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Amulet and Oracle

March 10, 2021

My Dear Friends,

As the Tulku Oracle Kickstarter draws to a close (in 4 days!!!) you probably have been noticing that my shares have been more about that than about Tulku Jewels. I wanted to draw a line for you, connecting the two by sharing some of the story behind what weaves them together. And a few questions come to mind to start....

What does it feel like and mean to you to see a wild animal or bird appear at a key moment in your life? What is the language of symbol and spirit as it shows up in your dreams and waking life? If you’re like me, you always know there is so much more than what you can perceive. 

I don’t find the answers to these encounters in a book or by looking it up online. I believe the truth in what they bring is something that is called relationship. It is unique and timeless and it’s our birthright. 

Like many of you, ever since I was little I felt the presence of Spirit, the friendship of unseen companions. These friends were beings of all shapes and sizes— alive in every aspect of the natural world and beyond—my most diverse and magical community of mysterious and invisible best -friends. 

One of the most important parts for me around these friendships was the hours spent coloring them into life so I could share their story with whoever would listen.

Eons later, I’m recognizing that creating amulets for people is an evolution of this conversation. I’m still bringing holy companions into physical form so I can share them with whoever recognizes their charms. Truth be told, they so persistently knock on my door asking to be let in…or out…that I can hardly ignore their request. They have a purpose after all— medicine to share—wisdom to impart— and who am I to deny that?

The amulets and the oracles are my small attempt at opening the stores of perception for myself and others. The amulets are doorways to the oracles, and visa versa—both are healing companions for you to find your inner guidance and connect with the wisdom you have inside. My deepest wish is that you too can use them as tools and guides to wake up your Oracle Within.

In gratitude and with love, wishing you every blessing on your journey.


The Tulku Oracle is still on pre-order for 4 more days via Kickstarter—here's the link!


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