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What is New?

July 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

During this liminal time, this time of gestation and inner pilgrimage, what new has arisen for you in your life? Are your dreams different? How are your relationships changed, your time in nature grown, your connections deepened?

I have a dear friend who did a shamanic journey to her spirit helpers to ask about covid in relationship to her life. She was shown it is protecting her from her usual patterns of work and of filling her life with things she “has” to do, in order to give her space to allow something new in.

She is now building a practice to incorporate shamanic healing offerings into her already successful acupuncture practice—something she has prepared for and dreamed of doing for many years. Now finally the fresh roots are being given a plot of land, a chance to take hold— and a part of her soul calling is coming to bud. 

I have another friend who had a dream about a dragon. At first because she had awoken the dragon from its peaceful sleep she felt badly about it, only to realize after tending it that some new magic is coming into her life. Her dragon is awake!!

For me, while Tulku has been on hold, Nepal on lockdown, and no events happening, I am diving into finishing my Tulku Oracle deck, growing my new Dreamtending and creative healing practice, and building a new website called Painted Dream. I am loving the work I am doing with dreams (others and my own) and the deep healing and transformation that comes from doing so. The creativity and imagination dreams bring into my life nourishes my soul. 

Another rich aspect of this time is that I am deeply enjoying the dream of the natural world around me. I always yearn to listen more deeply, see more clearly and experience the magic of nature more fully. To hear and learn the language of the rocks, the trees, the plants, the earth, the wind and the animals. Part of my practice has been to wander up into the forest and find boulders or rocks that call out to me. Maybe it is a dead tree who beckons me instead. 

With my earth pigments, paintbrush and water in hand, painting designs on these rocks feels like my prayerful way to let them know I honor and see them. It is an offering that gives back to me by filling my soul with wonder. And while doing this I find the whole environment responds—hummingbird flies into my face, sunshowers come and go, black squirrel jumps overhead. Connection, listening, seeing deepens. My painting will wash away with the rains and the winds, absorbed into the landscape as a sweet moment in time— an offering received—and my heart is filled. 

I am grateful to this time, to this covid “protector” as my friend would say, that allows me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have made time for. To the dragon that is showing up in my landscape, I bow in thanks. 

What nourishes your soul? I would love to hear your stories and experiences. I would love to help you discover the newness coming into your life, to support it in some way. Through dreamtending, amulet tending, or oracle readings—to learn what resonates with you. Reach out, share, inspire. 

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With love,


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