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Solstice Contemplations

December 20, 2020

Dear Friend,

On Saturday night I did a fire vigil, my way of entering into the gateway of this sacred Solstice time. This sharing is about my contemplations by the fire, and the call to action embedded in them. It is the story of tree, the story of transformation. It is a story of the unbroken chain of life. In these times of transformation, of calling a brighter light and cherished visions into our lives, please join me in honoring all of life with heart felt reciprocity and love. 

 The Unbroken Chain

I acknowledge this moment of wood surrendering to flames with my prayers and offerings as I silently witness. Sitting by the fire, listening. Here I feel the presence of ocean and streams, mountains, weather beings, forests, land, it is all here. When I imagine becoming fire, I am joyful, I am satisfied, I am myself, I am alive. When I become wood, I surrender into transformation, into the heart of fire. I allow everything that I’ve been to be consumed, I am an offering. Without me, fire would not burn. Without my sacrifice this light and this form would not provide for others. I am generosity, always giving of my life, I am tree. 

These pieces of wood— fed to the fire from different trees are coming together in this moment bringing forth the flames by their union. How will they be reborn? Will they know each other in a forest and stand side-by-side? Maybe they will even be reborn as one. 

Have the trees who were the life of these logs already been reborn? Are they growing together as new life, in a forest in the place where their living body once grew? Now, this part of their life is burning in flames—is there another part, seeding new growth in a bountiful community of Pines? Are they living and aware that their old body is being transformed at this very moment? Are the roots from this tree that is burning in my fireplace giving birth to a new forest? Does that forest feel this burning wood as it’s Kin? It is an unbroken lineage. 

Maybe all the chipmunks and the birds and the woodpeckers and the crows and ravens and the deer will gather around this new ones body and be a part of its growth as it becomes mighty and strong. They will watch it shed its leaves through many winters or give its pinecones in the springs and summers. 

Will it be an Aspen, feeding moose with its bark? Will mountain lion scratch its trunk to sharpen its claws and mark its territory? Will turkey and bear shelter here, hiding in the redwood bow? Will Bald Eagle perch at its peak? Will it be taken down and become a house for a human, or a Christmas tree? A piece of furniture, a table for people to gather and share meals, a casket or a chair? These trees are used to transformation. They know many forms and their lives are given to that. Each form they serve brings joy, sustenance, support. Honoring trees is honoring the cycle of life. 

Caring for this earth, the air, the waters, the weather beings, honoring relationship with all of the natural world keeps trees growing. Keeps us taken care of and provided for. But we must provide back. It’s simple really. Noticing and loving and paying attention. Caring. Doing our part. Being mindful of all of life. 

For Solstice my prayer is that this new year be one in which human beings become more deeply aware and mindful of conscious exchange and relationship. That we know our responsibility to be honoring of all living things. That our hearts burst in gratitude for all that have given to us so that we may live. My prayer is that this new dawn ushers in the crystaline awareness that we are all part of the un-broken chain of love, belonging, connection and generosity that is the gift of life. 

Wishing you the blessings of a soul filled Solstice.


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