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Sankalpa Solstice Sale

November 29, 2021

This morning seeing all of the Cyber Monday Sale emails in my inbox—after seeing all of the Black Friday offerings a couple days before— I realized I better get on the ball and join the hoards of offerings out there with one of my own for Tulku.

I like to write something meaningful for the blogs, something that comes during a walk in the woods—some sort of inspiration from time on the mountain. But this morning I needed a kickstart, and so I did a three card spread with the Tulku Oracle cards.

What is the story that needs to be told, that connects people to the Tulku amulets and Oracle? 

 The amulets are all about support. 

You probably already know I see them as medicine, 

that they are infused with a lot of spirit. 

They are here to help people. 

In the way of beauty. 

They are reminders of something holy, the sacred that helps us along the way. They are touchstones to remind you of an intention, what you are becoming, your soul voice, your ancestors, a power that supports you.

And honestly, in my mind, what better gift to give a loved one than that?

Here is the reading that came forward to help me tell that story to you. 

1. The story starts with Sankalpa – Intention. 

When you are making a gift, what is your intention for yourself, for your loved ones? What is their intention? What is it they are moving towards?

Beyond our wants, needs, and desires, there is a place of deep longing. Here lives a knowing and a voice that is part of the landscape of our soul. It is a place that, when touched, has the texture of our soul’s purpose. When we nourish, listen to, and deeply feel this place, whatever it is we connect to is transformed. We become midwifes to the reason we came to this earth, serving our heart and soul in a conscious way. There is a kind of rightness or alignment with soul purpose that emerges, a way to serve and participate in something much bigger than ourselves. 

2. What is the story centered on? Double Dorje—Protection, talismanic support. 

The Double Dorje helps strengthen your core while it empowers your focus and inner strength. It reminds you to serve the holy purpose living at the center of your being, and to honor your diamond light by projecting it with integrity and truth through all your actions. 

This symbol is a shield or emblem announcing that you will fight and commit to protect what is holy to you. And the most holy is your soul, your heart, and the divinity that lies within. 

3. What this gift will bring—OM —connection, joy

This is a moment of celebration, of vision, and of receiving gifts of grace. OM brings recognition to what you have been through to attain these newly formed wings, how you grew them through challenges and periods of darkness and loss. This marks the end of a cycle of growth for you and will lead to a new chapter. Think of birds soaring high in the sky, the wonder of which makes them sing. There is joy and a lightness of being present in this moment – and knowing that this too will pass. For now, this is a time to receive, acknowledge, have gratitude, and celebrate. 

Whether this story is for ourselves or to share with another, dreaming into the support we need and want to share is something we all long for.

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As always, I am here if you want some one-on-one support. 

An oracle reading, consultation, and dream tending are options for yourself or a loved one. If you are looking to go deep with me, check out my other offerings here—


Warmest wishes for blessings for you and your loved ones as we go into the new year, with deep gratitude and love from all of us at Tulku.


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