Tulku | Musings on Samhain and Community

Musings on Samhain and Community

October 30, 2019

SAMHAIN Musings 

Dear Friends of Tulku,

Folklorists say the origins of Halloween is the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds. Halloween is also said to come from the Celtic feasts known as Samhain. Samhain was a time when the veils between the worlds were thin— a time to commune with faeries and gods. On this day special bonfires were lit, and the night was filled with rituals and magic. The flames, smoke and ashes had protective and cleansing powers, also used for divination. It is said that the fires were lit as a magical invocation of the Sun, asking for help from His Powers of Growth to bring gentleness and balance during the dark time of winter.

This month for me has been about cultivating community, and the magical vision of people in ritual communion around the fire brings me back to one of my most favorite forms of connection and being in community—spending time around the fire. This is also a time (in California) where the experience of Fire is as an extremely frightening menace—an unpredictable nightmare which doesn’t go away. Lives—and the world—have been turned upside down. The experience of community is dramatically needed and very different in this case—with people coming together to help each other in times of great need.

During this Samhain season where we go through the doorway of twilight and into the darkness of winter, let us be there for others in the spirit of deep communion and as support. Build a fire and gather around it—invite your neighbors and share your deep hearts feelings generously with each other.  The grief, the fears, the journey, and the dreams. Drink in the warmth of laughter and true companionship. Light the fire in your being that sings the song of connection. Join together in saying deep prayers for all the beings who are losing their homes and their lives to the fires that rage through their land. Send love to ease the fear and the trauma, and also receive that love for yourself in the sending. 

Take this time when the light is getting low and the doorway to Spirit is a thin veil, to plant seeds and prayers in the fire of your heart. 

With the balancing support of a blessed amulet from TULKU, the prayers in these seeds will be held with light and warmth throughout the winter, yielding a beautiful bloom when the days get long. 

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Image from the TULKU ORACLE deck  



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