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Dear Heart

March 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

Today my offering is to Spring. 

The other day I was blessed to receive a treatment by a Plant Spirit Medicine sister healer which was not only a healing, but a deep download of grace and love. I have been on a strict fast in preparation for upcoming pilgrimage in mid April, and am tender and sensitive. I am seeing and feeling a lot, and this is moving through me as I contemplate things like the courage it takes to be seen as I see. I went into the treatment pondering how to walk with my knowing, ground and center myself in it like a radiant rock, even while remaining open and receptive as I move into a greater field of uncertainty. 

And then I went deep….

Instantly I have the image of my heart being held. The beautiful presence of Mugwort --her strong leafy fingers wrapped around my heart. The tenderness almost hurts, and tears flow. It feels so intimate and personal. And yet, as this happens, I become aware that it is not just my heart she is holding—it is Heart Itself. The One Heart animating all of life. 

And everywhere I look in my mind’s eye, I see Heart—in Ponderosa Pine, Black Squirrel, Stellar Jay, Raven, Cat—Heart animating all living beings and the rocks and the earth. The plants show me they want every heart to be healed and in balance because we’re not separate.

I learn that Mugwort and the other Plant Spirits are so willing and generous in offering their medicine to us because it is in the healing of Heart that the awareness of our connection to everything else is rebuilt. Balance is restored not only within us, but in the harmonious coexistence of life and the wellbeing of all. 

At the end, tears burst forth as I connect with the Heart of my mountains and the Heart of the Ocean. Imagining myself into my Pilgrimage time, while connecting with those Hearts, it becomes clear that I know now how the emptiness in me can be filled with the tremendous love and blessings that these sacred sites have to offer. It is this focus on Heart and Love that is my protection, guidance, seeing and learning in the truest sense. 

As it is for us all.  

This is what my healer wrote in her notes reflecting her experience after the treatment—

"We are sitting at Mugwort's feet showing our respect and she puts her hand over your HEART, giving you her medicine, love and support.

Karla's heart will know the right thing to say and do in each moment as it unfolds." 

Blessings to each one of you on your own sacred journey with deep appreciation, love and respect,



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