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January 25, 2022

Love comes in so many forms, as does how we show it.

Having been alone for many years I know how Valentines day can be a thorn more than a rose. And so I worked at ways of reframing it for myself. Mostly it became a day I tried showing myself some extra loving. I would take an inventory of my heart qualities and share it with fire, or with the ocean as an offering. It became a day of prayer, not only around calling in the partner I longed for, but a catalyst for meaningful connecting. Sometimes it would be a day to grieve, to pray, to create a ritual or a painting. Other years, it was all about being with much beloved single friends. 

Consider a very special offering to yourself or a loved one. How would that help make this day extra special for you? Choose from the many blessed amulets and sacred jewelry that represent love, healing, and devotion. 

Or—whether you are seeking to honor yourself or another — perhaps it is not jewelry you feel called to, but a different kind of magic.

Aside from offering the Tulku amulets and jewelry, the Oracle deck, and art— I also offer support in the ways of oracle readings and dream tending sessions.
(Stay tuned for Ancestral medicine being added to the list this spring.) 

If these offerings resonate and you are looking to go deep with me, check out more about them herehttps://www.paintedream.com

Or perhaps you feel called to sharing the Tulku Oracle, an inspiration and a magical gift for every day illumination. And now it's on sale as is the jewelry—

Tulku is offering 22% off Jan. 25-Feb. 14, 2022
off all of the jewelry and the Tulku Oracle.
Coupon code showlove22 at checkout. 

Reach out if you have questions!

With love and appreciation, today and every day,


I am offering free  20 minute consultations to see which of these offerings works for you.

Could it be a mentorship?  A one time discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? All of the above?

Book a time here—


Image pictured— Deer Mama. Karla Refoxo, 12/2021

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