Tulku | The Oracle of the Day is—OM

The Oracle of the Day is—OM

April 30, 2020

When asking the Tulku Oracle what to share with my friends today, I drew the OM card. My relationship to this card is like the one I have with the World card in the classical Tarot. The aspects of that card— attainment, attunement, emerging into light after a time of darkness and challenge—resonate for me with this card as well. This is often a moment of deep connection after a time of separation and confusion. It is a song we all long to sing and though ever present we often cannot hear it. 

Drawing this card heralds a period of rising above worldly concerns and into a place of freedom from heaviness and restriction. The world sings with me here.  I hear the unique song every being I meet sings— and delight in the perfect harmony I hear when they all come together as one. Here the world sings to me just as I sing to it—I am seen, heard, valued, loved—I walk with the knowing I belong, and am a part of the world in a perfect kind of way. It is a creative moment, a celebratory moment, a moment of birth. This is OM. 

I have had moments like this in my life, sometimes I visit it every day as I walk through the forest and sing to the trees. Something breaks through my cloud when I do that, and my words turn into a dialog between me and the natural world as they sing back to me. Somehow I get out of the way and the words flow in surprising ways as I open myself to learning and guidance. It becomes a call and response that actually begins to illuminate and guide me—and lifts me from my head to my heart. 

We all long for this kind of sweetness and sense of belonging, a yearning to feel attuned with the Great Song, and even a deep desire to be sung. To step out of the way and have the beauty that is life itself live through us in our every breath, and to know it when it is happening. To be aware, awake, conscious and to participate with our whole being in this miracle that is life. This is our birthright— and— being human is hard. There are challenges, there is fear, there is hatred, there is anger, there is confusion. All of these aspects make up being who we are— and don’t forget—are also the base notes of this great song. The truth is that when we have all the notes together even the rough edges around the darker notes add an exquisite poignant beauty and we know the song wouldn’t be complete without them.  

Perhaps you already heard the amazing song that some scientists created from the structure of the corona virus—which I am attaching here. 


As a musician friend of mine said, this music goes straight to my heart and is no different than the sound of love. What is it that can bring such change, transformation, pain, loss and challenge and yet sound so extraordinarily beautiful at the same time? How is the threat and the death and the change that this little being brings separate from life, from OM? 

This to me holds the complete paradox of life, and the reminder that every single aspect of what it is we are experiencing now—however challenging and painful—is part of the great song. Each thing each one of us experiences during this time—like in every other hard time— will carve us into a work of art to share with others who will also be carved. We will fit together like puzzle pieces, attune to each other with openness and caring, feel, empathize and hold one another through it all. In our separateness we will feel united and when we once again can share a space and feel each others touch we will know we came through it together. 

This is the oracle of the day, and of every day if we stop to listen…..

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With love and gratitude from all of us at Tulku,


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