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Origin Story

February 24, 2021

People who don't know me may be wondering, who is the person behind her creations? What is the story there? Is she authentic, integritous, trustworthy? All questions I too would perhaps ask of another. This has brought me on a deep dive into weeding through all the chapters and details, taking the task on of finding the essence and crafting my story, in order to share it with all of you. 

I love Dreams, Art, Nature, Imagination and connecting with my Intuition. For me, they are the portals to the Oracle Within. This combination—that brings me insight and delight— is what I passionately want to share with you. 

The dreams I had of my mother dying in a car accident months before it happened when I was 20 confirmed my suspicions that the world of spirit is real and that it cares about me. These dreams showed me the unshakeable truth that I had direct connection with something mysterious and beyond life as I knew it. Something that loved me, looked after me, cared for me, and spoke to me through dreams, intuition and art. This has been true my whole life. 

My dreams led me to the ashram and a guru for 18 years, a journey that took me on a long loop of giving up everything including my art, only to come back to it reborn, infused with Spirit, dedication and conviction. I found my soul home in Nepal and a deep connection with ancient spiritual artistic traditions. While working as an artist in Kathmandu, I met Rajendra Bajracharya, a Newar Buddhist priest and sculptor. Together we gave birth to Tulku Jewels, a way to not only create our art but to connect with the Spirit and tradition alive in these images. The combination then of sharing the medicine of beauty, symbol and deity as a support for people on their transformational journeys, also is a bringer of abundance to help keep these precious endangered traditions alive. 

After leaving the ashram, the longing to have direct and grounded experience of spirit led me to find new teachers. Through Eliot Cowan the Pilgrimage Path he led me on, and my studies of Plant Spirit Medicine, my connection with the natural world deepened in magical ways. I was taught to journey to the plants and listen to their dream so that I could receive their medicine to share with others. Though my identity was of an artist, the healing the plants so generously offered beckoned me into a broader life expression as healer. This was challenging for me to embrace, since I had an idea of healers as traditional medicine people that was hard to live up to. 

Creating the Tulku Oracle Deck was then a gift born of my need to integrate the knowledge and experience that I had gained over many years of working with the amulets and plant spirits as tools for healing, as well as the desire to paint again. Dreams, intuition, inspiration and the quiet whispers of support from the unseen realms have been my companions and guides. 

While working on the Oracle deck, I met Stephen Aizenstat and embarked on the rich journey of learning Dreamtending. Here I finally allowed my dreams their rightful place of honor and found my voice. This was a coming home to a way of relating to the living images of dream and Oracle that my deck ..and my soul…was calling for. Combined with Plant Spirit Medicine, Dreamtending has brought me into a deeper engagement not only with my dreams, but with the living world of ancestors, nature, imagination, creativity and magic. This is where the world of Spirit, Art and healing all come together for me. The oracle cards, amulets and dreams are the tools that have shown me how to step into my gifts and help others. 

While the fear of being seen combined with my identity as an artist has kept me in some sense hiding behind my art, the oracle has mysteriously given me courage. Tending peoples dreams and holding space for them in vulnerable moments, bringing art and imagination forward through dreams and oracle, have gracefully braided the healer, dreamer and artist into one. 

My art, spirituality, dreams and oracle are all a part of who I am and my unique offering. They are what I was given so I could play my part and serve and support others on their transformational journeys. I am passionate about helping others engage and take hold of their own particular gifts and voice through dreamwork and oracle readings. I long to see you in your true power and wholeness and to help you discover and understand the unique language of your oracle within. If this resonates with you, please reach out to me. I promise to hold space in the most honoring way as I tend your dreams and oracle. With respect and curiosity, I will guide you as you go deep to meet and listen to the voice of your soul purpose and heart and receive direct inspiration from same. 

With Love,


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