Tulku | Dia de los Muertos Sale

Dia de los Muertos Sale

October 29, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's a most special time of year and we are celebrating it at Tulku.

Whether you relate to it as El Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, or as Halloween, this is a time of honoring when we express deep gratitude to our ancestors and the big window opens between the worlds. 

Our offerings are welcomed and we, in turn, receive blessings from those who know us— the bright and wise ones—on the other side.

Many of you know I have been lit up doing ancestral lineage healing work and am about to embark on an in depth practitioner training so I can then share this work with others. 

Doing it has been very potent for me. For a long time now I've been encountering the ancestors in my own dreams and in those of others. They've been making appearances in oracle readings and in simple conversations. 

The realm of bright, healed, ancient ones— strong in their seats— have important guidance and medicine for us. Often they show up companioned by symbols, totems or archetypes. 

If this is true for you, or if you are curious to see what the cards or your dreams have to say, reach out to me.

There may be an amulet we already have that holds that energy for you, or we may just have to create a special one just for you. 

We are offering 20% off in honor of the ancestors. Use coupon code ANCESTORS21 at checkout. Now through midnight on November 13th, (the day after my birthday :) 

In addition, I am offering 10% off of oracle readings and dreamtending sessions. Just reply to this email and mention this offer.

To read more about both of those go here—https://www.paintedream.com

With Gratitude and a deep bow to you and those behind you,


Image is a painting I made in honor of my Mother's Mothers Lineage. 

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