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Standing in Our Word. The Teaching of Artemis

June 05, 2020

Standing in Our Word. The Teaching of Artemis

During these dark and turbulent times I have had sleepless nights in which the main theme for me in my reaction to the atrocities that are going on in our country is how to both find and Stand in My Word. It has felt like standing in the center of the tornado emotions of rage, helplessness, grief and the desire to have my voice heard. And, I also recognize these feelings have played out in my life since I can ever remember. Coming back again and again to the place where I hold back what I really feel or want to say, where I don’t reach out to care for someone who says they’re ok but I see they are not, how I make myself small or quiet so that “harmony” can prevail. All of these missed opportunities—to speak my heart, to stand in my word, to hold to my truth— lead to endless grief. I’ve been really contemplating what this is in me, the one who has been terrified and terrorized by conflict and has avoided it at all costs. 

One gift these dark times is bringing me now, (and I believe I am not alone) is that it has become abundantly clear that this hiding, becoming small and holding back, has to end. This wound has to heal. Mine and the greater one that belongs to the collective. My voice matters, as do the voices of all others.   

In seeing this I have had the help of Artemis. In the writing of her oracle for the deck I’m working on I have learned from her. I feel the powerful energy she represents more clearly and I hope to continue to grow that—with purpose. In the thoughts that maybe there are others out there who have the same struggles as me, I share some of her wisdom as it came through me her Oracle—

Artemis protects beauty and is unafraid of taking risks in doing so. She arrives into our lives reminding us to not back down if we are in need of protecting that which is sacred to us. She is the fierce dragon-hearted one—she who protects our voice when we feel vulnerable, the one who gives us courage to speak that which needs to be spoken. It is she who guides our voice like a midwife into the safe passage of creative self- expression in the face of conflict. 

Artemis is an energetic force that moves toward—not away— from the conflicts that can arise in speaking ones truth. Embodying her helps us to know what it is to Stand in Our Word. She carries the deep knowing and security in the process behind rites of passage—that of the unknown coming into being.  

She comes baring the message that you have to be willing to have conflict for the sake of Love. She encourages you to take the chance and to not run away—to not lose yourself or the opportunity to strengthen your allegiance with yourself. Conflict can be a very important energy to embrace and when engaged with from the place of love, can bring great healing and rich new beginnings. 

Fruitful creative relationships that are based on cooperation are often born and reborn from moments of clashing. When one honestly shares one’s views with another, the possibility for growing together, true exchange and honoring of gifts and creative discovery is present. Artemis reminds us that conscious conflict can then be a cleansing action and an expression of the emotions that is important to put out into the world— in particular with those closest to us. 

In Solidarity— with Love, 


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