Tulku | A Special Offering

A Special Offering

March 25, 2020

During this precious, challenging, poignant, vulnerable time we are all in together, I am full of thoughts of offerings and ways in which I would like to express myself—ways in which I would like to help others. Personally, I am experiencing this time as if I were a plot of land that just went through a deep tilling process, and is lying there exposed, waiting for seeds. I have a bag full—and some of them I have kept on my shelf for a very long time. This time feels like the perfect opportunity (actually an important, even crucial one to seize) to choose which creative seeds to to plant, and cultivate and care for. I want to keep my garden well-tended, so I have decided to start small, with my most cherished visions to be my focus.

One thing that is on the top of my list is to support others on their path towards wholeness, joy, peace, heartfelt living, and balance. To do what I can to uplift, to inspire to hold space for others while they journey and discover the voice of their soul, their calling, the ways in which they in turn can serve the world with their unique gifts.

During this time when we are all asking ourselves the same kinds of questions—how can we serve, how can we make this most treasured and valued life more closely aligned to serve the voice of our hearts and souls—I would like to make an offer.

Tulku amulets are made with great love, caring and attention. They are wrapped in the blessings of Mata who is from an ancient tradition of healers. They are made by Rajendra, a Buddhist priest and devoted artist and spiritual practitioner.  The symbols, archetypes and totems they represent have powerful alchemy that is created to answer the needs of our people. 

During this time of challenge and dreaming into what we want the future to hold for each of us, our wish is to keep making this medicine available for support. In honor of this and in recognition of the financial burden this time is creating for many, we are offering 35% off, while supplies last through the next month. 

This offer carries the intention to help us all at Tulku (in Nepal and here) make it through this time and to the other side so that we can continue the work we do, as well as carrying the wish to help support you, our cherished friends. 

As always please know you can call or email me if you have any questions. 

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Image— Virgen de Guadalupe from the Tulku Oracle deck

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