Tulku | Tulku Gratitude Offering and Sale

Tulku Gratitude Offering and Sale

November 15, 2022

Dear Friends,

In this part of the world, we are back in the traditional time of sharing the years' harvest with community, friends and family. After the blessings of having spent some time here recently with a Mayan Grandmother in fire ceremony and in shared time together, I am feeling gratitude in a heightened way.

It's present like the way feeling bright and loving ancestors, spirit powers and beloved allies up close feels. Gratitude is a visitor I want to welcome and have present always— to make a space for in my heart and hearth even (most especially) when things are messy and hard. She is a guest that always is uplifting and helpful. Always brings light into the darkness and appreciation for what is even if it doesn't look perfect.

From my heart to yours, thank you. I feel I can speak for all of us at Tulku when I say we are blessed to have your patronage and energy touching our work. Together, our community is extended far and wide —a field of stars bringing our magic to this precious and sacred earth.

The next 5 weeks all of Tulku is on sale as my offering to you.

From now until December 26th use coupon code lightofgratitude for 20% off all of the collection.

WIth love and gratitude,

Karla, Rajendra, Kiran and Pravin.

PS. You may have been on the site in the last 3 weeks or so and noticed that things are all working so smoothly. We have been in the process of an upgrade, and with a site that it this complex there have been lots of glitches to iron out. If you run into anything in attempting to make a purchase or otherwise, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at this email and I will do my best to make things easy for you! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I offer Ancestral medicine sessions. Holding space for you, along with my wise and well ancestors so that you can meet yours and begin the journey of healing for your blood lineages. This feeds, nourishes and supports you— spirit, psyche, soul and body in ways too many to name. And it supports those you love in your family, on this side and the next.


If you are interested in learning more, I am offering free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book from my paintedream website. https://paintedream.com

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