Tulku | SOLSTICE SALE oops!


December 10, 2019

Hello my friends, it's Karla from Tulku again! I mistakenly sent out not only the Winter Solstice offering, but this years Summer Solstice offering with Max the owl in it as well. He has a way of showing up during the long nights of winter. :) 

So for those of you who tried inputting your discount code and it didn't work, the issue is fixed and now there are TWO discount codes, one is SOUL2019 and the other is CONNECTEDINLIGHT and they are both working and good for 25% off. Whew! 

I apologize for the confusion and the barage of emails and wish you holidays full of light and sweetness. 


Wolf Eagle Goddess on one of a kind Rudrani and Tourmaline chain, pictured. 

Not yet on the website, send me an email for further information!

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