and sanctuary, treasure and mystery. They are the ancient original refuge for dragons, human beings, and animals alike – part of our evolution andhistory. They are the place of the Great Mother and can be dark and scary with unfathomable depths. This is where people and animals are born and where they go to die. The cave is a feminine presence and a place of the intersection of life and death, an archetype in and of itself. This oracle holds the receiver of such gifts to the sacredness of purpose they reflect, and to the commitment to honor them, as well as to honor the two aspects of cave: the place of becoming and the place of dissolution. page216image3732456736

As always, wishing you great blessings in your emergence and in your journey of offering your unique gifts of medicine to this world,


I have many ways to support you on your journey. The Tulku Oracle is one tool. 

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