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Find the Tulku amulet best for you! Take this simple chakra test.

Discover whtich chakras show up most prominently in your chart and which of our beautiful and blessed chakra amulets will be most supportive for you to wear during this time. The chakra test will help you find out.

I love the color...
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
I am most affected through my sense of...
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
I most want to heal
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
My lack of clarity and confusion
Feeling closed down and unable to receive
My inability to express my needs and feelings
My volatile temper or personal insecurity
My fear of uncertainty and being alone
My connection to my past and my roots
Fear of being hurt and emotionally vulnerable
I love to...
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
Touch and be touched, connect with nature, spend time with my pet
Spend time by a river, swim in the ocean, take a long bath
Walk in nature, be barefoot, work in a garden
Have deep conversations, sing my heart out, teach a class
Meditate, serve others, contemplate in nature
Exercise, climb a mountain, take on a risk, adventure or challenge
Learn something new, connect with my dreams, receive spiritual teachings
I fear
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
The unknown
Committing to a spiritual path
Expressing my feelings
The creative process
I most struggle with
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
A sense of security
Finding stillness
Having a strong sense of self
I want to invite into my life
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
Unity consciousness
Positive power to express myself in the world and effect change
An intuitive connectedness and ability to tap into the voice of my dreams
Creativity and depth of feeling without fear
Love and relationship
The qualities of integrity, responsibility and commitment
The ability to speak my truth and share it without fear
The supportive relationship I crave the most
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
A relationship which honors and supports my self expression
A spiritual teacher
A nurturing, committed love relationship
Authentic relationship with the natural world and with the divine
Community and/or family
A romantic partner and/or passionate lover
A person to partner with me in my work in the world
I would like to grow the following in my life...
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
Compassion, empathy and openness
Inner strength, abundance and success
A profound knowing of my life's purpose, a connection to my dreams
Meditation, Yoga, a spiritual path
My ability to communicate and express myself
Creativity, intimacy, emotional balance
Groundedness, community and a beautiful home base
I most want to cultivate
I don't agreeI absolutely agree
Creativity, connection to my feelings, and sensuality
A strong, secure foundation, and sense of community
Personal power and strong sense of self
Unity consciousness and compassion
My intuition and my alignment with my higher purpose
Intimacy, warmth, empathy and love
Ability to express myself clearly and with integrity

Your Complete Chakra Test Results

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tulku "the form body of a Buddha"
In the Tibetan tradition, a tulku is the recognized reincarnation of a past buddhist master who takes rebirth to bring blessings and benefit to all beings. Tulku jewels, like the name they embody, represent the rebirth of spirit into a new form. They are tools to remind us of our divine nature which is unbounded by time or space.

TULKU donates custom amulets and a percentage of all proceeds towards the following organizations:

One Heart Worldwide
One Heart World-Wide has developed an unique model to prevent the deaths of mothers and their infants in remote rural areas of the world. Simply put, we surround each mother and infants with a “Network of Safety” to insure that they will survive pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of life.

Blue Deer Center
The Blue Deer Center provides an important setting for teachings and practices that promote balanced relationship with the natural world. We particularly welcome ancestral approaches to healing, ritual, and retreat. The Center's origins are rooted in the Huichol shamanic tradition and our connection to the universal and sacred spirit of fire.

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Ten percent of all online orders goes towards the TULKU NEPAL FUND helping to better the lives of our friends who work with us in Nepal, one amulet at a time.