Tulku | Letter of gratitude to our donors from a village in Nepal

Letter of gratitude to our donors from a village in Nepal

May 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

As many of you are already aware, the Tulku team in Nepal is actively going to villages, providing aid and shelter where most needed.

They went to a village two days back that had as of yet received no help, and were greeted with a depth of gratitude which is hard to imagine. Below is a letter Tenzin wrote to all of us who have donated, expressing the gratitude the village wanted to convey to us.

In deepest gratitude and appreciation, we are making a difference thanks to all of you.

Warmest blessings, Karla, Kiran, Rajendra, Tenzin, Norbu, Pravin and Mata

Hi Karla,

The support that we are receiving from your international community is very overwhelming and motivates us very much in helping out the people in need. Kiran dai and our team extend our deepest gratitude to you and the entire donors and supporters. .

I also would like to share this message that the villagers of Magar Gau wanted to convey to all the donors and supporters.

“In this tragic event, we have lost not only our homes but also our courage to face the upcoming future. We basically have nothing now but to hope and pray. But today, from the moment when we saw your people coming with supplies, we were very happy.Thank you all from the depth of our hearts for helping the people of our village in this hour of grief and sadness. We have no direct connection with international community but it is very happy in knowing that you guys are taking time to consider the plight of the nepalese people and providing relief to us. We cannot repay the favor but we would like to heartily invite all the donors and supporters to our village and have a hearty nepali meal with us ” (translated)

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