Tulku | TULKU SALE— Crossroads

TULKU SALE— Crossroads

August 27, 2020

Hello friend,

As you may know the Tulku Oracle deck has been a longstanding project of mine which is finally in the last chapter of completion. Covid has given me the time and space to dedicate to this—no travel, no events, no work in Nepal— has given me the Oracle in exchange. In the last month I started offering Oracle readings which have been fun, deep, illuminating and rich. What I have noticed is that most all of us—across the world— are at a crossroads. How it looks for each of us is different and how the cards speak to each person is as well. If you are at a crossroads yourself— know that I am here with the amulets and offering readings to help bring clarity and direction. 

Here is an excerpt from the Tulku Cross Oracle —

The Oracle for this card is that of potentiality and possibility. On some level in your life you may currently find yourself at a crossroads. Perhaps this is in your awareness, your purpose or in a significant relationship in your life. Wherever it is you find yourself, this card is hailing the crossroads not as a heavy or weighted juncture, but as a place of potential, opportunity and arrival. You are being beckoned to a new path, to a sense of connection and place of belonging that is in some way more authentically connected to who you truly are. 

Here there is a new level of expression of yourself awaiting you. You are at the crossroads between you and your soul destiny. There is a profound sacredness of this moment—the work that has been done in the swamp to get to this place is bringing you to a new place of flowering and belonging.  

Here, it is not that one choice is better than the other but the revelation is that every direction is equally important. The choices you make from this place are based on nature as opposed to being based on cultural conditioning. The direction you take now is not determined by any “shoulds” but rather you move forward according to the inner compass that has been crafted by your life experience. 

As well, living from your heart center, where all directions come together as well as emerge from—you can trust that you are navigating through your days allowing yourself to be guided by something holy. With the eyes of the heart, you recognize this holiness is all around you in every place and in all things. Feel the grace of this moment and the bow to the work you have done to arrive here. 

Tulku Oracle Readings—

Using the Tulku Oracle deck (currently in production) together we do a deep dive into your query. Through tending the cards we discover wisdom, guidance and inspiration to illuminate this chapter in your life. Uncover the voice of your soul and receive healing and guidance from the archetypes, totems, symbols and mystery that live in the cards. Read more at paintedream.com

Introductory offer through December 2020—$60.00—About an hour -75 minutes long.


I had an Oracle card reading with my sister-friend Karla yesterday. Her words came across like poetry and cracked my heart open wide. During the reading, the cards told an intimate story about my life, based on the questions I asked. The experience was beautiful, illuminating, and left me with lots to work with as I move forward. I HIGHLY recommend her if you'd like a clear reflection about what you are working with at this moment in time. ♥️💜💙

—Maggie Merritt


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