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The Path of No Path

March 19, 2020

During this time of dramatic change— I—like the vast majority of us— am wondering about how I’m going to pull this off and make it through the labyrinth of challenges that lies ahead. Thoughts such as whether there will be a future for Tulku and if so what it could look like—are swirling around like swarms of black flies in the woods in Maine, greeting me at every turn. The ways I had strategized to proceed as a business are ineffective in this climate, and what I had grown to count on as income streams have all but evaporated. The tried and true trail I was on got washed out and I have been fully stopped in my tracks. 

Have you ever gone off the path, wandered into the forest, along the mountain ridge, amongst the rocks, alongside the stream— and just followed what calls you without having anything in mind? Without any intention, but rather taking the time to meander through the landscape and follow who and what is calling you, with curiosity and awareness as your sole companions? 

In the two disciplines I practice—Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine— we often spend time wandering through nature and allowing ourselves to be called by who is calling us. There is something that happens, when you take your mind out of it and just allow your whole being to be drawn in curiosity towards that which attracts you. In Plant Spirit Medicine it is to be drawn to a plant who wants to share its wisdom medicine with you. In Dreamtending, it is to see the reflection of your inner world in the world around you and to engage in the living world as if in a dream. When you do this sort of thing, in my experience, magic always happens. 

Yesterday I felt a lot of grief sitting heavy in me, just as many of us do these days. For me, the best remedy for every strong feeling is to take some time to be alone in nature. So I took to the mountain asking for nothing but to be drawn towards beauty, inspiration, connection and healing.  And yes, so much of all of that happened, and more! As the sky thundered I sang too and got answers. I heard so many wisdom stories in the birdsong and from the trees. And I was drawn further and further up the mountain, only to meet my first moose! 

I am feeling that one of the gifts of this time of great uncertainty is that we as human beings are forced to slow down, and all of us will have to go off the path we know. On offering is a chance to explore what is calling us in a time of reinvention and necessity. Can we find the stillness we so need amidst all the fears, and listen to the story as it wants to unfold? 

What is it that longs to be lived through you for you to share with others? How will you share and express your gifts, and what new friends will you make along the way? On the mountain I felt the seeds of inspiration, healing and creativity being planted in me. This winter of being confined will yield to spring, when blossoms will come forth and summer when the bounty is full. Whether through writing, art, teaching, healing, music, meditation, movement or some other form, your vast inner worlds are surely excited for the special attention and the possibility for new expressions. 

Let us all find our connectedness in this time of remaining physically separate and share the stories of our experience in the ways that are unique to us from our hearts and from our longing. And let’s be there for each other in the many ways we are called to be. 

I for one am taking the time to dream up new offerings for my friends. The Tulku Oracle deck will get a lot of my attention as will new Plant Spirit Medicine and Dreamtending offerings. Stay tuned. If I can help support you through the powerful medicine of the amulets or any of these other offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

I am here for you, and I have time. 

Wishing you the support and the blessings you need during this time and always,


Image—Vesica Piscis—TULKU ORACLE

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