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March 09, 2020

As we climb out of the depths of winter, and the light of Equinox emerges and comes into focus, spring shares its warm and nourishing breath with us to help us too, celebrate life. Here we find the portal to align with the rythyms of the natural world in our desire to grow and to share the unique beauty of our gifts and our soul with the world around us.

At the same time, the human climate in the world has been one of growing fear, polarity and anxiety.  It begs the question of how do we bring the bright light of life—potential and promise— into our awareness and cultivate that, particularly during a time when we are continuously being bombarded by the opposite?    

For me, the most direct antidote to fear and negativity is to get out into nature. Take care of yourself in this way, too. Listen to the birds, notice the buds appearing on the bare trees, observe that even after the coldest darkest winter, new life always, miraculously appears. Look at the light as it falls and glistens on the bark of a tree who has seen another frozen season. Drink in every small beautiful sign of life around you and you will see it everywhere. 

During this time when you are inundated with negativity and feelings of uncertainty and even threat, feed yourself on nature, feed yourself on beauty. Nourish yourself with the colors, light and textures of laughter, art, song, dance, celebration, friendship and love. 

Let us be the antidote to this current climate in our interactions with others. Let’s each cultivate  filling ourselves with light and beauty for the sake of that new life which is coming into this world and into our lives this spring. 

If you are looking for support in the form of jewels to adorn your body, heart and soul— sacred amulets that carry medicine for our times— check out the Tulku collection. As always, I offer my services to consult with you should you have any questions. 

Yours, in celebration of Equinox and new beginnings!

With love and light,


Image TULKU ORACLE, Manipura Chakra. Moving with Courage, intention and the bright light of purpose. ❤️

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