Tulku | What Animal Reminds you of Community?

What Animal Reminds you of Community?

October 24, 2019

Image from the Tulku Oracle deck (work in progress)

Deer Friends !

Here at my new home in Colorado I've been thinking a lot about community. I often feel shy about putting myself out there, yet when I do, I've been very fortunate to have met some wonderful souls here. 

When I look to the natural world to learn more about community, my first thought is Deer. There is a group of five and sometimes six deer who come through my yard on a regular basis. They appear to be all ages— male and female— babies and mamas. They meander through the landscape with graceful alertness, their connection and awareness of each other apparent. They look out for each other and issue warnings if there is some perceived danger afoot, and at the same time they give each other lots of space. 

We each have specific gifts to bring the world and the strength and guidance to bring them forth. Deer helps show us the way to expressing them through connection to the whole, intuition, generosity and sensitivity. Just as Deer has the ability to sacrifice for the nourishment of others, in sharing our gifts we contribute naturally for the benefit of the whole. 

Walk surely this Life,

Your senses tuned to the Divine.

You are a Sister to all Beings.

Your way in this World

is guided by Spirit.

Trust in the knowing

of Your Precious Heart.

You are part of the Great Plan,

And your Song longs to be Sung.

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