Tulku | Prayers from the Edge of Equinox. Tulku Sale Continues

Prayers from the Edge of Equinox. Tulku Sale Continues

March 16, 2022

Dear Friend,

The threshold of Winter and Spring, of new life being born, flickers in and out of my awareness. I saw my recently dead teacher holding a baby in my dreams the other night. It is like this.

There are as many ways to honor the Equinox as there are landscapes and peoples. Ritualizing the welcoming of Spring includes honoring the effort involved in waking up out of the hibernation of Winter. From a frozen landscape, the sun makes the waters flow and beckons all of life to push through the darkness for the journey into bloom. 

And it isn't always easy to emerge like that

My solitary journeys up the mountain wake me up. It's where I find my inspiration and creativity. 

As I walk these paths, I have conversations with the trees and sing songs to the ancestors that inevitably birth a deeper kind of knowing. Making the effort of sharing my voice with the trusted forest always seems to mysteriously open up the hidden portals to the place where magic bypasses my mind and zeros in on my heart. 

And so I arrive at the place of the mystic and the shaman, the witch and the seer. The place I  create my life from. I come to harvest beauty — colors, form, words, depth, sparkle. 

My heart is once again, healed. 

Step-by-step the Mountain is climbed. I create, I climb, and I climb....and it all comes out. Into one trillion tiny offerings. 

I cannot take with me from this life, but I can certainly leave behind. The elder years are all about learning this. Closer to the ancestors now, they show me.

From the mountaintop I see the sun setting. As the tenderest purple petals push their folded heads up through the cold earth, and I see the ravens flying towards the rains I say— 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

What do you do to honor the changing of the light in your life? What does that flower look like, that has been a seed for so long? I love and am curious to hear your voice, too.

With love,


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Image—Ascension. Journey of my Abuelos

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