Tulku | Goddess Darkness.......... ....SOLSTICE SALE

Goddess Darkness.......... ....SOLSTICE SALE

December 19, 2019


I close my eyes and see a Black diamond— then a black hole— 

They always seem to go together.

In my dream the other night, I dove into a nighttime ocean and could see absolutely nothing. Not knowing where the shore was, I listened…. 

In darkness I am a sparkle in the infinite. Moon light bouncing off a barred owls eye. 

I have been contemplating strength in regards to these long dark nights. There is a strength in being able to quietly endure,


There is the strength to take the darkness and hold her up to the sunlight. To look at her wrinkles, touch her forms, see her size.

Feel her weight.

Take this Goddess Darkness out of my fantasy mind. Let me behold her beauty, listen to her song. 

Let me dance to the poetry she births in me

of deep indigos and crimson lines, 

of tiny sparks of gold 

at the corners of her smile.

Merging with her

we give birth to precious jewels 

I will give mine to you.

Sparks of the infinite 

To bring her smile to 

Your darkness

With love, gratitude and Solstice blessings 

from Karla

Rajendra, Kiran, Pravin and their families

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Image is from the Tulku Oracle deck —RITAM

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