Tulku | Interview and Sale for Mama

Interview and Sale for Mama

May 04, 2021

Hello my Friends,

Happy Spring and almost Mothers Day!

Today I’m sharing two things—first is an excerpt from an interview with the very precious Jackie Stone from Totems and Tarot (check out her metaphysical online shop and her Healers Hub to see not only my offerings but those of some other amazing healers as well)— https://totemsandtarot.com/healers-hub/

And second—a sale offer to you for yourself, or for your Mama. I know it’s late but maybe she’ll accept a rain check…

Interview with Karla Refoxo author and artist of the Tulku Oracle

• What are oracle cards?

I like to think of oracle cards as portals. Like dreams, they use the language of symbols and image to speak to us and convey something that we may not see otherwise. They come from the unseen realms and we give birth to them through our creativity, imagination and intuition. They speak the language of spirit and soul— a language our dreams and the natural world understand and speak as well. And somewhere deep in us, we understand it too. We have the wisdom that the Oracles awaken—they are a bridge to discovering it. In the same way dreams and nature give us profound guidance if we pay attention, the oracle cards cut through the dialog of our minds and reach into a much larger mysterious field where the path is revealed and the mirror shows us ourselves and the world around us in a new light. They are powerful tools and I find my relationship with them evolves over time. Even though the Tulku Oracle deck came out of me, over time and in readings with others I am constantly discovering new and unique expressions images. 

• How do you use oracle cards? 

To get to know a deck, I look at the images, and I get curious about them. I might see the name of a card and have immediate associations, but I try to open and look beyond that—at the details—to listen, feel and connect with the tenor of the card. Maybe I see a woman in the shadows or notice a blue vein coming up through a tree. What does that say to me?  I listen to the intuition that awakens in me and the personal associations I have with the images. Then I practice on myself. One card draws, simple three card draws (past, present, future) and I see how what I draw connects to what happens my life. I also always look for patterns between the cards, which then gives voice to a story that wants to get told and wisdom that wants to be imparted.

• What are your favorite oracle card spreads? Do you offer any of these in your guidebook?

I do share some different spreads in the book. Personally, I love doing simple relationship spreads to unveil the layers of hidden things. and then I build my questions if I want more clarifications from there. So for example this morning, I am looking at my relationship to bear totem, because the last two nights I dreamt of bear— while in waking life (unbeknownst to me) sometime last night a bear was on my deck drinking the hummingbird water. So I drew one card for bear, one for me which I laid down next to that, and in the center, on a new row below those two, I drew a card for what bear is bringing me. Each card reveals a different layer of meaning than what I obviously see. And sometimes they are very funny and even literal! To illustrate that, for this spread I got Abundance as bear, Honey bee in reverse for me (literally the sugar water dumped out!) and Tree of Life for what bear brings to me. There are so many ways to read this, and a lot of the time what the spread is telling me gets revealed over time. In what ways is the sugar water being taken, or offered? Is it nourishing, or is it depleted? In this case, the sugar water provided food for bear who is representing abundance. And this in turn connects me to the Tree of Life. And always there is so much more….

Thank you for reading and for paying attention to my occasional musings. Check out the video of the completed book and box set of the Oracle cards. The only thing missing here are the gilded edges. BUT! We’re getting closer….

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Now through May 25, 2021

 With love and gratitude,  


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