Tulku | The Power of Images and Amulets

The Power of Images and Amulets

February 17, 2021

Hello dear Friends,

This is such a precious wild ride the Tulku Oracle deck has taken me on so far. I feel called to share my welcoming greeting at the beginning of the Tulku Oracle book so you get a taste of the flavor in its pages, where I come from, and the tone of this deck. If it resonates, the link to the Kickstarter is at the bottom of this email for you to see more. :)

I think of myself as an artist first – with dashes of intuitive, pilgrim, healer, and mystic to round it all out. I am by no means a scholar, but I know the energies shared in these cards and chapters through many years of relating to them. The creative process of bringing these images to life and engaging with them as tools to support others is something to which I have been long and lovingly dedicated. It is my hope that you will take what I have shared here and make it your own. To not look at this as an intellectual reference point, but rather to relate to it as a touchstone from my heart to yours. The natural and liminal worlds who have become part of the images on these cards have loved me well. It is they who ignited my heart and inspired me to create the beauty I hope you find here.

I am a visual and feeling oriented person. More introverted than extroverted. The images of the Oracle cards give words to the place of no words. They open doors into the feeling, imaginal, into the mystery that dwells at the heart of every word. So when I come into that place in myself where I have no language, where the feelings are complex and many, and I cannot see my way, the heroes in the Archetypes, Totems, and Symbols in these amulets and cards companion me into a new level of seeing and understanding. My hope and prayer has always been that they speak to others in these ways and support you on your journey as well.

With gratitude and love,


Now you can order prints of the Tulku Oracle deck and also get readings at my other website—


Here's the link to the Kickstarter—


And here is a link to an amazing walk through the deck by Lisa Papez of @SupportiveTarot. Check her out--she's a powerhouse of inspiration and insight. 

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