Tulku | A tale of Oracle and Amulet

A tale of Oracle and Amulet

September 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

I know you’ve been seeing me post and write more about the oracle deck I’ve been working on than about Tulku jewelry, so I thought I would share a bit about how they are connected. 

The Tulku Oracle deck (due to be finished by the end of the year) has been a work in progress over the span of ten years or so, and its story is best served by sharing a bit of my story leading up to it. 

When I created the first of the Tulku line of amulets and jewelry, I had a very different life—living in an ashram, steeped in the Hindu and Buddhist world view and iconography—spending a third of every year in Nepal. As an artist the expression of my spiritual journey has always been completely intertwined with what I create, and the first amulets I created with Tulku were a perfect expression of what resonated deeply with my soul.  Ganesh, the Chakras, Double Dorje, Vajrayogini, some Mantras…Over time as my journey has changed and my connection with the natural world deepened so too have the images I am inspired by changed. 

Years later, the idea to create an oracle deck based on the images of the amulets arose from my desire to synthesize years of living in an ashram and a Tantric, Hindu, Buddhist perspective— with a more animistic perception. As time goes on, other influences have shaped my world view including my work as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer (as taught to me by Eliot Cowan) and my deep dive into the world of dreams through Dreamtending. (a way of working with dreams created and taught to me by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat of Pacifica University). Spirituality and art have always gone hand in hand for me, and indigenous wisdom and following a Pilgrimage path in the Huichol tradition reawakened my natural orientation towards animism, shamanism and nature. 

As I have grown over the years as an artist and worked with others using the amulets of Tulku, so too the imagery and symbols that I relate to have revealed many levels of deeper meanings. Creating the oracle deck has been a way for me to express my own unique understanding and experience of what the symbols behind the Tulku amulets represent. 

This oracle deck thus also has the energy of the different amulets in the Tulku jewelry collection. It synthesizes and expresses my understanding of the unique gifts of support, guidance and healing that each image brings.

The cards and amulets have energies and a life of their own.  Just as in the Tibetan tradition a Tulku comes to this world to benefit others, the Tulku amulets and cards came through me—alive in the unseen realms knocking at the doors of my imagination—to be manifest in this way—to support others and to be free to reveal their gifts in the hands and hearts of others.  

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels. 

I offer ongoing discounts to my Oracle reading clients who are interested in purchasing an amulet or image to support their journey, as well as discounts to my Tulku clients on oracle readings. 



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