Tulku | Of Endings and Beginnings. Happy 2020!

Of Endings and Beginnings. Happy 2020!

December 29, 2019

Dear Friends,

I believe I am not alone in feeling the squeeze of this portal leading to the new year quite acutely this time around. My footsteps going through the doorway are uncertain. Buried under the sparkling snow of winters dream, the frozen ground is filled with seeds of new growth. It is also covered and fed with the ashes of what has died. 

I’ve been feeling the fear and grief connected with uncertainty and loss circling through my life. I realize these feelings are very strong in the field and in allowing myself to feel them— though hard— there is a gift. In not shutting down or bypassing these painful emotions, I am connecting not only with all of humanity, but with the Earth Herself. Still, the feelings are mine—as they could be yours— and we are holding them in our bodies, thoughts, and emotions.   

The world (and my life) is changing, and I find myself holding all of this with questions I ask myself again and again——where is my place, what is the work the world wants me to share, and how do I do that? Where is the opening to my future expression, and how do I find it? It all seems insanely important to answer, and as mysterious and illusive as a roof over my head is practical. I find myself trying to make it happen, and continuously thinking that I have to do something different. Meanwhile, I live my life and flow as best I can in the dance between effort and letting go. Creativity, sustainability and the dying which is food for both, are the stepping stones on this great river I am in the middle of. 

There are sparks of light and hope that color these questions, and they are filled with curiosity and excitement. They are the sisters of fear and grief. I am reminded the light to follow is in my own heart, in the detail of a rock on my path, in the call of a hawk at just the right moment.

So, in honor of new growth, I propose that when we feel afraid, let’s take a breath and feel the seeds inside. Let’s ask for courage instead of asking for that which is causing us fear to go away. Meeting these fears and releasing the grip on the old, brings the nourishment that feeds new possibility and reveals something magnificent that is aching to come our way. Compassion is the gift that awaits and prayer always helps! Ask for Ganesh to help you open the door in your own heart and to find the courage that dwells there.

As always, I and my friends at Tulku wish you great blessings in 2020 and beyond.


TULKU ORACLE, (a work in progress…) GANESH

If you have drawn the Ganesh oracle today, you are likely embarking on a new journey in some aspect of your life. The appearance of Ganesh is confirmation that you are moving in the right direction and that the Lord of New Beginnings is by your side. At this time you can ask for His help in opening the doors and removing the obstacles to the fulfillment of your dreams. 

The situation at hand is reminding you that your life is being guided and that you have help, though sometimes you must ask for it. At the place of new beginnings the challenges that present themselves can be unsettling, but there is also the excitement around the potential for new growth. Balancing these inner experiences is where the journey is birthed, and will set the tone for your next steps. Take time to sit in meditation, allowing all the feelings to come and go knowing this is all part of the process. Feel the ground rising up to hold you, as if you were riding on Ganesh’s shoulders, moving through the jungle without fear. 

The teaching in this card is that of perseverance and trust. In this time of new beginnings, remember to ask for the energy of Ganesh to help you move forward with grace and courage through the uncertainty you may feel. Embrace the abundance of possibilities and blessings available to you now, as you embark on this new quest, and give thanks.




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