Tulku | In honor of Alice Sale

In honor of Alice Sale

March 17, 2021

Hello dear friends,

On this St. Patricks day I have my mothers mother—Alice— in my mind. It was her birthday and she was born of a wild Irish father and had a big strong dose of the bard in her. She was one who always encouraged and supported my unusual particularity—especially my art, spirituality, dreaming and intuition. So in honor of her and all those friends who have a bit of the leprechaun within, I'd like to offer a spring sale on Tulku Jewels. 

Please use coupon code Alice for 20% off on all Tulku now through April 3rd.

If you missed the Tulku Oracle Kickstarter and want to pre-order the deck as well as other goodies, check out my Etsy page—


With big gratitude and blessings,


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