Tulku | Tulku Solstice Sale Continues

Tulku Solstice Sale Continues

December 20, 2021

Dear Friend,

On this eve of Winter Solstice, I am contemplating gifts in my life.

A recent gift— found while bushwhacking at the very top of the mountain behind my house— was a beautiful Elk antler. I don't think there are Elk here any more, but I could be wrong. A story revealed itself in this antler, laying there next to a pelvic and a leg bone, chewed clean by what I suspect was a hungry mountain lion a very long time ago. The teeth marks on the antler and the high alpine meadow where destiny took this being onto the next chapter speak to me in melancholy tones. 

And too, this is a gift. 

I feel the very-much-alive energy of Elk through this antler, his rich and mysterious magic. Antler connects me to a dream I had a few months back, of polished pink antlers belonging to a shaman that I put on my head and danced with. Antler connects me to a Celtic god, to Artemis, to Kwan Yin in the Tulku Oracle deck and to Green Man. It connects me to my Mother's Father's line of ancestors, who were deer people. And it connects me to my heart.

To me, antler—like Tulku Jewels— is medicine. Not something I can wear around my neck like an amulet, but its presence changes my life in a significant way. It uplifts and grounds the home space into the physical and spiritual landscape of this mountain. It is a gift, just as a dream, a healing encounter, and any other treasure found in nature is.

At this Solstice time, consider the gifts you have received and those you give. 

Tulku is full of meaningful medicine gifts to start your new year with. Find an amulet to help you welcome in the what your soul wants for you in 2022. Check out the Shop by Intention link on the website to help you drill down into what matches your hearts desire. 


I am extending the offer of 20% off on all Tulku, including the Tulku Oracle deck, through January 1, 2022.

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Solsticesankalpa21 at checkout.

In gratitude for your patronage throughout 2021, I look forward to bringing you more  offerings of beauty, healing and inspiration in the coming year.

In love and light,


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