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Prayers Heard

October 27, 2020

Hello my friends,

As many of you know, we were evacuated last week during wildfires near my mountain home. I reached out via social media, phone calls and texts, asking my friends to join me in holding thoughts and prayers for our home and community—wild and otherwise. And that you did. 

Through all the wind events, red flag warnings, grief and fear, you joined my neighbors and I in holding this mountain in the light of love, gratitude and respect. 

And then….the snows came. 

We are now bundled up under a bed of sparkly coolness, gratitude enormous in our hearts and fire alive in our hearths. Deer and fox, turkey and stellar jay have all visited us, as well as a host of others. The ponderosa pine stand upright and strong, holding the heavy snow like a queens mantle. I feel that all of them heard our prayers and felt our love. I feel that the snow beings heard too, and the earth and the sky….and the fire. 

While within the valley of fear, I had a momentary, vaster experience of the flames being in their natural expression —that of devouring the drought ridden, beetle eaten mountains of trees. Fire doing its’ work of bringing balance and transformation back into the landscape, making way for healthy regeneration to occur. Yes, these fires sparked our grief and our fear. And they also reminded us of our deep value for the natural world, moving us to ask forgiveness for having—consciously or not—disrespected it as a people. 

Then I had a vision of another of fires natural expressions. That of the fire of the heart. I saw all of us stoking those heart- flames with love and deep appreciation for the natural world—thereby creating a fire wall —so that the flames within the forest would meet it, and be satiated.

And then….the snows came.

I feel called to share this so we don’t give up, so we don’t ever feel that our love, appreciation, respect and honoring of this precious earth we live in doesn’t make a difference. Because it really does. It makes all the difference. And this earth in all her forms hears us. Sees us. Responds to us. There are other, fiercely hungry wildfires very much alive throughout the west and our prayers continue. For this, the world is grateful. 

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With love and appreciation,




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