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Autumnal Equinox Sale at TULKU

September 21, 2022

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since I have sat myself down to share some words with you. Now— at the cusp of the Autumnal Equinox— feels like the perfect time to make some kind of offering.

I am coming out of a dance with COVID and the feeling my brain has been shut off. A prolonged (to me) visit from this internationally famous squatter, and days of her plopping me into one patch of grass or ground or spot of sunlight to another. 

She left me with little energy to offer and gave me the simpleness of isolation and rest. The just-beingness of lying on the earth under a Ponderosa Pine to feel presence and support. Not much more to do than that. 

Whenever I feel limited in any way I automatically feel like I am in preparation for Pilgrimage. For the decade I made the yearly journey to my sacred sites, I fasted for a month and consciously limited my actions for a sacred purpose. This demanded I bring a much greater awareness to the world around me. My movements and impulses were constantly being checked and everything slowed way down. It became simple. It became about bringing care to the moment.

And then, at the end of the month, climbing the sacred mountain— bringing tears and foibles, prayers and longings. Leaving offerings for the Goddesses and Gods and then consciously opening to receive the blessings— the biggest of which being the ability to offer what I have to the world with a deeper level of gratitude and love.

And just in time for Equinox as I am emerging from this cocoon— in the spirit of reciprocity and sacredness— the awareness of the preciousness of life and the presence of death feels really sweet. Here, the leaves are transforming into their last blaze of color as if blasting their gratitude to the landscape before letting go. There is much to honor and to value at this juncture of light and dark. 

We all have offerings to make that show our vibrancy and color. And it is our birthright to be seen and to be received. I strive to support others in finding and sharing those treasures through my own offerings. Read on to hear more about those.

Sacred amulets and jewelry is one of the ways I give back. 

From now until October 10th please accept 25% off of all of it including the Tulku Oracle deck using coupon code EQUINOX22 at checkout.


From October 11-28 I will be going back to be with my family in Spain after 5 long years. I will not be fulfilling orders during that time, so please take note if you plan on needing anything during that time. I appreciate your understanding!

May you find the beauty of whatever time you are in touch your heart.

With love,


In other news—

I am newly and officially certified as an Ancestral Medicine Practitioner! I feel much gratitude for my mentor Daniel Foor and for the Ancestral Medicine network who usher this wisdom into the world with depth, richness, integrity and support. I love this work and have benefited from it in so so so many ways. The training enables me to offer Ancestral medicine sessions for others. Holding space for you, along with my wise and well ancestors so that you can meet yours and begin the journey of healing for your blood lineages. This feeds, nourishes and supports you— spirit, psyche, soul and body in ways too many to name. And it supports those you love in your family, on this side and the next. 

If you ever feel the call, please do reach out and ask me about it. I'll tell you a bit about how it flows and also about my experience. You can ask whatever questions you want. I continue to offer free 20 minute consultations in which I can help you see which of my offerings speaks to you at this time. Whether it is an amulet to help buoy you, an oracle reading, a dreamtending session or Ancestral Medicine work, I would love to connect. Please reach out to me or book here—


If you want to read more about some of those offerings check out my other page. https://paintedream.com

Image from the Ancestor Oracle deck I am working on—

This ancient Grandmother is from the distant North. From the lands where hot springs color the veined and frozen countryside with steam and green blue pools of healing waters. Reflections of the aurora borealis thread through this dark tapestry and live in the eyes of the peoples. Bear is big, so is drum. This is an ancient grandmother from my Grandfather’s line who I am getting to know. She is one of few words, and one of her teachings is to be still. To look and listen deeply, patiently into the ice, beyond the exterior. That’s where the song starts to companion the drum and that’s where the dance begins.

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