Tulku | Entering in to the Dream of Tree

Entering in to the Dream of Tree

November 07, 2019

When I was doing my all night fire vigil the other night—as almost 2 feet of snow accumulated outside—I was intently paying attention to the sound of the wood, crackling and singing with the fire. It was that hypnotic time—late at night, in a snowstorm, when most of the world is sleeping—and I had been fasting from food and water for many hours. I was in something of an altered state. From that different kind of sensitized awareness, I drifted into an experience of listening to the wood and the flames telling me stories. I imagined the stories to be from the life of the tree—what she had seen as a tree, what she had felt, what her life in a colony of trees had been like. 

It was as if I was being sung the swan song of the tree, as she made her way into the other dimensions through the embrace of fire. As the flames danced on her body, I watched an enactment of what tree had witnessed, a theatrical presentation of what tree was singing to me. 

I had the feeling I had entered into the dream of tree, and gratefully received the blessings of that invitation.

During this season of the giving and receiving of harvest, the movement of letting go, and readying ourselves for the gestation time of winter, I am feeling very grateful for the life that surrounds me. I am beyond words thankful for the exchange that happens in every moment—seen and unseen—that does a crazy big job in keeping my world and the world around me in balance. 

I am thankful for all my friends I have met through Tulku and for the work we are able to continue doing together. May this month of harvest and gratitude fill your cup to overflow, and may you share with your loved ones in the spirit of gratitude, joy and the preciousness of life. 

I will be offering a sale after I return from my travels to Santa Barbara (for Dreamtending Certification, level 2!!!) and Thanksgiving in (Boston with mi familia). 

The sale will begin at the end of this month. so I can attend to you properly and our new items will be in stock. 

Mark your calendars and Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, please check out the sale page!   


In Gratitude and Appreciation,


Image from TULKU ORACLE. depicting the Tree of Life

The Tree Is Life amulet is here—





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