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August 20, 2020

Hello my friends,

It feels to me as we come closer to the fall season, this chapter of our lives is drawing to a close and we are entering into another new, very uncertain one. Not that the future hasn't always been dressed in uncertainty, but now it is wearing a mask. So we find ourselves in this cosmic costume ball that just keeps going on and on like those old dance marathons that used to go on for days, and some of us are getting really tired. If we and our families are healthy we are filled with gratitude and patience gets renewed. At the same time, our prayers are being called to be fortified as we hear of others who are not so fortunate—and these days that list is lengthy.

I have been doing lots of oracle card readings recently and what most people are bringing is the feeling of being at a crossroads. We are many of us asking for guidance on which direction to take—we are on the quest of soul purpose,  longing to see and to engage from a deeper place. There is a realization dawning on our people, weaving through our hearts, that this is the time to answer these questions and to start living purpose in a fuller, more connected and meaningful way. This fills me with hope. The Oracle fills me with hope, the feeling of being held and guided fills me with hope. 

I have known and worked with the symbols, totems, goddesses and gods in the form of my amulets for many years now. I know them as companions, guides, protectors and teachers. They have taken a different form now and are also embodied in the oracle cards. I am listening, seeing, feeling, getting to know them and receive their wisdom and guidance in a new way. And what I see is that there is a lot to be hopeful about. That this time of great change is upon each and every one of us. We are wanting to connect to ourselves, to others and spirit in a deeper more authentic way. There is more value for the absolute preciousness of life. That though it may be a treacherous journey, it is one that is bringing us new ways to listen and see— new ways to relate— and to share. To take our seat and be who we are with confidence and trust that this world needs us. We are here for a reason.

The Oracle and the Amulets are here to help support you in becoming your authentic self. I am here to support you in this beautiful endeavor as well. Check out my offerings on Paintedream.com. They include Oracle Readings, Dreamtending and Plant Spirit Medicine. And always always... Tulku Jewels.

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In support and solidarity, in love and light—


PS...for those of you interested in getting an oracle deck when ready, I will be starting a kickstarter campaign towards the end of September. My goal is to have these out by the end of 2020 and we are getting closer....in the meantime, deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support and encouragement!

Image— Oracle Woman ❤️

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