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Blessings of the Path

January 13, 2021

Welcome to the new year my friends!

What path are you following?

I have been really feeling Deer energy guiding me. A family of nine deer has been gracing my yard regularly, and to me these close encounters are always a reminder about the blessings of following my heart and soul path—and the amazing company I am drawing close in doing so. 

ORACLE (excerpt) 

If you have drawn the Deer oracle, she is here to guide you to a new level of understanding within your spiritual journey. She will gently guide you back to your proper path if you have lost it. She reminds you to follow your heart, to trust, and to be true to the voice within. This is the sacred voice of your heart, and it is pulling you to engage with the work you are here to complete in this lifetime. We all have this internal voice where the Divine addresses us individually. Sometimes it is a whisper, singing to you on the breath of the wind, or it can be a knowing that sings so loud and clear it cannot be ignored. There are signs and symbols in your life that echo this voice. 

Imagine inviting Deer into your hearth. What would she say to you, what is her personal guidance for you at this time? 

She is showing me one little footprint (or oracle card :) at a time how to move forward. I'm still in the woods, but her tracks guide me and I know I am not lost. 

And I have an update and an offering for you—

The Tulku Oracle deck is now at the printer! It is in cue for printing and will likely still be a couple of months til it's in hand, but I feel hugely grateful and celebratory about sending it off. It could not have happened without a huge amount of help and support....my own special family of Dear ones by my side.

To celebrate I am offering a coupon code to be used at Tulkujewels.com of 20% off between now and the Kickstarter Launch— scheduled to happen on Feb. 12, 2021—the Chinese New Year and New Moon. Stay tuned for more information about that. 

Please use coupon code Dearpath at checkout.


Check out the Tulku Oracle Gift card available now, which gets you or a loved one the deck as soon as it is released this spring at a discounted rate. Check it out at tulkuoracle.com.


Are you interested in a powerful amulet to support you or others on your journeys? An Oracle reading to find guidance and hone in on the best medicine for you? IM me and I’ll hook you up with heart. You can read more about that offering and others at Paintedream.com

With love, appreciation and gratitude, always


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